Udaan 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay reveals his plan to Chakor

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The Episode starts with Ranvijay breaking door and coming in. Chakor sees Suraj hiding. She scolds Ranvijay. He says sorry, I was worried and came to see if you are fine. She says I will call you if any thief comes, go now. He says fine, we have old tradition to throw old things and get new things home, its Choti diwali, you come out and attend it. She says I will have a bath and come. He goes. She locks the door. Suraj says he got saved from my hands. She says I was scared that he will see you, you don’t care for anything. He says I do care for you and even your parents, call them, they will be glad to hear your voice. She says you did good. She calls Kasturi and talks. Kasturi cries and asks are you fine, is Suraj with you. She blesses Chakor.

Bhuvan says I want to hear her too. Chakor says

I m fine, I miss you all, I will try to come back soon. He says come soon, Tejaswini was asking about you. Kasturi says you take care, have milk and curd, baby gets fair. Bhuvan says you have to stay in our house. Kasturi says yes, your baby will be born in Maayka. Chakor says I will come soon, Preeti calls her and says Ranvijay is calling everyone. Chakor says I will talk later, happy diwali. She ends call. She says I should go now, else Ranvijay will come back. Suraj says come back soon. She asks him to stay safe. Kasturi says now I feel diwali is diwali after hearing Chakor. Imli comes and asks Chakor’s call. Kasturi says yes, she called just now, don’t know how she got phone, she is coming back home.

Everyone burns old things. Chakor says I want to burn the bad thought to punish someone innocent, the thought to get happiness by torture. Ranvijay gets angry. He gets Imli’s call. He asks what are you saying, how can Chakor talk to her parents. Imli asks am I lying, mum and dad told me. He says it means she has a phone, who got it to her. He says my doubt was right, the guy entering this house was your husband Suraj, he came to give you diwali gift, I knew you are Suraj’s wife. She gets shocked. He says Suraj is Bhaiya ji’s son, I want to take revenge from Suraj, I will kill him, then my scores will get equal, this story will end when you get punished for loving Suraj and bearing his child, then I will immerse my dad’s ashes.

He says these are Bhaiya ji’s clothes, he used to stay in my house when he visited Banaras, my revenge story starts today, I got this house here and told you not to step out, now you, your baby and husband will die in this fire, this diwali will be great, I will give biggest gift to my biggest enemy, his son’s dead body. Chakor shouts enough Ranvijay, control yourself, you can also get caught by this fire, take revenge from Bhaiya ji, Suraj has no fault, I look defenseless, but if I have power in my fingers, if anyone badly eyes my Suraj, I will scratch his eyes, you can never leave Suraj, he is not here, he didn’t get trapped by you.

He says Suraj is here. She shouts he is not here, if he was here, he would have not got hidden, he would have faced you and shot you, you want to take revenge, so take revenge from me. He says search is still on, Suraj can hide anywhere, if I get him, I will kill him, else he will come tomorrow on diwali to meet you, he won’t go back, this is my promise, it will be his last diwali. He goes. Chakor asks Suraj why did he hide in storeroom. Suraj says till when would I hide in bathroom. She says Ranvijay knows you and our relation, he knows you are hiding here, please go from here. He says I will go along my wife and child, come with me. She says I can’t go.

He asks why. She says if I go with you, he will blame his mum and sisters, and then punish them, he is mad, he shot on his sister’s leg. He says think he wants to marry you, I m worried for you and our child. She says don’t be selfish, we have always fought against bandhuagiri, they are also bandhuas, I will go along with them, I can’t leave them, I did arrangements for your departure. Kavya shouts to Ranvijay. Suraj asks who is this. She says Kavya is doing this so that you can leave. He says I won’t go anywhere, I will stay here and celebrate diwali with you, I will wait for you.

Ranvijay breaks glass and asks Kavya to walk on it. Chakor scolds Ranvijay. Suraj says I knew you will come. He surprises her and says I love you. They hug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hmmm?

  2. Thanks for changing the picture!
    The actual episode is better than on paper. I enjoyed Chakor-RV confrontation. I enjoyed Chakor’s talk with BuKa, I’m surprised she waited so long to talk to them. Sukor scenes were nice, there was a sweet moment when Suraj wiped a tear off Chakor’s face, and there was a playful smile on his face when Chakor was scolding him for going back to the storeroom.
    I wish Chakor stops asking Suraj to leave and Suraj stops trying to convince her to leave with him and both focus on making a plan to free everyone because the plot is dragging.
    Sukor part in precap is awesome, looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

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