Udaan 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli thanking Chakor. She says your voice is like my sister. Chakor says I m not girl, I m Choka. Imli says I know you are not my sister, if you were, I would have been glad. Chakor says even I would have been glad to show I m Chakor. She says we did wrong with dad, but it was imp. Amma tells Sunny that Bhaiya ji said I can’t bear my past. Sunny says sorry, I feel its fishy. Amma says I will find out. Chakor says I want to do high five, I met Chakor in children retention home, she was my best friend, she used to talk about you.

She says Chakor loves you a lot. Imli cries and says I also miss Chakor a lot. She hugs Chakor and cries. Chakor says you don’t cry, you managed your parents well. She asks imli to smile now. The villagers praise choka. Dadi says Kasturi will be

fine after a sleep. Imli says Chakor would have made Kasturi sleep by singing lullaby. Chakor asks Imli to try to make Kasturi sleep. Imli says I don’t know lullaby, Maai used to sing for Chakor.

Chakor says I have an idea, Chakor is my friend, I can take out anyone’s voice, and says she will talk like Chakor now. She tells Imli that she is her sister. Imli says I felt its my sister. Chalor asks Imli to do what she tells her. She asks Imli to act like singing, be silent and I will sing lullaby in Chakor’s voice, Kasturi will think Chakor has come and singing lullaby. They smile.

Bhagya recalls Arjun and their marriage. Arjun comes to meet her. She smiles seeing him. Imli goes to Kasturi. Chakor signs Imli. Imli acts like Chakor. And says I m not getting lullaby, I want to dream and talk to moon, I want to sleep, I m your lovely daughter, will you not sing lullaby for me. Chakor asks her to sing lullaby. Kasturi sings the lullaby. Everyone smile. She recalls Chakor. She sings Chale Chakore……………………Kasturi sees Chakor in Imli and sleeps in her lap. Chakor looks on and smiles. Bhagya goes to Arjun and hugs him. Soniye…………plays…………..

Bhagya asks till when will me meet by hiding. He says we have to meet like this till we find a solution, pray that the decision happens soon. She says I pray daily and gives him Prasad. She makes him have the Prasad. Bhaiya ji’s goon sees them and leaves. The villagers praise Choka. Dadi says I feel he is my Chakor. Chakor says I m choka, I have to go now. Chakor asks Imli not to free Bhuvan. Chagan asks Chakor why does she not tell truth to Imli. She says Imli will hide too. Chakor says no, I can’t tell Imli, she has to learn to live without me. She says I will come tomorrow and goes.

Bhaiya ji is leaving and Amma stops by aiming gun at him. She asks him to say her past. He asks what is she doing, aiming gun at her own brother. Chakor comes and is shocked. She asks Amma what is she doing, once bullet leaves, it won’t come back. Amma says I want to know my story today and asks Bhaiya ji to say, else bullet will be shot.

Bhaiya ji scolds Bhagya for meeting Arjun. Bhagya says Arjun is my husband and takes a Devi Maa Trishul. Bhaiya ji aims gun at her. They all get shocked. Chakor thinks to save Bhagya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There’s something that I’m not comfortable with in this serial. They are almost totally overlooking Imli as the second daughter. Kasturi doesn’t think about her, wants to kill herself leaving Imli. In real life this will only breed sibling rivalry. They should give her some importance

  2. Nelo ur right. Imli need to get some attention. Kastori as a mother is not even thinking about her all cosentraton is on chakor. And Baiji need to be down .

  3. I agree to both of u…
    Somethang needs to be done…

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