Udaan 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini coming holding hands. Manohar tells Ranjana that he is glad seeing them, they look Ram and Laxman. She smiles. He says I mean Ram and Sita. She says they look Raavan and Mandodari, I know what Tejaswini told about Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini says yes, I accept, but I love him and apply his name sindoor. Bhaiya ji says we all should be united, else this haveli will break. Ranjana taunts him about Chakor and Chunni.

Chakor comes there and Manohar asks Choka to go. Bhaiya ji gets thinking. Imli tells Dadi that she has seen Chakor, the mole was behind her left ear, not right. Dadi gets shocked and asks how can this happen. Kasturi says Chakor has mole behind right ear, I remember. Imli says everyone has seen it in haveli. Kasturi says I m glad Imli is sure now.

Imli says yes, Chakor hugged me, I m sure she is my sister.

Soham tells Sunny about Chunni having mole behind left ear. Sunny asks him to leave it and think how to get her truth out. They hear some sound. Tamasha says Chunni’s friend has come. Chakor eats kheer and says I will come, you all go. Chunni meets her friend and tells her plan to steal jewelry. She says she will give him and he can take it away. Pintu says we will go together. She says no, you go first.

Chakor sees Chunni going and thinks what is she taking in potli. She sees Chunni throwing items by stealing and thinks to teach a lesson. She calls out thief and says she will show Chunni. Pintu leaves. Sunny says its Choka’s voice and see Pintu stepping on the wall and going. Chunni throws potli and it falls in Tamasha’s hands. Chunni calls out thief and says someone catch him. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini come there and ask whats happening. Chunni claps. Tamasha says no, I m not thief, it fell from top, and drops it. They all get shocked seeing jewelry in the potli. Chunni smiles. Chakor asks why is she framing her friends. Chunni says she got thief caught. Chakor says I won’t leave you, you can’t frame my friend.

Bhaiya ji raises hand to punch Tamasha. Amma holds his hand and says I know my children, they can’t be thief. He asks whats all this, I caught them red handed. Amma gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says I got your namesake children did illegal work. Sunny says mind your language, we will not hear you. Bhaiya scolds them. Chakor comes and says she knows who did theft. Amma stops her from saying.

Tejaswini asks shall we call police. Amma gets angry and packs their bags. She says Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini know Chunni’s truth, if you tell anything, they will kick you out too, then your work will be incomplete. Sunny says Choka has to stay here, why are you packing bags, then Choka has to go too. Amma stops packing. Soham says yes, how will Chakor stay here. Sunny says we all will leave, but you stay here Amma, so that no Satya gives life for love again. Amma cries and hugs them.

Dadi recalls Kasturi’s delivery and Chakor’s birth. Kasturi has labor pain again. Dadi asks why is she screaming. Kasturi gives birth to another baby girl. Dadi smiles and says twins. Dadi wakes up and is tensed. Chunni eats fruits. Chakor confronts her about her name Chunni. Chunni denies it. Chakor shows the bill with Chunni’s name and threatens her. Chunni says give this warning to anyone else, do anything you want.

Bhaiya ji says its Chakor and Vivaan’s birthday, tell everyone we will celebrate it in haveli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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