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The Episode starts with Chakor pointing gun at her head. Suraj tries to stop her. She asks him to sign, else she will shoot. He asks did she go mad, will she give her life for divorce. She shouts sign Suraj. He says no, I will sign. He signs on the papers. She cries seeing him. Mahiya…..plays…. She throws the pistol. She takes the papers from him and thanks him. Imli cries. Chakor says everything will end. Suraj asks Imli to stop crying, Chakor got everything, Imli got child which she wanted, Chakor got divorce, I got defamation, insult and lifelong loneliness. He angrily breaks the pen.

He says this papers can make you away from my life, not my heart. They cry. Suraj goes. The kids make the guns. Chakor sees the kids and worries. Vivaan and Ragini smile. Suraj recalls signing papers and

leaves food. Imli worries. Days pass. Chakor stays sad. The villagers get the guns. Lakhan says Chakor, you hit us with your slippers, we did not hear you, everyone is helpless and making kids make gun, what shall we do, if we don’t make guns, we will lose work and kids too. Kishor says yes, if we protested that day, this would have not happened.

Chagan asks Chakor to think something. Chakor says I m trying to find the solution to make kids free. She wishes Suraj reaches court on time. Ragini says villagers delivered the guns. Vivaan says I told you they will do the work, opening school for kids is a small thing. Ragini says we are delivering before time, we should get extra money. He says greed is bad, we are getting enough money, Bhaiya ji should have not seen so much money till now. Bhaiya ji comes and says Kamal Narayan, I heard this name, do you know him. They get shocked.

He sees the pistols and asks is war beginning, which is my pistol. Ragini says its not pistol. He says its pistol. Vivaan says its toy. Bhaiya ji says kids play with toys, I m bholenath. He points gun at Ragini.

Chakor is at Sitapur court. Suraj and Chakor’s case begins. Lawyer says if Suraj does not come on time, it will be problem. Lawyer tells judge that Chakor has filed divorce case. Chakor says Suraj would be coming. Judge says we don’t have much time. Lawyer says Suraj did not come. Chakor asks what will happen. Lawyer says judge will dismiss case or give new date. She recalls Suraj’s words. Judge says I want to give new date for case. She says no, can we call him. Judge says fine, court gives you 2mins time.

Ragini asks Vivaan does this have bullets. Vivaan signs no. Ragini snatches the gun. Bhaiya ji says I got angry, I will curse you, your business will not work. He goes. She calls him mad. Vivaan gives her phone. She answers and says you called again, you will get money, don’t remind me. Vivaan hears her and asks who is troubling you, tell me, we will make his payment. She says its personal matter. He says we decided not to hide anything, tell me truth. She says nothing, client gave advance and now asking it back. He says make me talk to him. She says no need, I will manage.

Chakor calls Suraj and says you have to give me divorce, where are you. Suraj writes letters and throws. Pakhi asks him is he writing poetry, he had to go court, go fast, else Chakor will get angry, she can do anything. Suraj recalls Chakor’ words. Chakor comes in court and sees Suraj.

She gets seated. They see each other. He holds her hand. Judge says Suraj you took lots of time, don’t you want to give divorce to Chakor. Suraj says no, I don’t want to give divorce to you, I came here as you are adamant, I will give you divorce, I love you a lot and will always do, no papers wall can make us separated. She cries. Mahiya….plays…. Suraj says sorry, I came late, I m ready to give divorce, no one will like to stay with a mad girl like Chakor. Chakor asks her not to show she is bad and he is decent. Suraj says see she is still threatening me. She leaves his hand. Judge says you gave divorce application before also. Lawyer says yes, their six months trial period is over. Judge asks Chakor does she want to stay alone by taking divorce from Suraj. Chakor recalls their moments. Mahiya….plays…..Chakor cries and sees Suraj. Lawyer asks her to answer.

Suraj says my jeep is not working, can you drop me. The man gives him lift. Suraj and Chakor get close. They get shocked seeing Imli lying on the road. Doctor says I took big risk, I declared a healthy man impotent on your saying. Vivaan looks on. Ragini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I cant believe dat they actually divorced each other.? I’m also happy cuz dis means dat dis time they will get married ? with full reethi rivaaz. Surj really loves her sooooo much dat he could do anything for her happiness. Dats soooo cute. ????

  2. Nice and eventful episode. So many things happened in this episode. I wonder if CVs panicked about fan backlash and falling trps so rushed the track.
    Loved Suraj and Chakor’s scenes today. I thought he gave her a message in court, I wonder what he wrote.
    I thought KN sounded different today, I think he’ll be back to normal soon. I wonder if Vivaan will know the truth or will Ragini manage to keep it hidden.
    I’m still in shock about Sukor almost kiss.

  3. Hi Dil d, Mamma and Nikita and welcome to our family Nikita.

    Thanks for the update Nidhi, I hope Aanya regains consciousness soon.

  4. Sukorian

    FINALLY HE FOUNDS OUT YES. Now raginis bad time start. Yes even i think they had tp get Divorceto made a real love Marriage still i hate this track n tge closeness of suraj n imli. now that stupid is lying on the road like she said yesterday she will find a Shadow under any Tree.?. So ya vivaan n chakor fake romance could be start to find out the truth of suraj lying. Still the trust is broken lets see what will happen. I stopped watching only reading the updates but from now on i watch again.

    1. Yes i agree with u i hate imli acting like the bechari i hate her and i hate vimli so muchh and yh i think vivaan will work with chakor but suraj will misunderstand all this and will get angry but then im not sure becoz the new inspector will come i think vivaan wont find out cuz in the promo only chakor finds out so i think she will work wiv the inspector which will make suraj jealous and wen will u write a new ff cant wait for it

      1. Well said tippu, imlis bechari act gets right up my nose. I also have no sympathy when Suraj did his little bit about him becoming badnaam, beizzat etc he brought it upon himself

      2. Sukorian

        Tippu im trying to write itim stucked since last week…?

  5. Sukorian

    the old suraj is back with the look

  6. So sad sukor got divorced but its understandable why chakor wanted one and cvs finally realised the track was dragging and came straight on the point now it will be interesting to watch this track again and i see kamal making his comebk the way he pointed the gun at ragini shows that she is the new target

  7. I don’t get it, will Chakor find out the truth according to the promos or vivaan according to the precap? But then again these programmes they always show people hearing things behind closed doors but not when it’s right in front of them so I’m assuming vivaan won’t have heard a word. This time rather than Chakor I want Vivaan to find out the truth.

    1. I agree with u to lucy vivaan wont find out ragini will make somthing up but chakor will cvs want audience to think that chakor was in a hurry for a divorce but will regret after she finds out but i dont want chakor to regret she has done nothing wrong all she did was stick up for her self respect and one thing i liked today was the way suraj shouted at imli to stop crying i enjoyed that bit what’s the point of crying wen chakor tried helping her she ran away and sed she will face her own problems she dont need help etc and now she wants sympathy no imli that wont work i still get angry that imli is staying in chakor room that is so rude its like shes slapping chakor in the face everytime shes in thier cuz the way i see it is that she took everything that was suppose to be chakors and suraj is also to blame for breaking her heart suraj thought chakor would get over it but he was wrong as he really hurt her even after the truth i think chakor will be angry cuz suraj never told her the truth and even divorced but know the track is gonna get interesting cvs realised no1 is buying the vimli track and how they tried showing suraj is good by helping imli cuz in the making suraj has hurt chakor

  8. I don’t understand when did they submit the divorce paper. The one which they signed is burned by imli.. cvs don’t want toto unite sukor..all the serials are like this. Whenever the pairs get United, the story become boring like ipkknd and madhubala.. that’s y they don’t unite sukor.. it Wil go like this… cvs bringing very strong opponent for suraj.. So that there can be a triangle of love anytime. I feel that they are trying to bring the old suraj avatar back..

    1. I guess chakor got another copy from the lawyer. Shows usually get boring after the couples are united. I always thought they rushed the confession. After they realized they were in love, we should’ve had some cute moments between and then some filler track followed by the confession. We had very few romantic scenes after bandhua track, no proper holi romance and then three weeks of misery in which suraj’s actions were largely confusing and illogical. The idea of the track was ok but the plot was very bad, instead of making both suraj and chakor responsible, everything was suraj’s fault.

      I’m looking forward to seeing their cute fights again. I agree, they are trying to bring some characteristics of old suraj. I liked seeing a more assured aggressive suraj this week.

  9. I liked suraj babu s dialogue today…that apiece of paper can seperate a husband and wife but not lovers…the divorce didn’t affect their love for each other even a little bit…thats the part i liked…and imli is again doing drama…lying on the road…i know then she will say i went to live under a tree…and then again suraj would be diverted to her care…god hope this track speeds up….and we get to see more sukor scenes

  10. Even I felt kn behaviour little different today.. but no idea when will he be back

  11. I like last part conversation between sukor. Precap is also nice. Can’t wait for today episode.

  12. Hi Nikita..wlcm 2 our family….tell me something about urself…from where u belong 2… nd in which stream do u study…

  13. Sehban Azim will play character of inspector Ajay Khurana !!!!

    1. Oh good, liked him in TPk

  14. Sehban Azim, last seen in Colors’ ‘Thapki…Pyaar Ki’ is all set to make an entry in yet another Colors show and that is ‘Udaan’.

    According to an entertainment portal, he will be entering the show as Inspector Ajay Khurana and is likely to develop a good bond with Chakor (Meera Deosthale).

    His entry will be such that he will cease the guns from Ragini and Vivaan (Paras Arora). This act of his will make Chakor believe that there still are honest cops and therefore, she will ask him for help to put an end to all of the criminal activities.

    At the same time, the viewers will see Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor’s divorce drama. Seeing her growing friendship with Ajay, Sooraj will turn jealous. However, for Chakor, Ajay will be nothing but a friend while Ajay will gradually begin to like her.

  15. I liked today’s episode. I liked the dialogue of suraj that the wall of divorce paper cannot separate them… I loved suraj very much. He nailed today.today not only suraj but also chakor s acting was superb.. Their scenes were too emotional and intense… Their eyes says everything… Love you sukor forever..
    And I liked the precap too.. But hate imli..she always comes in between sukor..when sukor see imli lying on the road ,they take her to the hospital and when the doctor asked to sign on the papers, suraj signed on the papers as father of the child .this makes chakor sad and she left from the hospital crying…
    And I also think vivaan will not heard what they said.and ragini will tell him any other lies…
    @sukorian I couldn’t watch the link. They show some copyright issues on the page.
    And I saw an iv of meejay where they share that chakor will not wear mangalsutra and sindoor Anymore.because suraj says that She still loves him that’s why she still wears the same .this makes chakor angry and she removes it

  16. I know vivaan won’t find out the truth, but I wanted him to be the one to find it out. If chakor finds out first, it can take some time for her to gather evidence and then convince vivaan. I want vivaan to regret what he did and apologize to imli. Too bad imli will forgive him right away.

    I don’t know what they’re planning for vivaan’s redemption, he should pay for his mistakes somehow. Being unable to be a father isn’t an excuse for what he did with the villagers.

    I think imli drama will take a back seat, the focus will be on chakor and suraj and the gun factory track. I’m not sure if KN will be back at the start of the track or by its end, but I can’t wait for him to be back.

  17. Shreya.

    Nikita, welcome to our udaan family…

    Hii guys,….in dis episode Suraj shouts on imli stop crying nd d dialogues r clearly shows suraj’s pain…I know both Suraj nd chakor r in pain…at d same time imli also felt very bad…bt one thing if imli thinks dis consequences before nd stay in tat hotel thn definitely dis won’t happen…she took d wrong decision…at d same tym imli felt very bad abt sukor’s divorce…am not saying imli is ryt bt I DNT want to put all d blame on imli’s head….

    And in dis episode I loved pakhi….she is so cute…her innocent talks r Soo cute.. nw all r hating Suraj except our cutie pie pakhi….nw suraj’s only support is pakhi..hw she remainds Suraj chakor will do something…loved it…

    And I loved when chakor enters court room nd sees Suraj na…her eyes shows d pain….after tat hw Suraj holds chakors hand nd gives letter…my eyes r teared up in dis scene…both of their eyes shows d pain….bt wat he wrote in tat letter?? don’t know….nd when judge asked u want divorce??….suraj’s replies towards chakor nd d judge…nyc one…after tat chakor holds suraj’s hand…both of their eyes shows d pain….painful episode… bt cmprd to last week episodes dis episode is somewhat better…nd kn ji’s dialogues towards ravaan is nyc…hope kn ji came back soon….

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode…I know sukor won’t kiss bt I want to c tat scene???…nd am really angry on cvs y they r ruining imli’s character…ragini create these misunderstandings between sukor nd vimli bt all r blaming imli bcz cvs showing these types of scenes na…don’t know y they r doing dis…in social sites peoples r calling imli as call girl nd she want tat two rajvanshi brothers etc etc…am fed up…plzz cvs I beg u don’t show these type of scenes which ruins imli’s character allot…plzz try to show imli as brave girl…


    Guys dis is also one of d upcoming scene….

    1. Thanks shreya for the link.
      It was a good episode. Yes, pakhi is suraj’s only friend right now. I feel sorry for imli, she is a little selfish but she is not evil and she isn’t eyeing suraj, I’m surprised at the level of hatred and abuse she’s getting. I blame CVs for all the unnecessary scenes that only served to increase chakor’s pain and fans anger.The only two scenes when i didn’t like imli were when she insisted on applying the balm to suraj and Monday’s episode when chakor told her to leave them alone and imli tried to make chakor pity her.

      1. Shreya.

        Even I don’t like tat scene where imli tries to apply d balm on Suraj….don’t know y cvs r doing these all…if they want to show chakor’s pain thn they can do something else..yaa both vivaan nd imli r little selfish….nd even I didn’t like tat Monday scene too…I feel pity for imli most of d times bt sometimes my anger towards imli is at peak state bcz of these scenes dr…

  18. Thanks varshu, demisukor, sruthi for the info

  19. Sukorian you links not opening and varshu&demisukor you mean new inspecter is kabir ktyal from thapki intresting._____sorry to intrupet you again guys hope its good news for you that aanya is well now and in consious position. My mom sent me a msg that she would be able to discharge from hospital after 3-4 days.hope you all are happy now nemo,shreya,sruthi.

    1. Great news, thanks for sharing

    2. Sukorian

      sorry for the link. thx fir the news of aanya n no we wont tell her.

  20. Hi guys
    Wow!I love this episode it was so emotional that how suraj said to chakor that he was giving divorce as he loves her a lot and no papers can make them separate
    And zoya now a days u are not asking any questions from us pleeeease ask I love that game

  21. Thanks sukorian for the links,

  22. Thank god!I’m happy that aanya is improving. Thanks nidhi for the information..we are waiting for her comeback

  23. Shreya.

    Woww nidhi am really happy…hope our aanya will recover soon…v will pray for her…nd thank u Soo much for sharing dis information dr…nd take care nd concentrate on ur project nd studies too..

    Thanks for d link nd upcoming information sukorian sruthi varshu nd demisukor…

  24. Hey sukorians i’m also happy for her.thanks shreya for your best wishes. One morething guys please try to hide from her that you know about her situation else she will not leave me.she doesn’t likes to share her problems definatly she will try to hide this problem. Don’t worri sruthi very soon she will comment here.

  25. Thnx nidhi….fr informing us…that my sweety aany is fine…I’m missing her a lot…hope she will recover soon…nd start cnmting here…I’m desperately waiting fr her comeback ….in this fan page…

  26. Sry its aanya not aany

  27. Thanks nidhi for info hope my aanya di will recover soon
    Guys newspoiler

  28. Sukorian

    i saw the repeat ????Suraj amazing.

  29. pls change the montage ( pic )….nd use a pic…..with imvaan

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