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The Episode starts with Chakor confronting Tina for what all she did against Chakor. Tina is clueless and thinks who is Chakor’s enemy. Rathod meets Bhaiya ji and smiles. Bhaiya ji says so many days passed and no one had doubt, great, I m excited to know from you, that Chakor is out of marathon race forever, when will you say this. Rathod says I tried my best, I made her unconscious and left her in jungle but… Bhaiya ji says you want to say that girl reached on time and filled time, don’t know how she wins every time, if she wins in marathon, I will be ruined, and I will not leave you then. He smiles.

Rathod gets tensed and says I will not let your name come out. Bhaiya ji says you won’t be able to take my name, I won’t let you take my name anyway, do something that our work is done. Rathod

says I have a solution.

Its morning, Chakor runs and practices. Rathod says very good Chakor, you all will be getting your training sports kit today. Kusum and Yuvika murmur where is Tina. Chakor asks Rathod to show sports kid. Rathod says I know you all are eager to see the kit, but I have to do login first, it has some balms, oils and energy drinks. Chakor says energy drinks will help us in running well. Rathod says yes, your future will get a new turn. Tina comes and says I m really very sorry, I got late. Tina argues with Chakor and asks her to take revenge, but I did not do anything, I did not throw you in jungle. Chakor says you just have time to hurt me. Tina asks what…. Vivaan comes there. Chakor smiles seeing him. She sees Tina there and goes away.

Tina asks him to keep the bouquet, and goes angrily. Vivaan asks her to stop. Rathod goes to the sports room and wears gloves. He takes Chakor’s kit and mixes something in the energy drink. He keeps the kit back and goes. Vivaan asks Tina why is she annoyed. She says I called you 10 times, you did not answer, do you know what Chakor did, I had to sleep in between mosquitoes. Vivaan thinks your punishment to throw Chakor in jungle should have been worse. He says yes, she did bad, I will not leave her, forgive me, I will take you for icecream treat. She smiles and goes to get ready.

Chakor looks non and stops Vivaan. He asks her to say I love you, I have told that, now its your turn. She says if anyone hears it then, I will say next time. He says I will grow old, anyways leave it, I know the truth, your eyes say everything. She smiles. She sees Kusum and says I will go. He stops her and says we will have fun, support me, this Kusum also left you in jungle, we will not leave them. She asks whats your plan. He says come, I will tell you.

Tina tells Kusum that Vivaan is very sweet, he is taking me on icecream date. Kusum sees Vivaan with Chakor, and asks why is he holding Chakor’s hand. Tina turns to see and sees them arguing. Vivaan holds Chakor’s face and fools Kuusm again. Tina sees them fighting and Kusum asks her to see them as lovers. Tina scolds Kusum and goes with Vivaan. Chakor goes out and says Vivaan is mad, he did not worry what would happen if we got caught. Vivaan says it would be fun, everyone would be pointing to us and say see such are lovers. She says I don’t like this. He asks what else do you dislike and holds her. He asks do you like me holding you. She says no. he asks do you like me. She says no. He gets close. She holds his hand. Bolna mahi bolna….plays………. she smiles and closes eyes. He says you can’t even lie. A ball falls near her and she opens eyes. Her imagination ends. She smiles and says what am I thinking.

Tina asks Vivaan why were you arguing with Chakor. He says Chakor said you left her in jungle. She says no, I agree I have done mischief with her, I agree I hate her, but its limited to her running. He laughs and asks are you lying to me. She says no, I want Chakor to take part in marathon and I make her lose, trust me, you are close to my heart. He gets shocked.

Suraj says Bhaiya ji is caught by police, I will be arrested too, today I realizes I m in love with you. Imli smiles and hugs Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. very good episode bas uo energy drink chakor na piye…..chakor & vivaan part r awesome

  2. I think suraj dramy kr rha ha…

  3. nice episode …… chavi luks so cute together, but vivan is more cute 🙂 ……hope she don’t drink tat energy drink……

  4. suraj is fooling imli………feeling sad for her…. 🙁

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