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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Ranjana to find some way to stop Tejaswini from ruining Vivaan’s life. Ranjana thanks her for bringing Vivaan close to his real mom. She tells Chakor that she will do something in this matter, and this is best holi gift for her. Chakor smiles. Ranjana leaves. Imli gets clothes for Bhuvan for holi day. Bhuvan refuses. Imli gets sad. Bhuvan accepts the clothes and hugs Imli. Imli likes the bangles. Kasturi says Chakor got it. Imli throws bangles. Chakor gets sad seeing this.

Bhuvan and Kasturi ask Imli to wear the bangles. Imli cries and says you lied to me. She goes. Chakor looks on. Kasturi picks the bangles. Chakor says its good Imli liked something I got here. Kasturi says its my dream that we all celebrate holi together, don’t know it will complete or

not. Chakor says it will complete soon and hugs Kasturi. She thinks that day will be close.

Chakor meets Aditya and asks what are you doing here, if anyone sees you, it will be problem. He says relax, I m out of Kamal Narayan’s limits. He tells her that I read the hospital report, Vivaan is given drugs, doctors said that drugs is like the consuming person becomes slave of the person giving the drugs. Chakor recalls Vivaan. She says now I understood why Vivaan behaved this way. Aditya says doctor said if Vivaan is kept away for 7 days from this drug, then he can get fine, you have to help him, even I will help, he is my friend and did favor on me. She says I will help him. He asks about her practice. She says Suraj tries to stop my practice, but could not. He says you make your own way, thats why you won over Bhaiya ji till now. She smiles and says I have to inform Ranjana about the drugs.

She calls Ranjana and tells her about lab reports. She says Vivaan’s milk glass had drugs mixed in it. Ranjana is shocked. Tejaswini asks Girja to make new rangoli. Ranjana comes and says no need for new rangoli. She sends Girja. She scolds Tejaswini and asks what do you think by making my son a drug addict, you think you will get your lost place back.

Tejaswini is shocked and asks what are you saying. Ranjana says don’t act innocent, I have seen the tablets which you give to Vivaan, you are ruining my son’s life to take revenge from Vivaan. Tejaswini says I could have killed your son for what you did with me, but I did not. Ranjana says I will make Kamal ji kick you out. Tejaswini says Kamal ji does not love Vivaan, he won’t care. Ranjana says but Kamal ji loves me, pack your bags, else it would be thrown out. She goes. Tejaswini gets tensed.

Tejaswini goes out and sees Ranjana waiting for Bhaiya ji. Girja asks her to come for dinner. Ranjana says I will have food later. Tejaswini thinks to do something before Ranjana fills Bhaiya ji’s ears. She sees Suraj and says I need to talk something imp. Suraj asks what, I m fed up of women fight, I have no time for this. She says if you don’t support me, I will be ruined. He says fine, come to my room, we will talk there.

Chakor is on the way. She recalls Aditya’s words and sees the holi colors. She smiles recalls Kasturi’s words. Vivaan comes there and Chakor smiles seeing him. She asks you here…. He says you could not apply color to me in childhood. She recalls Vivaan left on holi. She says you remember that… Vivaan asks what…. She gets shocked and says just now you said. He says I don’t remember what I said and why, don’t ask me questions, when I don’t know answers, I get angry. She says fine, its enough you came here, we can celebrate holi now. She pushes him on colors. He gets angry and she laughs. He looks at her angrily…….

Kasturi and Imli laugh seeing each other. They all have colors applied on their faces and wonder where is Chakor. Imli stops Chakor from applying color to her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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