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The Episode starts with Manohar coming to haveli. He says Ranjana is in hurry. Ranjana says he can’t do anything, Bhaiya ji’s rule by fear has ended, Aazaadgunj got freed. Manohar signs Lakhan. Lakhan fires in air. The villagers start running. Vivaan asks Manohar what is he doing. Manohar says he did not forget his promise, he was just telling Ranjana that she is mistaken to think he lost power after Bhaiya ji went, he has changed because of him and Chakor, he understood truth is stronger than lies. He tells the villagers that Aazaadgunj has got freed, it does not mean his guns will not be in use. He says he will not use gun to scare them, but to protect them. Everyone get happy. He fires in air.

Ranjana asks Manohar why did he change color like chameleon. Manohar says its her work to change

color. Kasturi thanks Manohar and says we want a celebration in haveli. Ranjana agrees and says but… Manohar says it will happen. He says haveli will bear all expenses. Ishwar says haveli will not bear any expenses, and asks Manohar to change his view. He asks the villagers not to take haveli’s help for money. Bhuvan says we don’t have money. Ishwar asks them to save money from wages and call haveli people to come. Chakor cheers for him. Ishwar asks them to cheer for their freedom.

Ishwar tells Manohar that he feels he is really changing. Manohar thanks him and says he will try to walk on right path, if he does any mistake, then he can bring him back on right path with love. Ishwar smiles and says his mind is not able to believe, its fine, they both are here, time will show is he really changing or pretending. Manohar says yes, time will show. The media takes Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini’s statement. Girdhari lal sees the news and talks to Ranjana. Ranjana says Manohar changed, but he can’t leave Bhaiya ji’s side, something is fishy. Girdhari lal asks her not to worry, Bhaiya ji will not get free from jail so soon, she will win elections and get everything in her hand, just support Ishwar. She says Ishwar brings problems, he made me free all bandhua and pay them wage. He says it’s a small thing. She says she will do what Bhaiya ji used to do. He says its rule in politics that change should just be seen, but not happen.

Baa asks Bhagya to wear clothes like them. Bhagya recalls Tejaswini and says Maa. Baa says I wish she loved you like you like her. Bhagya asks about Chakor. Baa says she will be somewhere in haveli. Bhagya calls her Dadi. She says she will find Chakor. Baa smiles. Bhagya leaves. Manohar asks Ishwar to have sweets. Chakor and Vivaan insist. Ishwar eats the sweets and everyone clap. Manohar makes Chakor eat sweets and gives her credit too. Chakor hugs him and smiles. She says he is very good. Manohar says enough and gives sweets to Vivaan. Vivaan hugs him.

Ishwar says I will leave and hope everything stays fine. Chakor asks Aditya will he come to meet him here. She smiles and sees the bandhua sign which is not longer valid. Aditya says she is not bandhua now, she can go her home and need not stay here. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays…………. Chakor smiles and recalls Kasturi’s words. She says how can she go home as her mum left. Kasturi comes and Chakor smiles seeing Kasturi, Bhuvan and Imli. Kasturi says we have come to take you, we were waiting for this day. Kasturi hugs Chakor and cries. Chale Chakori……….plays……… Chakor hugs Imli and Bhuvan. Everyone look on and smile.

Manohar tells Lakhan that once he gets proof, he will not leave Ishwar. Bhagya comes and asks about Chakor. He asks what did she hear. She says proof. He aims gun at her and Chakor looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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