Udaan 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gets excited for her engagement

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The Episode starts with Chakor giving a ring to Suraj. She asks Suraj to stand with Naina and exchange rings. He says I removed your ring. She sees bandage and asks did your finger get cut. He says yes, I did this to avoid the engagement. She asks him to show the wound. She says there is no wound. He says I don’t like to shed blood, no one will check by removing bandage. She says Colonel will doubt on you. He says you won’t come there. She says I will steal his phone contacts by using this device. He says you won’t come. She says fine, go now, Vivaan and your fake mum would be waiting for you. He goes. Mahiya…..plays….. She cries.

Naina gets happy and hugs her Bua. Naina says I missed you a lot. Bua asks is there a party at home today, come with me, I have to tell something. She tells

Colonel about her friend’s son, with whom she fixed Naina’s alliance. They get shocked. Bua says I know you will be surprised. The guy is really nice, have sweets. Naina says but my engagement is fixed. Bua asks are you joking. Colonel says she is right, the guy’s name is Suraj. Bua gets angry and scolds Naina for hiding it. Naina says listen to me. Colonel says I will talk to Kanchan, don’t worry.

Lights go off in the haveli. Chakor thinks what happened to lights. Suraj comes. He walks to her. He makes her wear a ring and says you will always be my bride. Mahiya….plays…. She says thanks, but I can’t make you wear the ring. He shows a ring in the chain, and says you can make me wear this. She makes him wear the chain. He says this will always be close to my heart like you, this will remind me the promise of saving nation, I will fulfill it. They hug. Mahiya….plays….

At Colonel’s house, Naina and Bua come. Naina introduces Bua to Suraj and his fake mum. Colonel introduces Suraj. Bua doesn’t bless him and gets back. She says I have to go to room and rest. She goes. Suraj feels weird. The lady compliments Naina’s beauty. Colonel introduces his friend Anil. Naina says its good you have come. Anil says I had to come on your dad’s invitation. Anil praises Suraj. Colonel says I need to talk something imp. He goes. Suraj thinks maybe Chakor won’t come in engagement, its good. A waitress falls down. Naina asks what happened, you have fever. She asks Deva to send this girl and call for another waitress. She hopes the girl gets well soon. She asks Suraj what happened. Suraj says she will be fine.

Naina says what happened, you can stop this marriage and engagement if you have any doubt in heart, its not late, tell me. Chakor comes there in waitress’ getup. Suraj sees Chakor and says you are in my heart, there is no doubt, I m just tensed as everything happened so soon. Naina says I wanted to hear this, I love you. Chakor signs Suraj and goes. Suraj takes a drink. Chakor says I told you not to out bandage. Suraj says I told you not to come. She asks why did you get glad seeing me. He says I get courage seeing you. She says yes, my courage is your self confidence. He says person can achieve goals if he has courage. Colonel asks Anil about the chain. Anil says I work hard for you and bought this small gift for myself. Colonel calls him a cheater and suffocates his neck. Chakor says we have to steal Colonel’s phone. Suraj says he went with his friend. Chakor goes to see. Colonel kills Anil. He says cheating Colonel means death.

Chakor tries to steal the phone. Vivaan says we will keep the phones away, else the party fun will spoil. Colonel says I need my phone for making an urgent call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode
    Loved Sukor engagement

  2. I didn’t like this drama when Chakor was spending her childhood years But when she grew up I fell in love with the show.Sukor and Vimli used to make the best episodes of the serial . But now there is nothing like before. Everything has changed. There is no more KN, Ragini and even Ranjana. This serial is going worse and worse. This current track is so silly. If you take a look to written episodes of 2017 or 2016 you will see a lot of comments from different persons under those posts. But nowadays the number of comments is 2 or sometimes 3.
    It’s time to end this show. End it before lose all of viewers

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