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The Episode starts with Chakor not being found. Kasturi panics and cries. A man informs that Bhaiya ji is beating people. Arjun says we should go there. Kasturi says she won’t go without Chakor.Arjun asks Abha to come, they have to stop Bhaiya ji. Abha says no, you go to my home with Bhagya, I don’t know what will Bhaiya ji do with you both. She sends Aditya with them. She asks Baa to keep her informed. Bhuvan takes Kasturi home. Lakhan scolds the villagers.

Bhuvan comes and says Chakor has gone missing, we have to find her. Lakhan says crocodile might have eaten her. Imli runs back to check. Lakhan says Chakor can’t even get her last rites done like Ishwar. Kasturi scolds him and cries. Lakhan gets angry. Abha says she will not let the goons trouble the villagers. Bhaiya ji comes there. He laughs

that all rats have become tigers in his absence and talks to Lakhan.

He greets Abha and taunts her about Ishwar’s death. He asks Lakhan how is Abha alive till now, its great. He says sealing tongue does not have risk to life and laughs on her. He sees the kalash kept near the Lord. Bhaiya ji scolds everyone and tells about making bandhuas again. He speaks against Ishwar and scolds them. Abha looks on. Imli requests the crocodile to leave Chakor. Abha tells Bhaiya ji that his ego will ruin him, and he will be punished. He says I know this well, you have made them against me. The villagers cry.

Bhaiya ji asks Abha what did Ishwar do, he took their signs on blank papers and made proof against me, to show I have made them bandhua. He says he will show his powers and gets some papers. He makes the villagers sign on the papers, by threatening the women to kill their husbands. The women start giving thumb impressions. Abha cries and asks the villagers not to sign. Bhaiya ji says he will decide interest and amount later, and argues with them. Abha runs from there. Bhaiya ji gets the papers and leaves.

Bhaiya ji meets Babu. The goon brings Chakor in unconscious state. Bhaiya ji sees her and recalls her arrest. Babu says her stomach has water, she will die. Bhaiya ji asks him to let her die. Babu says you changed your words. Bhaiya ji says she has troubled me a lot, Tejaswini is in jail because of her, let her die, I will give 25 kids. Babu says fine, as you say. Bhaiya ji says Manohar will come with you to help you. Babu says I don’t need help, but its fine, come Manohar, I will take you to Mumbai. They take Chakor along.

Bhaiya ji tells Babu that he has sold Chakor to Babu. Chakor lands in Mumbai and says she wants to go home to her parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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