Udaan 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj feeling cold. Vivaan comes there. Suraj says Chakor, you came with my clothes. He sees Vivaan, and says Vivaan you. Vivaan asks men to get chair. He sits there and shows attitude. He says I came to take your best wishes, as I have become head now, I will take care of all accounts, I came to tell this. Suraj says you came to tell me that you became dog of Bhaiya ji and Ragini. Vivaan says you look a dog, I got what I wanted, money has lots of power, I got this thanks to you, I had fun fighting to you, I got strange happiness by making you lose, I m happy seeing you in this state, you were a fallen man and deserved this.

Suraj asks are you saying this, what happened, Bhaiya ji will use now, think of Imli. Vivaan says don’t take my wife’s name, don’t forget I have

equal right on you like Bhaiya ji and Ragini, I will decide how much money to spend on you, if I refuse, you won’t get the dry roti, don’t anger me, you ended completely, why do you want to end Chakor. Suraj says you worry for your wife, I will worry for my wife, I m not scared of anyone, don’t threaten me, if you take Chakor’s name, I will not leave you.

Vivaan laughs and says your wife… you mean your fake wife, don’t be mistaken, she has pity on you, when she gets you out, she will leave you. Suraj says enough Vivaan, don’t say a word now, Chakor will not leave me, if you don’t change, Imli will leave you. Vivaan beats him and says don’t say about Imli, I m doing this for her. Chakor comes and looks on. Suraj says no, you are doing this for yourself, Imli does not want this. Vivaan says you think and talk, you are a bandhua, you have no right to talk about my wife. Suraj gets up and says you felt bad if I said about my wife, you also won’t say anything about Chakor, fake or real, she is my wife, you did not do right by raising hand on me, my one hand is still free, I can raise hand if I want.

Chakor scolds Vivaan for raising hand on Suraj. She asks him to leave. Vivaan says fake husband and wife has concern for each other. He goes. Suraj asks why did you come late, did Bhaiya ji not give clothes. She gets silent. He says fine, Vivaan made my blood hot by anger. She thinks what she did before.

She goes and burns grass. Suraj looks on and says thanks Chakor, now I m feeling better, I can sleep well. She asks him to sleep. He goes to sleep. She removes her dupatta and covers him. Servant says don’t come again. She sees Suraj. Girja looks on and says I can’t see Suraj like this, Tejaswini is worried Suraj can fall ill in cold. Chakor says everyone is laughing on Suraj, villagers joined Bhaiya ji and now even Vivaan, how shall I help Suraj, till when will this go on. She thinks of Imli’s fast and says I will also keep Mahashivratri fast with Imli, Suraj will do the task and get clothes and food tomorrow.

Vivaan comes to room and calls out Imli. He says you are sleeping, wake up and see the money, we can live well, its night to celebrate. Imli cries and closes eyes. He asks how can you sleep that you don’t hear me, we should celebrate. She does not get up. He gets annoyed and lies to sleep. She thinks I can’t become of your sin. Chakor says I don’t know anything about fast, how will I do it. Girja says don’t worry, I will manage, don’t eat anything, pray for Suraj all day, see the miracle by Lord. Chakor thanks her. Girja says I know you will get what you want, you have to sit with Suraj in puja. Chakor says how can I sit with him in puja, if anything goes wrong, I wish all problems on Suraj get away.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana have a talk. He says its Maha Shivratri tomorrow, I will make Suraj do tandav that he gets heat in body, he will not ask for clothes then. Its morning, Imli compliments Chakor. She says Girja told me you kept fast for Suraj. Chakor says yes, so that he gets warm clothes. Imli says I m glad you care for Suraj, see Vivaan went somewhere, I will meet you later. Chakor goes to Suraj and does not find him in stable. She asks where is Suraj. Servant says Suraj is taken to lawn. Bhaiya ji prays and thinks Suraj is asking for clothes to get saved by cold, I will see if he saves his body or not.

Bhaiya ji says Suraj will have kabaddi match with 6 players. Suraj gets caught by the men. He gets hurt. Ragini claps. Chakor asks Suraj to open eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vivaan is so cheap and mean cant wait for next week episodes they are gonna be really good apparently ragini is gonna tell chagan were kaustri is meaning kamal loses becsuse tejwani and kaustri were both relesed whilst running chakor gets hurt and suraj carries her and runs vivaan is very narrow minded thinking that suraj still likes imli if suraj still liked imli he wouldnt help vivaan realise that he loved imli otherwise imli was leaving town has vivaan forgotten all that

    1. Vivaan’s life :

      1) His mother killed his father and married Kamalnarayan.

      2) Tejaswini made him a drug addict and spoiled his life.

      3) He had no job and there was the charge of rape which he never committed.

      4) His own mother betrayed him once again.

      5) Couldn’t become a father.

      6) Remained a “man” in the true sense of the term.

      Suraj’s life :

      1) Got everything in life.

      2) Father’s money, mother’s love, used a girl, played with her feelings, made her pregnant and left her. Vivaan came to Imli’s rescue.

      3) Realised his mistakes when Chakor came in his life.

      4) Evil turned angel.

      Is there anything wrong for Vivaan to wish to get something in his life. He is human. It’s psychology. How can he remain good after seeing so many downs in his life?

  2. What Aarohi said is right about vivan and suraj… many negative issues happened in vivan s life… Still he was a good man… Now situation become uncontrollable… If he doesnt give pooja 25 lakhs he will end up in jail… that also he is innocent… so he understood without money life is difficult.. so he chose to work with kn.. but he is torturing suraj when he is weak is bad… now vivan is totally angry with everyone.. only imli can help him this situation

  3. Janani9789

    Vivaan is showing over attitude… I accept that he suffered lot in childhood…. But suraj also suffered a lot… His father doesn’t care about him… Doesn’t show love on him… He needed his father’s love that time a lot… But kn thinking of his own s fish motive…. He made suraj… As goon and threatened suraj to hold gun in his childhood days…. And beaten suraj…. Thats makes suraj as bad… His father always back on chakor… And kn used suraj for his motives…. Every body needs… Survival… Suraj… Changed as selfish person…. Yeah suraj did wrong with imli… He doesn’t have feelings for her…Imli is the one who loved suraj… And that time both are in drunken state… Else suraj won’t do that… When he realized and thinks that he loves imli.. Also because of chakor.. She made suraj.. Think that… But imli moved on with vivaan…
    Suraj always suffered but doesn’t show his goodness… Vivaan also changed when chakor came into his life… Suraj did all bad things when it started from childhood… No one is there to tell him it’s wrong.. But vivaan even a drug addict and chakor came to life he simply understands that right and wrong….
    Even being a man today vivaan is doing wrong…. Suraj is in worst situation than him…. He atleast listen to imli.. Who he loves… But he mistrust her…
    Trust doesn’t make man weak… He always doesn’t trust anybody when any problem come to him… First chakor… Now imli…
    He shouldn’t show attitude to suraj because he doesn’t won by real.. He throwed sand on suraj…
    He talked wrong about chakor who is his childhood friend… He is talking to her husband.. So suraj replied imli will leave him.. Because all know that imli doesn’t like vivaan this behavior….
    Even suraj doesn’t educated that much as vivaan he talks straight and true… And whenever vivaan got power he shows attitude that’s true…

  4. vivaan was also born in a rich family and got all material comforts in life, if his mother deserted him then tejaswini and kamalnarayan also harmed suraj by drawing him into a wrong way of life. if they were good parents they would have brought up suraj differently . if vivaan suffered his mothers ngelect then so did suraj in a different way.

    suraj made it very clear to imli that he was not interested in her. he never misled her. she knew from day1 where she stood with him. her obsession for suraj was also responsible for what happened to her. imli is equally responsible for what happened to her. to paint suraj as a villain in the imli story is an injustice to him,

    suraj started changing even before chakor , the moment he realised his love for imli. chakor brought out the goodness in him yess. whats wrong with that no one is denying, it

    he turned from evil to good which is wonderful .

    we dont grudge vivaan his negativity.he can turn negative.if some feel it is justified no problem. good luck to him. actually am enjoying seeing vivaan fall off the high pedestal.

  5. Vksingh

    Yup I agree to Rekha.Vivaan is a grown-up now but still he doesn’t have the correct way to portray things.What tejaswini did to him was wrong but on the other hand, ranjana too snatched Suraj’s father from him.Tejaswini did all that in retaliation.
    Vivaan is a dumbo.He doesn’t have a private brain.His thoughts are portraied by others.He never knows what to do.
    After seeing today’s episode,I am very happy that the cv’s ended vikor.chakor is saved from this dumbo.

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