Udaan 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manohar asking Vivaan to come with him. Vivaan refuses and says till Bhaiya ji give education to us, I won’t come. The media targets Manohar with questions and he angrily breaks their cameras. Baa asks Manohar to go back and scolds him for just seeing his son and not other kids, if you want Vivaan back, tell Bhaiya ji to give them their rights. Manohar cries seeing Vivaan and asks him to come home. Vivaan hugs Lord’s idol and refuses. Manohar leaves crying.

He comes home and Bhaiya ji asks how dare he go to village, answer me. Manohar shouts shut up, and shocks Bhaiya ji. Manohar says don’t shout, and their wives come there to see. Manohar says even I know to shout, I went there to take my son, who is dying there, as you have cheated them, you are a liar. Tejaswini

asks him to be in his limits. Bhaiya ji says stop, you won’t say anything, its matter of two brothers. Manohar says its still inside haveli, if you don’t leave your stubbornness, I will call media and expose you.

Bhaiya ji says you are threatening me. Manohar says this is not any threatening, its open warning, I swear on you that I can go against the world for my son, I can do anything, so I m asking you to give the villagers the books, so that my son can break this hunger strike. He says if this does not happen, then it will be very bad. Bhaiya ji says fine, if you want this hunger strike to end, that your son Vivaan comes back. Manohar says yes. Bhaiya ji says give me 24 hours time, I promise I will end the hunger strike. Ranjana and Tejaswini look on.

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Chakor tells Imli that if Bhaiya ji does not agree, the Satyagrah will be for one week, go and eat. Imli and other kids refuse. Bhaiya ji recalls Manohar’s words and says he has never spoken to me in high tone since childhood, and today he has threatened me, he has stabbed me. Tejaswini says calm down, he is not in his senses thinking about his son. He calls the inspector and tells about the hunger strike in Aazaadgunj and it should end. The inspector says we can do something if its illegal, and this is not any crime, we can take action when Ishwar tells us. Bhaiya ji asks him to use this matter, and clean everything till morning. He says fine.

Tejaswini says Vivaan is Manohar’s weakness, and this can happen again too. He says I know, we have to control him, I will talk to him. Its morning, Kasturi gives rotis to media. Bhuvan gives them tea. Chakor asks Imli to have food and no one will know it. Imli says then we all can eat. Chakor says they all will eat and asks Imli to eat, and winks to Dadi. Imli asks her to promise. Chakor promises and Dadi says even I promise. Vivaan says even me. Imli stops and asks Chakor to show her hand.

Chakor says first you eat and Imli sees her fingers crossed and meaning she lied. Even Dadi and Vivaan do the same and smile. Imli does not eat and does not break her hunger strike. The police comes there. Baa says she is thinking Bhuvan and Kasturi did not study, and gave good values to children, and I could not make my sons walk on right path. Chakor hugs her and says she is inspiration for them, and one day Bhaiya ji will listen to her. Dadi says if he agrees to provide education, this will be enough for us. The inspector stops them.

The inspector asks them to end the hunger strike else they will arrest Chakor. They fire in air and shock everyone.

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