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The Episode starts with Suraj looking for Chakor in village. He says where did Chakor go, maybe she went to her parents house. Kasturi says no, Chakor is not here, whats the matter. Suraj says Chakor said she will take retirement from sports world and never run now. Tejaswini asks what, I know Bhaiya ji forced her to do so, you run away, else he will not leave you. He says calm down, I m going to find Chakor. Kasturi prays for Chakor. Bhuvan says what, I did not see Chakor, this is bad news about her retirement, its going to get dark, I will find her. Suraj says I will find outside the city. Vivaan calls Suraj and asks about Chakor, fine when you know anything, call me. He also worries and wishes Chakor is fine.

A man threatens Pooja and asks for money. Pooja says I will give you, but leave from

here. The man hurts her. Vivaan gets angry and saves Pooja. He asks guard to kick out that man. He asks the staff to do their work. Pooja apologizes and cries. Suraj says where did you go Chakor. He sees Chakor sitting at the shade and crying. She recalls her retirement announcement. He thinks to leave her alone this time. He sits away. She thinks my fame was my power, now I can’t do anything for myself, villagers and Suraj, my fame is gone, Bhaiya ji has won, he finished me, he has cut my wings forever. She cries. Suraj recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and thinks what did he think for me, whatever it is, I m ready.

He goes to Chakor and thinks I have more sorrow that I can’t share your sorrow, I will not let you go away from my sight, if I can’t walk with you. He walks behind her. Udaan hai…… plays….. Chakor reaches the village and cries hugging Kasturi. She says I can never run now. Everyone feel sad. Suraj looks on. Chakor says I can’t take part in any race. Suraj says Kasturi and Bhuvan will support her, Chakor will be fine here, I will leave silently. He leaves. Tejaswini sees him going. Chakor says I lost everything, I can’t protect villagers and anyone, all my dreams broke, Bhaiya ji won, I lost. Bhuvan says we all were worried here, where did you go. Tejaswini says I was worried for you, even Suraj was worried, he came here to ask if you are fine. Chakor asks Suraj, where is he, why did you let him go, did he go haveli, he is not safe, why did you let him go there, his life is in risk.

Suraj steps inside haveli and says this story started with me and will end on me, I will not let innocent people bear tortures. He opens the door and sees the time 8pm. The net falls on him. Suraj gets trapped and shouts who is it. Bhaiya ji’s goons catch Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes and says you are gone now Suraj, its your story’s end. Chakor worries and says I will go haveli, Suraj will be alone, I have to save his life. Kasturi says try to understand, Bhaiya ji will kill you, you are his big enemy, I will not let you go.

Bhaiya ji taunts Suraj. Suraj asks will you hit on back, remove this net and fight if you are a man. Bhaiya ji jokes. Suraj pushes the goons away. Bhaiya ji tries to hold him. Suraj beats the goons. Bhaiya gets a stick and beats Suraj. Bhuvan asks how will you save Suraj. Chakor says let me go there. Bhuvan says how can parents send children in danger, you will not go there. Chakor says let me go and cries. Kasturi asks her to understand, now media is not with you, you are alone, you can’t even save yourself, come with me. She locks Chakor at home. Chakor cries. Bhaiya ji asks goons to take Suraj. Imli gets shocked and asks Bhaiya ji to leave Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs and goes. Imli runs out of the haveli. Kasturi asks everyone to go home now.

Kishor says Suraj tortured us, Bhaiya ji will not leave him as he tried to kill Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini begs to Kasturi to let Chakor go haveli, else that devil will kill my son. Kasturi says you are so selfish, you are asking me to sacrifice my child to save your son, no Chakor will not go anywhere. Imli comes and says Bhaiya ji caught Suraj, he locked Suraj in room. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that he will drag Suraj to village, stop me if you can, I will see your pride breaking and get glad, are you ready for this last game. Chakor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    This is an egregious abuse. Nevertheless, for the shake of vivaan we hope to see imli’ s shooting talent again. She says, her plan will be successful. And Kn, ranjana, ragini will leave. That’s great news. Happy to share it.

  2. thanks for sharing the news r and subi..

  3. what about suraj??? there is no news of suraj and chakor

  4. Janu i think they are parallelly showing sukor and vimli,ya i too saw that ragini is gonna make vivaan a servent ☹ and kn planned something big for both Suraj and Vivaan,he started with chakor and its ViRaj turn now.
    I think he will make them taste what torture is bcz these 3 were the main reason for what he suffered and kn ka entry hi itna dhamaal ka tha tho aage aage kya hoga??

    1. I want to see revolver rani(imli) and bullet raja(Suraj) in bandua track??guys what do you think ?

      1. Agreed.
        Imli shoot, and keep shooting on the target. Without bullets character of Imli doesn’t feel alive. Always stay bold and vigilant.

  5. hey is anybody have news about sukor in the upcoming track …..

  6. yes true sia,yes its now turn for vivaan and suraj..because vivaan also cheated kn like suraj and sent him jail…now they going to have torture from kn,ragini…but both chakor and imli will support them…and help them this make the story interesting…..
    i want all four sukor and imvaan to support eachother and care eachother.. all four should be strongest,sukor and imvaan should brave to against kn

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