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The Episode starts with Khasta getting injured. Everyone run to him. Raju smiles and tells Khasta that see what he did with him. Chakor hears him. Khanna sends Khasta to his tent and asks them to call doctor. Raju acts innocent and cries. The man says its not your mistake Raju, it may happen. Khanna scolds Raju and says one second late can also risk Khasta’s life. Raju says it was a mistake. Chakor says no, it was done intentionally by him. Raju says she is blaming me. Om says she never lies. Roma comes and asks Om not to trust anyone so soon.

Vishaka asks Chakor not to blame Raju and go to heal Sultan’s leg. Khanna says wait, I want to know why is Chakor telling this. He asks Chakor why is she saying so. Chakor tells about Raju and Khasta’s fight, Raju did not run faster, ask Om, if you

don’t trust me. Om says yes, Raju started late. Chakor says when Khasta fell, Raju told something in his ear. Khanna asks Raju is this girl saying true. Chakor says I m saying truth, I don’t know them, why will I blame him. Khanna gets angry and asks Raju to say truth, did he take revenge from Khasta. Raju says yes, I took revenge.

He says I made him fall intentionally, Khasta always troubles me, I run this show, people come to see me, I m more important. Khanna fumes. Raju says Khasta is showing me my place. Khanna pushes Raju on the net and beats him with hunter, saying you broke circus rules, you broke trust, there won’t be circus without trust. Chakor looks on shocked.

Khanna says I will not leave Raju alive. Everyone stop Khanna. The police comes. Khanna asks inspector to take Raju, who has tried to kill Khasta. Raju says he is lying. Inspector slaps Raju. Raju tells Chakor that Khasta is alive, so police can’t do anything, I will not leave you, we will meet soon. Inspector tells Khanna not to worry and leaves. Vishaka asks them not to be sad, Khasta is alive, he got wounded and will be fine, but this imp act can’t happen now, it means all acts should be perfect, so get ready, show must go on.

Om asks Chakor what did Raju tell you. Chakor says nothing. Roma says I did not like Raju, be careful, he will not leave her. Om asks Roma not to scare Chakor. Ronnie comes and tells them about Khasta. They all rush to him. Doctor tells them that Khasta is fine, but he can’t perform soon. Chakor asks Kaka not to worry, she will apply lep and make him fine. Vishaka says we have to return advance booking money if this performance does not happen.

Kasturi cries and makes some paste. She recalls Bhaiya ji making Imli bandhua. She asks Bhuvan to drink this poison. She says Imli will never come back, we will drink this poison and die. He cries and says if we act coward, what will Chakor say. Kasturi says Chakor will never come back, if she comes, then Bhaiya ji will kill her. He says I can’t and throws the glasses, saying Chakor will not forgive us. She cries and says let me die. He says Chakor is alive, she will come, we have to be alive for her, my heart says one day Chakor and Imli will come to us. They cry and hug.

Bhaiya ji shoots in air. Imli gets scared. He asks does she know the gun has 6 bullets, I have shot three, one bullet shot Chunni, and now there are 2 left, one for you, if you try to run from here, then you will be shot, and last bullet for Chakor. Imli argues with Bhaiya ji and says when Chakor knows you stamped on my hand, she will surely come back to take revenge from you. He laughs and says I also want her to come back, I m sure she will come. He goes.

Imli sweeps the ground. Vivaan comes and says you still believe Chakor, she has always cheated us, she wanted to run from here, Chunni died because of her. Imli says no, she is not a cheater. Vivaan cries and says I wish I believed Chakor, that she did not cheat anyone. Chakor gives bath to the horse and says when Vivaan knows that’s Chunni, he will be angry on me, but I will meet them and tell everything.

Khanna apologizes to people for not putting up bullet raja show. People get angry and say ignite the circus if they don’t return money. Chakor gets shocked.

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