Udaan 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhagya finding Chakor sad. Chakor laughs and then feels sad thinking of Bhuvan’s words. She says I felt sad but I never cry. Bhagya holds her face. They see Bhaiya ji’s car passing. Chakor says he is going to temple. Bhagya says Pita. Chakor says you had Papita, now come. Tejaswini says why is Bhaiya ji going to old temple. Chakor takes Bhagya and runs. Bhaiya ji reaches the temple and Tejaswini stops the car far. Bhaiya ji goes inside the temple and Bhavani greets her. She asks is everything fine. He says no, you and Devi Maa have to go far from here.

She asks where will I go that too alone, my sister stays in Banaras and she is very poor, how will I keep Devi there. He says don’t worry about money, I will give more than needed, go from here, I m not able to meet my

wife’s eyes. Tejaswini walks there. Bhavani asks Bhaiya to meet Devi and go. They open the door and see Devi sitting on her chair. Bhaiya ji greets her and Chakor hides behind the chair.

He apologizes and says I can’t do your Darshan for few days, bless me and my family. He keeps money and Bhavani smiles. He sees something and looks on. Chakor hides. Bhavani says no one will be lucky as you, people can have temple, but not Devi Maa. He asks her to go Banaras and his man will help them, Devi Maa should not face any trouble. Bhavani says don’t worry, trust me. He leaves. Tejaswini looks on hiding.

They lock the door. Tejaswini thinks who is this woman, why did he come to meet her, and why this lock, whats in this temple that anyone can steal. Chakor tells Devi that she got saved from Bhaiya ji, else he would have not let her run. He says she will get admission in school if she wins race and also teach village kids. She says she will teach her also, she is her tallest student. Bhagya smiles.

Bhaiya ji asks Bhavani to take care, as the secret was leaking because of that girl. Tejaswini thinks what secret. Her phone falls and he asks who is there. Bhavani says wait, I will see. Tejaswini hides. Chakor says now I will go haveli and I have work. She says she will meet her soon. Bhagya gets sad. Chakor says if I don’t go what will I say Bhaiya ji. Bhagya says Pita. Chakor asks how much Papita will she eat. Bhavani says there is no one here, don’t worry Bhaiya ji, maybe its cat.

He scolds her that no animal can come here. He says no one should know the secret behind this door and leaves. Tejaswini says whats secret behind this door. Chakor says if she does not go haveli, everything will go wrong, they will go village and trouble my family. She asks her not to be sad as she false promised Bhaiya ji. She says she will jump from window and asks her to see. Bhagya says Pita. Tejaswini gets a door and goes to break the lock. Bhavani asks who is she and scolds her.

Tejaswini says tell him that his wife has come. Bhavani is shocked and apologizes to her. Tejaswini says I m trying to know to whom my husband meets her, he won’t come to meet you, whats the secret behind this door, open the door. Bhavani says I m sorry, I can’t. Tejaswini scolds her and asks her to open the door.

Bhavani opens the door and they don’t see anyone inside. Bhavani is shocked on finding Bhagya missing. Tejaswini gets puzzled. Bhagya follows Chakor. Tejaswini asks Bhavani whats the secret here in this temple. Bhavani says this temple has your prosperity. Tejaswini says what. Chakor enters the haveli. Bhagya looks on. The guard closes the gate. Bhavani tells something to Tejaswini. Tejaswini is shocked.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she met her. He asks what, did you go there, you came to know everything. She says yes, everything. He is shocked.

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