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The Episode starts with Chakor being tensed as Babu throws the tracker. Rocky thinks to reach Chakor fast. Nanu asks Imli not to cry, they will find Chakor. Sunny says Chakor is very clever, she will find solution herself. Soham says we all love her. Tamasha says we will save her, Vaibhavi is also with us. Imli recalls Vaibhavi. Nanu says we will do Ganesh Visarjan and then go. They all pray.

Chakor is brought to Vaibhavi. She recalls Swara and Imli’s words. She says it means the doubt was right. Vaibhavi says Chakor would have told Rocky. Babu says Rocky has doubt, he has tied tracker to Chakor, I removed it. Chakor says Rocky will come to save me and he will see you with Babu. Vaibhavi scolds her. She says Rocky will always be with me. Vaibhavi says I will make you mute today and looks at

the hot coal. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor says leave me. Vaibhavi makes Babu scare Chakor and says leave her, I will take her myself. She informs someone about the organs. Rocky comes there by following the location on tracker device. He gets Chakor’s tracker on the ground. He asks the people on the road about her and does not get any info. He says where did she go, she should have given some clue. He finds some red petals on the road in a line. Chakor has thrown the petals to leave clue for Rocky. Vaibhavi brings Chakor to the cliff and scolds her. She says she will buy a car for Rocky by selling Chakor’s organs, then Rocky will not take her name.

Rocky comes there and Chakor runs to him. Chakor says I knew Rocky will come to save me. Vaibhavi says see I was telling Chakor about you, that you love big cars. Rocky opens the rope off Chakor’s hands and gets angry. He calls Nanu and says he has seen a devil. Nanu says Chakor is missing, we are worried. Rocky reminds that Ganpati comes with goodness and takes away evil. Nanu says yes, what are you saying. Rocky asks him to do visarjan, and he will end the evil.

Nanu tells Imli that Rocky said he will save Chakor. Imli says it means Rocky will save Chakor from his mum. Sunny asks what is she saying. Imli says Vaibhavi is very bad and tells them everything. They all get shocked. Vaibhavi and Rocky argue at the cliff. He says you have sold your soul after selling kids organs, husband, son and Lord does not matter to you. He says Chakor has told me your truth, I hate you.

Vaibhavi says know the reason before hatred. He says your heart has got black than coal, you need to get punished and jail is the place for you. She asks will he call police now. Rocky says all police inspectors are not in your control and calls commissioner. She gets tensed. Rocky asks what happened, face got pale…. She says you won’t understand, fine. Vaibhavi says she has shot her husband too and aims gun at Rocky. Chakor and Rocky get shocked.

Vaibhavi says she can’t bear if anyone comes to ruin her business, and asks him to move back. Rocky asks her to shoot him. She says fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    What kind of mother, try to harm your child. I think she will punished for her deed.

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