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The Episode starts with Kasturi hitting stone at Lakhan. Chakor gets hurt. Billa says Kasturi has hurt Chakor. Chagan says that is Choka, don’t take Chakor;s name, we have to help her. Imli apologizes to Choka. The old lady says Kasturi will go to mental hospital some day. Choka asks Kasturi why is she getting angry on villagers who gave her food. She says Imli is sitting with food and she is not listening. She says old Dadi has made food for you. Imli asks Dadi why is this boy saying so much. Dadi says he is saying right, let him say. Chakor says give me food plate, I will eat food showing her.

Imli refuses to give Kasturi’s food and asks her to have food in haveli. They both fight. Chakor smiles and sits to have food. She praises the food to make Kasturi interested in the food. Amma does

the prayers at home. Baa comes to pray too. Amma looks at her. Chakor says I will eat this roti now and have fun. Kasturi stops Chakor and takes the food from her. She eats the food. Chakor smiles. Everyone get shocked seeing Kasturi eating the food. They all smile, Mutti ke hawa ke jhoke hai……………yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays…………….

Bhaiya ji tells Baa about Nayantara. Baa says I m not worried for her now, she has grown up, she can fight and win too. Amma says yes, I have to fight alone, you did not support me. Baa says you are not alone, Chakor’s ghost is with you. Bhaiya ji drops his phone being shocked. Baa gives his phone back and smiles. She leaves. Amma asks what happened, your face has turned pale, I m seeing the same fear In your eyes, like when I asked you about Satya. He says I m worried for you, you can’t bear the truth. He makes excuse and leaves. She says she will find the truth.

Chakor tells Imli that her hair is like Kasturi. She tells Imli that they should comb hair to make it look ordered. Chakor says she will make her hair pleats, she can do anything, she has Sunny Di, whose hair pleats are made by Choka. Chakor combs Imli’s hair and makes the pleats. Imli recalls Chakor.

Imli smiles seeing the mirror. Imli asks will my hair have insects now. Choka says no, but I can’t say about your mum. Kasturi hits comb on the ground. Chakor and Imli run to her and comb her hair. Dadi cries happily. Chakor asks her not to see and help her. They make Kasturi look tidy and nice like always. The villagers smile. Imli shows mirror to Kasturi. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………plays……….

Bhuvan says he will do as Bhaiya ji says, he will take her to haveli. He is drunk and says he will take Kasturi to mental hospital, he will see who stops him. Chakor asks why will he send Kasturi to mental hospital. Bhuvan says Bhaiya ji has ordered this, he will do as Bhaiya ji says. Chakor asks why, because you get this wine bottle. Bhuvan gets angry. Imli gets rope. Chakor asks Imli to do as she says and they tie Bhuvan. He asks what are they doing. Lakhan laughs. Chakor says no one will go to haveli. She ties Bhuvan to the bed. Chakor says Kasturi will not go to mental hospital. Kasturi claps. The villagers laugh. Chakor smiles.

Amma aims gun at Bhaiya ji and asks about Nayantara’s past. Chakor stops Amma. Everyone look on shocked. Amma says she will shoot Bhaiya ji, if he does not say.

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