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The episode starts with Chakor and her sister Imli making the people a haveli sit like hen. Imli wakes up from dream. She asks when will Chakor come. Chakor wakes up and studies alphabets to erase the sign. She asks what is this.. Aditya did not tell me this big elephant name. She goes to Aditya’s room and wakes him. She asks what is this. Aditya says it is E.. fifth letter of E for Elephant. She asks letter F. Aditya runs from his room. Chakor asks Aditya to tell the letters. He sleeps on sofa. She moves him to ask letters/alphabets. Aditya locks his door.

Chakor gets ready for school in morning. She practices learning to walk/run wearing shoes. Bhaiya ji gets Sharma ji’s call. Tejaswini instructs Girija. The kids fight for video games. Tejaswini asks Ragini did she have food. Ragini says,

she is not hungry. She finds Imli on ground. Imli wakes up seeing Baa and recalling her words. Bhaiya ji says he is seeing his Mata ji after long time. Tejaswini says she has kept Maun Vrath today and came out of room after 48 hours.

Few inspectors meet Ishwar and asks him to rest. Ishwar says, his bones are broken so he is just resting. The inspector says he has sent summon to Manohar Rajvanshi but he did not turn up any time. Ishwar asks them to keep trying. Ishwar’s mum asks why is he falling in trouble again. Ishwar asks her to see Chakor in school uniform. Chakor stands smiling.

Aditya says it is Sunday today. Chakor says she did preparations for Arjun Sir. She says Arjun does not give time to study. Aditya says Arjun will not be at school today. Chakor says, we have teachers here. Aditya asks Abha to hide him as Chakor didn’t let him sleep all night by her questions. Abha tells F. Chakor says F for.. Arjun Sir says F for focus/dhyaan. He asks her to focus on race, to get time for study. He says her life is on two wheels, study and race.

Chakor says she did not hear this before about study and race connection. She asks the reason for race to study. She tells about alphabet learning and race is simple to win things for Imli, Daadi, Aditya. She says the sign on hands will go if she studies. She says she has to focus on studies. Abha says she will bring coffee for Arjun Sir and takes Aditya from there. Chakor says none understands what she says Ishwar apologizes to Arjun from Chakor’s side.

Chakor says forgive her and asks Arjun to sit. Ishwar tells Chakor about what Arjun wants to explain her. Ishwar asks will this sign go he erases. Chakor says it will go if she studies. Ishwar says it will not go by studies alone. Arjun shockingly sees the sign.

Ishwar tells Chakor to race to get place in school for study and erase sign. Lakhan tells Bhuvan Imli is finding hard to be alive in haveli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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