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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Chakor to think again. Chakor says they want their child and I want freedom. She cries. Imli gets parathas for Vivaan. Vivaan says you came at wrong place, you take it to your lover, you are here to see your right place in haveli. Suraj asks Imli to give parathas to him, he is hungry. She serves him. He asks her to sit and have food. Ragini gets some call and says you will get payment soon. Vivaan asks who is troubling you. She talks rude. He asks what are you trying to hide. Imli feels nausea and says I will be fine. She goes.

Bijli says postman gave this letter for Suraj. Suraj says its court notice. He gets shocked. Imli asks what’s this. She sees and gets shocked. She says Chakor has sent you divorce notice. Vivaan claps and says now your way got clear, do

anything. Imli says what will happen now. Suraj worries.

Chakor says I got info about gunmaking, I m finding some way to save kids. Suraj comes and says I knew you will be thinking to save kids, you forgot to think what I m going through, seeing these divorce papers. He says I love you a lot Chakor, I can’t think of giving you divorce, I m your husband, you are my wife. She says if I m your wife and love, answer me, why is your child there in Imli’s womb. Suraj says how to explain you. Tejaswini scolds Suraj.

Suraj says this foolish girl Chakor has sent me divorce notice, I did not sign, we are husband and wife, its our personal matter, don’t get in this. Bhuvan says you have no right to command us in our house. Suraj says fine, I request you to let me talk to her, then Chakor will take decision. Kasturi asks Chakor to listen to Suraj peacefully and then decide. They go.

Suraj scolds Chakor and says we both love each other, you love me so you are getting hurt, it does not mean you love me, you can make me realize my mistake. Chakor says I took my decision, I want divorce from you, we gave application in court before, we will get divorce soon, sign on it. He asks do you want to give divorce to me. She says yes.

Suraj burns the papers. He says this is my answer, you can send many notices, my answer will be same. He goes. Imli worries for Chakor and Suraj’s relation. Suraj comes. She asks did Chakor agree to take notice back. Suraj says she did not agree, I refused to give divorce and burnt all papers. Chakor says story won’t end by burning paper, this story will not end till you sign on paper, you can burn many sets, its better you sign. He says marriage needs two people’s consent, its needed for divorce too.

Chakor asks did you two ask me before deciding anything, did Imli ask me before taking Suraj’s support for child. She says Suraj, its legal crime to have extra marital affair, you can get punished if I complain, better sign on it, we both will get free. Suraj refuses to give her divorce and asks her to file case if she wants. Imli says don’t give him divorce, Suraj loves you, forgive him for your love sake, we did a mistake.

Chakor says fine, I will not give divorce to Suraj, but I have a condition, you can’t stay in this room, you will never come back here. Suraj stops Imli. He recalls Vivaan’s words and says Imli has no place to go, where will she go. Chakor says Imli is not a small kid, she can manage. Imli says she is right, I will get some tree on the way, which will give me shadow. Chakor claps and says you made my husband your sin partner, you want my husband to become mine again, but I don’t want this, sign on divorce papers Suraj. He refuses to sign as there will be hope to explain her some day. She says fine, and gets gun from cupboard. She asks him to sign else she will shoot. Suraj asks her to shoot and all tension will end, I m fed up, shoot, you think I will get scared seeing this pistol, I won’t sign. Chakor says fine, you will sign when pistol will be pointed towards me. She points gun at her head. They get shocked.

Chakor asks Suraj to sign, else she will shoot. Suraj asks did she go mad. She shouts sign.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the speedy update. It seems they’ve decided to stop dragging. The episode was fast paced.

    Today I wanted to hit Suraj on his head, may be he would get some sense. He is completely insensitive to what Chakor is going through. I still don’t know why he doesn’t tell her the truth or why he didn’t think of convincing Chakor of paying for Imli to stay in hotel like before.

    Chakor’s dialogue was spot on today. It is significant what Chakor told Imli that they she and Suraj decide things without talking to her. I think even after knowing the truth, she will not forgive him easily.

    I don’t know why Imli is not ignoring Vivaan, he has humiliated her and still she worries for him. Did she really think he’ll eat the food she prepared.

  2. The good news is according to the new promo, Chakor will find out that Ragini bribed the doctor about Vivaan’s reports, so the story will start moving forward. I think Ragini’s phone call today was from the doctor. I’m happy Chakor’ll find out but I was hoping that Suraj will be the one to solve this problem.

    According to TOI spoilers, this will happen this week, also the new inspector, Ajay, will be introduced this week. Hopefully the baby drama will be cleared without the need for Imraj wedding track and we get Suraj jealousy track instead.

    1. Omg guys is it true now it will be worth watching im gonna comment less today as i was gonna say what you said nemo guys plz share links thankssss

      1. Sukorian

        i looled everywhere but no new link just a roumer that Vivaan n chakor make a fake love plan to mane suraj jealous so he might convince the truth… Finally this track is going to an end this week will be the divorce ? but after reading the update Suraj could have done better n had explained her y he is doing this but no again he kept quite. N imli wasnt better even she could tell the truth but… no words. Yeah hope the doctor threat ragini she deserves it

  3. Actually today I’m very happy not about this episode but about the new promo… Finally chakor find out ragini s truth…yey I’m happy??this promo makes me feel like a sudden rain in the dryland which makes the earth cool…like this way this promo makes me feel happy and cool
    I don’t know whether chakor heard what ragini said while giving the money..but I hope she will suspicious it and will definitely find the truth

  4. Hey guys I am super excited to see the new entry of inspector Ajay.. So the jealousy track is gonna start.. Hi alert drama is gonna start yippee… ?

  5. Cant wit for Ajay to come. Maybe there will be a love triangle. Chkr’s dialogue was bang on today. Today I actually think dat Surj needs to wake up! Latest news: I’ve heard dat Chkr will make Surj jealous using Vivan.

  6. It makes no difference to me how soon the truth comes out because the damage has been already done to the trust in the marriage. I could actually feel chakors pain every time she sees Suraj grab imlis hand.
    If imli had any respect for her sister she would have left that room as soon as Chakor said leave and then her little sob story made me want to slap her, it didn’t even feel genuine

    1. Sukorian

      well said!

    2. Lucy i agree imli always make herself jus like vivaan does at times is to make themself look like the victim oh i live under any tree wen chakor gave u a place to live u ran away from thier thats ur own fault and problem that u dont have a shelter she brought this on herself and now is trying to show she innocent but shes just as much to blame

  7. Guys after watching the episode i think there is 2 possibilities that will happen during the track chakor will find out the truth and will be happy to know that suraj isnt the dad but she will still be upset that suraj didnt trust her enough to tell her or cvs will drag the track so after chakor finding out vivaan is not impotent ragini might blackmail chakor and chakor will be helpless then the new inspector will come and he will try helping chakor then chakor will know suraj is innocent but cant tell him suraj seeing chakor with ajay will make him super jealous and after everything is clear ajay will also fall in love with chakor but sukor would want each other then the remarrige track will start and ajay will become the villian

    1. Thanks dear for the link and thank god they have changed his jackets but the kurtha looks bad he needs his plain tops again and i think cvs realised that this track was bad and was making suraj look really bad as cvs wanted to show suraj trying to fix his past mistakes but this was a very poor track trying to show that he was good cuz in the making he ended up divorcing chakor!!

      1. And i hope vimli never mistreat sukor again they went through alot becoz of them and guys the way chakor gets angry everytime suraj holds imli it makes me angry too and imli will run bk to vivaan after everything he has done he will be forgiven which pisses me of cuz if he trusted sukor and imli over ragini in the first place this wouldnt happen guys i dont know why but i think this is all kamal and ragini plan remember wen they came bk they wanted suraj alone and they wanted sukor to get a divorce ragini sed she will make vivaan a money bundua as they knew he is greedy for money so he left the good side for money then ragini did this impotent drama and that made vivaan angry so he is not in a state to think sukor are getting divorced and all imli does is go after vivaan meaning suraj is all alone just the way kamal wanted and planned i find.somthing fishy thats why kamal and ranjana are not shown as much they are planning somthing very big

      2. Yes, the track was bad, they’ve added Suraj monologues to explain his POV and then they destroy it all by showing him with Imli. They also show lack of sensitivity by making imli and Suraj stay in the same room. Thankfully they haven’t showed this but it would’ve been better if they showed Suraj sleeping in his room at the basement and leaving the room for Imli. People connect with Chakor’s pain and not Suraj’s.

        They wanted the divorce for the love triangle, they always planned to divorce them.

  8. hi every one .tippu. all the best for ur exam. ur ff is too good. aanya di how are u now?Shreya di I.Tapa di how are u all uddan family?
    In this episode imli ;suraj.chakor all act very well but the track is not good at all. But upcoming track is quite interesting.
    I really want to see jealous suraj.

    1. Thank u for the support and luck im glad u liked it alot

  9. Episode was ok. Thanks nemo for the iv it sounds intresting. ……………can anyone tell me what happen to ananya?

  10. In todays episode suraj will be forced to ready divorce but still not allowing imli to leave his room n also not telling the truth to chakor..what nonsense is this..can anybody do this much cheap thing to the person he loves most not at all digested. He should tell truth to chakor then that would be her turn to believe or not on them, but without telling truth expecting such stupid meaningless things from her how it is fare..??

  11. Sometimes imli tries to unite sukor and is ok…then at times she does drama…she was sounding so irritating and fake when she was saying…oh i will leave under a tree…i think cvs brought this divorce track to bring in the new entry and rouse suraj s fear and insecurity to lose chakor forever…if the divorce drama didn’t happen…then suraj woul have cool with the new new inspector for he would hv known that chakor is still is wife…i think this is the reason behind the divorce drama….its just my opinion… guys what you think…and hopefully chakor starts suspecting ragini behind all these by this week…and i am waiting for the gun track…

    1. I agree that they needed the divorce for jealousy track. They thought that his past is the only thing that can break their marriage, but their idea was not well formed. They expected more sympathy for Suraj and instead he’s mainly getting abuse. This was made worse by the dragging. I think if they didn’t drag this for three weeks, fans wouldn’t have been so angry.

      I was angry with Imli’s drama too, she may say she does not want sukor to separate but she won’t sacrifice any of her comforts to achieve that.

  12. Sadhna, Nidhi informed us that she’s in hospital but we have no new info about her.

  13. Hi guys
    Did anyone know who is playing the role of new inspector?
    In today’s episode I just like the way how suraj burn those divorse papers and how he bocome angry by seeing those divorse papers
    @nidhi di what about aanya di how is she now?

  14. Hola sukorians____new promo is fantastic. Now i think it will be intresting to know what will happen after divorce. Yesterday episode was ok i like the conversation between suraj & chakor.

  15. Thanks nemo.so sad……Don’t get wrong guys many times i feel that in her absence comments are decrese. We all have our own points of view about every episode even bad point of views too but nobody want to share. Sorry to say but i think some peoples want to comment just in her presents. Sorry i don’t want to hurt anyone but its true. Actualy me too. I am commenting cuz of her even i was a silent reader of this sight. Sorry sukorians i know its also a off topic comment.

  16. Hey guys theres a new written spolier that suraj get jealous snd angry cuz of seeing vivaan and chakor really close he puts all his anger on imli imli shouts at suraj and tells him not to put anger at her and go bk to chakor if this is true then wow even though we dont like what suraj is doing for imli she is being really ungrateful to suraj he has lost everything to protect her respect and if she is showing attitude what the hell she is so quiet around vivaan vimli never appreciate what sukor have done foe them and chakor goes to meet the new inspector she falls suraj catches her and asks her that she loves him alot that’s why she still wear sindoor and maglassothra

  17. Shreya.

    Hiii guys….ok ok episode…i think in dis epic they show all d emotions of a normal human being except happiness….everyone acts like dis way only in dis situation…Suraj,chakor,imli nd vivaan all r ryt in their pov…even i think ragini is talk to that doctor only…hw she treat vivaan when he asked d qstns…vivaan deserves these type of answers…

    Nemo u r ryt…all r thinking chakor’s pain nt suraj’s…..nd tippu even am thinking d same (tat 2 possibilities)

    Nidhi thank u Soo much for d information Abt our aanya…really felt very bad…ohh god plzz help our aanya…v will pray for our aanya….

    Sadhna, aanya is in hospital (unconscious state)

  18. Thanks sukorian and tippu for the spoilers.
    Hi Aria, Lily, Shreya, Sruthi, Sona, Nidhi and everyone. The new track looks promising, let’s see what they’ll show.
    We have no information on the new inspector, but he’ll appear this week.
    I don’t think chakor will make suraj jealous using vivaan, suraj will be jealous because chakor will be working with the inspector.

  19. Hey sukorian nice spoilers .Hope it just not gossip. Hope it will be intresting track._____don’t worri shreya my choco is so strong.she faced many difficulties till now. You know what doctor told that she is recovring very fast and possibly after 27hours she can become conscious. By the way are you started talk to her or not? I didn’t. And i’m succesfull because i’m not with her busy in my project. But i’m feeling bad for her.get well soon choco.

  20. Oh dts the reson she doesn’t commenting. Get well soon anaya.waiting for your intresting comments yaar. Sorry guys i forgot to intro my self m a silnt redr of this sight and i like her comments sorry to distb you all.

  21. ^ its aanya not anaya.

  22. Hi guys. How r u all?
    Sadhna dr she is in hospital.
    Thanks nidhi dr for the information about aanya di.
    Plz God cure aanya di quickly.
    Epi was ok ok. But i think the next jealous track will be more interesting

  23. Hi to all , I’m really sry I was too busy with presentation n exams. Even I saw the new promo it looks interesting . Looking forward to it.

    Why aanya is unconscious ? Wht happen to her guys? I didn’t read any telly updates n neither comments. So I hv no idea. Hp she recover soon n pray fr her to get well. I’m really sry guys if I didn’t answer anyone’s questions in previous updates.

    Thnx fr the links nemo. Gd luk fr the exams tippu

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