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The Episode starts with Vivaan recalling Bhaiya ji’s words and getting scared. Suraj knocks the door. Vivaan gets worried and hides under the bed. Suraj comes inside the room and sees Vivaan hiding. He catches him and asks are you helping Chakor, tell the truth. Vivaan says no. Suraj asks him to say truth. Vivaan recalls Ranjana’s words. Vivaan says I hate Chakor, I m saying truth. Suraj says fine, you hate her. Suraj shuts Vivaan’s mouth by fixing tape and says no need to say, keep this in heart, good boy.

Ranjana is angry and comes to Tejaswini’s phone. She says I m owner of this house, I will teach her a lesson, either of us will stay here, how can she scare me like this. She looks for the phone and recalls the recording. Tejaswini comes there and looks on. Ranjana leaves. Chakor comes inside

haveli and Suraj hears some wound. Chakor hides. He sees a sweepstick and leaves.

Chakor gets shocked seeing Vivaan tied. Ranjana deletes the recording. She checks the drawer and sees some thing packed in white paper. Girja gives milk to Tejaswini. Chakor frees Vivaan. He asks her to go, I hate Chakor. She says I m Chakor, look at me. She makes him sit. She recalls how she calmed him in childhood and does the same thing of holding him. She says I think you are not doing this by your wish, you got punished right. He says yes, how do you know I don’t hate Chakor.

She says we are childhood friends, we understand each other, I got letter because of you, my friend would have not been alive, thanks. She smiles. He says everyone asks me to hate you, even I want to hate you, but why am I not able to hate you. She says childhood friend is like person made on stone, stone will break, not person, I will help you. Tejaswni knocks door and says Vivaan, its time for you to drink milk. He asks Chakor to go, else Maa will not give him milk. Chakor says you will get milk, and hides. Vivaan opens the door. Tejaswini asks Vivaan who is here, with whom was he talking. She sees rope and asks did Suraj come, I think he did this. She asks him not to worry, you know Suraj loves you a lot, he does all this for your good, no one can do bad with you in my presence, drink this milk. Vivaan happily takes the milk glass. Tejaswini says this milk is good for your health. He drinks the milk. She goes.

Vivaan keeps the glass and says now I got a life. Chakor thinks whats that in this milk. He smiles. She asks since when is Tejaswini giving this to you. He says since long, I like it, if I don’t drink this, I start shaking. She says I will keep this glass in kitchen, I will meet later. He waves her bye. She smiles. She leaves with the glass.

Its morning, Chakor thinks to find out what Tejaswini adds in the milk. She practices running and Suraj stops her. She asks what will you do, you made my friend leave, try and maybe I will leave practice. He aims gun at her. She laughs and says you try to stop my practice this way, fine, I will know does your bullet run faster or my legs, its tough to aim at running man, you are not a sharp shooter, so lets start the game. She runs and Suraj follows her. He shoots at her. He misses many shots and she keeps running. The car trye gets punctured. She smiles seeing that and checks her speed. Suraj looks on shocked. Chakor comes to him and shows the stopwatch. She thanks him and says I broke my own record because of you, you come in my practice daily to make me run like this. He gets angry and aims gun at her. He says I can shoot you, you can’t even stand then. She says you feel I got weak when you made leave, did you forget I m runner 501, the country knows me, if you do anything to me, media will get after your dad, you won’t wish your dad’s name to get spoiled, now shoot me anywhere you want.

Chakor goes home and talks to Kasturi. Imli tells Suraj that Bhuvan is against him. Suraj asks her to shoot him, and about Chakor…. Suraj sees Chakor leaving. Imli says what is she doing here, why is she going to bus stop. Suraj asks her to sit in jeep. They follow Chakor. Chakor boards a bus and leaves. Suraj follows her. Imli says don’t know what is she going to do, you should have stopped her. Suraj says its fun in this cat and mouse game. Chakor reaches Sitapur hospital. Suraj says what is she doing in hospital, Imli stay here, I will go and see. Chakor goes to lab. Suraj follows her. Chakor sees Suraj’s reflection in photo frame glass. She rushes and hides.

He sees someone like Chakor and says hide and seek is over. The lady turns and he sees its someone else. Chakor tells everything to doctor and says I will come to collect report tomorrow. She collides with Suraj and starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her. He asks what are you doing here. She asks who are you to ask me. He reminds she is his bandhua and shows the stamp on her hand. She holds her head and stomach, calling out doctor and crying. She asks someone to check her. Suraj asks whats this drama. Doctor takes Chakor. Suraj says she is fine, go. Doctor asks him to go, and Chakor goes. Suraj gets angry.

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to control his anger. He says I m worried for your sports ministry work, its tough to keep Chakor off her track. Bhaiya ji says then move her out of the track. Suraj asks what do you mean. Bhaiya ji asks him to understand. Suraj gets thinking.

Chakor meets Vivaan in village and asks what are you doing here. He says I was waiting for you, I felt I should have lunch with you today, I went to your home, Kasturi said you went out, so I sat here with tiffin. She says great, I know you got puri with amchur made by Girja. He shows the raw mangoes. She asks raw mangoes and recalls childhood. They both eat the raw mangoes and smile. She says I feel our 10 year distance got away, thanks for lunch.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana are on the way. He tells about Suraj, he is perfect son, brave, smart… I wish Vivaan was like Suraj, I would have told the world that I have two sons. She says Vivaan is childish, I know he will become as you want. He says lets see.

Chakor and Vivaan come on the road. Ranjana sees them and gets shocked. She pins her finger and Bhaiya ji asks driver to pass first aid kit. He does aid and does not see Vivaan and Chakor. She gets relieved.

Next day, Chakor practices running. She sees the ground dug and spoiled. Suraj calls her and asks how is her practice going on. She gets angry and ends call. He gets glad. Ranjana comes to meet Chakor. Chakor greets her and asks how is she. Ranjana asks her to get away from Vivaan, I know you met Vivaan yesterday, if Kamal ji saw you both, he would have not left Vivaan, I have no problem with your friendship, I don’t want my son to fall in problem. Chakor says you love Vivaan a lot. Ranjana says every mum loves her son. Chakor says then you would know what Vivaan eats and drinks. Ranjana asks what do you mean. Chakor asks did you drink why Vivaan gets mad to get that milk, whats added in it. Ranjana recalls Vivaan’s words. She says nothing is like that, stop making stories. Chakor asks are you sure. Ranjana says yes, my son hates me, since I married Kamal ji, he did not forgive me. Chakor says fine, what is added in milk that he wants it. Ranjana recalls seeing the white packets in Tejaswini’s room drawer and Vivaan’s state. Chakor says its not late, we can save Vivaan, you also know that Tejaswini is behind his state, I think its time to ask her about this.

Ranjana scolds Tejaswini for giving drugs to Vivaan, I know everything now, I will get you kicked out from haveli. Chakor buys colors. Vivaan comes there and she smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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