Udaan 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj’s life gets spared

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The Episode starts with Colonel asking Deva did his daughter like the birthday gift. Deva says yes, she would have got happy with just your blessings. Colonel says I want everyone to be happy. He asks who is this guy. Suraj says I m Imli’s aide, she has sent me with the guns this time. Colonel asks something in code. Suraj asks what do you mean. Colonel says this is our code word, which all our men known, it means you are not among our men, you have to leave. Suraj asks where, Imli had explained me well, I didn’t remember the code, let me go now. Colonel asks will you go with shoes or without shoes, I value good things, I really like your shoes, they will get spoiled with soil. He pushes Suraj in the grave. Chagan and Chakor come to the old house. Chagan says I gave this address to Suraj. Chakor says he

came here for that gun. Colonel asks the man to put the soil. Suraj asks them to stop. He comes out. The man kicks him and threatens.

Suraj says your terms with Imli will be spoiled. Colonel asks who are you, I told Imli that none will change my work model, it means she wants to kill you or you are not her aide. Chakor says I have to find Suraj, come with me. Suraj gets buried alive. Suraj says I heard a lot about you, you are doing a big mistake, you didn’t identify me, give me one chance, else what will people say that Colonel killed his man for his self fear. The goons hear Chakor shouting and says that guy was not sent by Imli. Chakor shouts Suraj. Suraj says I can work for you. Colonel says you seem to belong to nice family, why did you fall in this trap, there is still time, who are you. Chakor’s mangalsutra breaks. She gets shocked and cries. Mahiya….plays…..

Chagan asks what happened, are you fine. She says my mangalsutra. He says its fallen, I will pick it. He gives it to her. She cries and says I feel Suraj is in trouble, Lord protect him. The guy gets a file and shows Imli and Suraj’s pic to Deva. Deva says we have to save this man, he is really Imli’s aide, they did business of selling girls together, see their pic is also published in papers. Colonel says maybe he died, just check and get him out, explain him our way of business, if he died, then burn him, else tell him that Colonel Yashvant Bedi praised his courage. He leaves. Deva says this is the fun of this game, lets see if he gets saved or dies. They get Suraj out of the grave. Suraj coughs and gets conscious. He holds Deva’s neck. Deva says I won the bet, he won, Colonel praised your courage, forget this as a bad dream. They leave.

Suraj goes to police station. He says I want to file a FIR against dangerous criminal, I m Suraj Rajvanshi, someone tried to kill me, they tried to bury me alive. Inspector asks him to sit and tell him. Suraj says they have much explosives, we have to stop them. Inspector asks what are you saying, have water. Suraj says arrest them fast, everyone was calling that man Colonel, they do illegal work, they have weapons, what happened. Inspector asks which Colonel are you taking about, Yashvant Bedi. Suraj says yes, arrest them. Inspector laughs. Suraj gets shocked. Chakor says who can get a truck here and why. Chagan asks Chakor to see Suraj’s car. Inspector says Colonel is a respectable man, he helps people, he is a big man. Suraj says he is a murderer. Inspector asks are you drunk, get out. Suraj says do something else nation can get ruined. Inspector asks him to get out.

Chakor checks the car and gets shocked seeing the gun inside. She says its same gun which Imli had, Suraj went missing because of this, just one person can help us. She gets the gun and says Imli……

Suraj says I m reaching you soon, I m in Sundergunj. A man ends call and says I m related to RAW, Colonel is planning some deadly thing. Suraj says I can’t help you. Chakor says our nation will be destructed, they asked your help, we should help them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The episode was very good, the colonel has an aura but sometimes his voice is too low. Sukor scene was OTT, we know Suraj will be safe, no need for this much crying.
    Suraj’s chemistry with the colonel is promising.
    I think I’ll love Suraj’s track, as for Chakor’s it depends on how much sister bond they’ll show, the less the better.
    I hope Sukor aren’t reduced to Chakor crying whenever Suraj is in danger, I want them to miss each other and dream of each other, not just cry. Of course if they can show them working together it would be great.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    I think they are setting the pace for all four of them to work together again (Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan & Chakor)
    Perhaps Imli may also have to help by becoming Imli Devi once again.
    Also, weren’t Vivaan and Ragini once involved in the manufacturing and sale of guns as well. So Vivaan may also have some knowledge of how things were done. Just saying.

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