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The Episode starts with Ishwar welcoming Tejaswini in jail. Manohar and Bhaiya ji scold Ishwar and say they will not let him be alive. Ishwar says he is not scared of death. Vivaan comes to meet Ishwar. Manohar says he is my son, why did he come here. Chakor asks Aditya what to do to explain Vivaan, he will not understand. Aditya says she is right like always, do what my dad does, listen to your heart. Baa says she is happy seeing Ranjana’s change. Arjun says he will leave now. Bhagya gets sad. Arjun asks her to take care. She gets annoyed and sits. Abha smiles.

She tells Arjun that he annoyed Bhagya, he knows that she stays happy when he is around. Baa asks Arjun to stay in haveli for few days. He says no, Kangan stays alone at home. Ranjana asks him to call Kangan here, their haveli and heart are

big. He says thanks, but no need. Abha insists for Bhagya’s sake. Arjun agrees. He gives his hand to Bhagya. She smiles and holds his hand. They all smile.

Manohar talks to Vivaan and asks him to take care. Vivaan says he will not let him be here. Tejaswini says Ranjana sent them here and Vivaan wants to free him. Bhaiya ji says Vivaan can help them, he controls Chakor and Chakor controls Ishwar. Manohar asks Vivaan to see where Chakor has sent him. Ishwar asks him to have shame, he has shot Chakor and is saying such thing. Chakor comes and says Manohar has done it by mistake, leave him, I don’t have any complain, I will forgive him, leave him, Dadi has forgiven him. Ishwar asks what is she saying. She says she is saying right. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Ishwar talks to Chakor and asks is she doing all this for Vivaan. She says even you do so many things for others, let me do this. He says I don’t know why I lose to you, fine I will leave Manohar if you say. She thanks and kisses his hand. He frees Manohar. Manohar says I will not go out leaving Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini here. He tells Bhaiya ji that he will not go. Ishwar says he is getting good chance and asks him to get lost before he changes his mind. Manohar says this happened because of Vivaan, he is glad that his son loves him, thanks. Vivaan says thanks Chakor, she has freed him. He asks him to promise that he will become a good man and not like Bhaiya ji. Manohar promises him and hugs him.

Ishwar says I agree Manohar is not bad, but his loyalty is for bad people, he can do anything for them, Manohar will not change, he can’t become good man, be careful of him. Chakor says I m sure Vivaan will change his dad and smiles. The villagers come in haveli and talk about haveli people getting arrested. Ranjana informs the villagers in the haveli that Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are arrested. They get glad to know they are no longer bandhua. Ishwar comes with Chakor and says they all are free to do anything and will be given good food and education too. They all get happy. yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays……….

Ranjana says Manohar can’t do anything now, as Bhaiya ji is in jail and villagers are free now. Manohar signs Lakhan and shoots bullet in ait to scare villagers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Manohar will never change

  2. Amaya thank you fast update.nice epd but chakor you do very big fault.arjun&bhagia you are looking so cute…..i think coming epd arjun fall in bhagia.i m wtg for that epd…….

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