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The Episode starts with Imli telling Chakor that Suraj will accept her child one day. Tejaswini comes and says this won’t happen, he will never accept a bandhua’s child, you are doing this for money, have this money, you can easily stay all your life using this money. Imli cries and asks Tejaswini not to throw money at her, if she wants this, then she is ready to abort her child, as even her parents and Chakor want the same. Tejaswini says saying is easy and doing is tough. Imli says it will happen. She asks Chakor to come. She says Chakor won and I lost. She leaves with Chakor.

Suraj gets a letter and says Chakor will inaugurate the function and earn money for me. Tejaswini comes and says our all hurdles are going, Vivaan and Imli are gone and now her baby is also going. He asks what. She says

Chakor took me to her home so that I provoke Imli, Chakor will take Imli to hospital to abort her baby, I will sleep peacefully today. He gets shocked. She asks where are you going. He says to get Chakor, there are big things to do, she should not waste time in this small works. He leaves.

Chakor and Imli are on the way, and crying. Vivaan reaches the lawyer’s office and waits. He sees a couple and a little kid. The boy gives chocolate to Vivaan. Vivaan thanks him. Vivaan gets some message and gets shocked. Chakor and Imli wait in hospital. Nurse asks them to come. Chakor says my foot got numb, I will come in some time. Imli says I will go alone. Chakor says no, I will come. They meet doctor and talk about Imli’s abortion. Doctor says all abortions are successful here, where is her husband, his approval is necessary.

Suraj comes there and asks for gynac dept, saying my wife is here and I need to meet her. Nurse shows him directions. Suraj looks for Imli. Chakor says he would come. Doctor says we will start procedure. Suraj tries to open the door and stop Imli. Vivaan comes there from other door and asks doctor to stop.

He tells Imli not to abort her baby, and says he will give his name to her child, he will become the baby’s father. He says he won’t give divorce to Imli and holds her hand. Chakor sees Suraj there and Suraj hides. Vivaan tells Chakor that you planned all this so that I don’t leave, you called me. She says yes, I did not wish Imli to lose her baby, so I did this. He says fine, but whatever you do, we can’t unite, I took this decision because of you, I will be called father of a child after few days, you won’t be the mother of that child. She cries. He leaves.

Chakor asks Suraj why did he come here. He lies that he came to take her. She says you are lying, you came here to see Imli and her baby. He asks her to think anything. Vivaan and Imli are on the way. She asks what will we tell Ranjana. He says I will manage. She asks what about my parents. He asks her not to worry, Chakor is responsible for all this, she made us do what she wanted and we heard all that.

Suraj says I came here so that Imli does not abort her baby. Chakor smiles and says you came here for baby, it means you love Imli. He shows the paper and says you will get 5 lakhs to inaugurate the function, come. She smiles knowing he is making excuse. They leave.

Tejaswini gives sweets to labor and asks Ranjana to have sweets too. Ranjana argues with her and says about Imli’s pregnancy. Tejaswini laughs and says Imli’s abortion is happening, inform him when Vivaan calls from London. Chakor comes and says Vivaan is not leaving. Ranjana smiles and asks what are you saying. Suraj asks Chakor to get ready on time. Ranjana says its good Vivaan is not going. Tejaswini says Vivaan is clever, when he knew about Imli’s abortion, he changed his mind. Chakor says Imli’s abortion did not happen, Vivaan did not give divorce to Imli. They get shocked.

Tejaswini says we should stop Imli from coming to haveli. Vivaan gets Imli to haveli. Ranjana tells Vivaan that she won’t have food till Imli stays here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bad timing Suraj…why did he tried to stop Imli,..,confused

  2. Plz stop this nonsense.

  3. Ok this is right now imli vivaan and suraj chakor perfect

  4. I confused

  5. thankyou for sukor marriage

    Plz. Want ssukor romance

    1. maad??

  6. I think Vivaan and chakor should be paired. they love each other and care each other. They also helped each other in their bad times. After imli is becoming mother due to suraj and he is having feelings for her. I suppose that gradually he realizes that he loves imli and apologize to her. Then all problems will get sorted out.

  7. What will happen next??? Plz tell

  8. I need ‘suror’ to be as lovers
    l love this jodi.
    soon make them as jodi

  9. I dont like this serial

  10. I just want vivaan and chakor’s pairing. They both look cute as a couple. If this is not done many viewers will stop watching this serial

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