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The Episode starts with Khanna thanking Chakor for doing this big favor and getting Khasta arrested. He says now we can sleep peacefully, we will not forget this favor even if we go anywhere. Chakor says no one will go anywhere. Khanna asks what do you mean. She says I know that festivals are celebrated for victory over evil, it teaches us that we should face evil, Khasta Kaka was like devil, he did this to shut circus, if circus gets shut, Khasta will win, I can’t see his win, if we start circus again, we will win, Khanna gave me 10 days to heal Sultan’s leg, he got fine, give me 15 days, I will practice hard and show bullet raja act, that public will come, I m saying truth, if you trust me, we will revive this circus, are you with me, tell me. Everyone look on.. Om says I m with you Chakor.

They all join hands and everyone say they are with Chakor. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai………….plays……. Khanna says this is not a girl, she is ray of hope, don’t know from which darkness she came in our circus, we all are with you Chakor. Chakor smiles. They all clap. Udaan hai…….plays…….

Ranjana cries on Manohar’s death. Vivaan asks Manohar to get up. Ranjana hugs Vivaan and says Manohar has left us. Everyone see Manohar’s dead body. Bhaiya ji consoles her. Ranjana says Manohar always supported you, he did so much for him, if you were in car, then what would have happened, he took your danger on him. She cries. Pandit says its time to take Manohar’s arthi. Ranjana cries. Manohar is taken, and Ranjana cries. Bhaiya ji asks her to calm down. She hugs him and says I become widow, my son became orphan, I m alone. Bhaiya ji says no, Manohar was my younger brother, his family is my family, I promise you all won’t have any problem. Tejaswini gets shocked and asks Ranjana what is she doing. She asks Ranjana to pray for Manohar’s soul peace and sends her with Girja. She asks Bhaiya ji does he not have to go to graveyard. He goes.

Girja takes Ranjana to the room. Ranjana asks Girja to leave her alone. She stops crying and calls her dad. She says Papa I m very happy, I m sure I m doing right, I can clearly see my aim. Tejaswini comes there. Ranjana sees her and starts crying. She says Papa, its all darkness for me, do puja for Manohar’s soul peace, Tejaswini has come, I will talk later. She ends call. Tejaswini says you look fine, you are trapping my husband. Ranjana asks what nonsense. Tejaswini scolds her and asks her not to fool her with crocodile tears. She says Bhaiya ji will never see you, he did not see anyone except me. She asks her not to do these cheap things and goes.

Ranjana says Tejaswini is overconfident, Bhaiya ji does not see any other woman, as they are not worth it, just 13 days and then no one can separate Kamal Narayan from Ranjana, he will keep his crown in my feet, and laughs.

After 12 days, Vivaan cries seeing the moon. Imli gives the milk glass. He says its my Papa’s Tervi tomorrow, it won’t matter to anyone then, everyone will forget Papa, no one will care. She asks him to drink milk. He refuses and says I have got alone, can’t you see, Imli they all are gone, Dadi, Chakor and my Papa too, I m missing Chakor a lot today.

Chakor tells Sultan that she is missing everyone today, her family and also Vivaan. Om talks to Chakor and says our show will be superhit. Chakor says the show has to become hit, and asks Chandu and Sultan to keep circus’ respect. Om says yes.

Its morning, everyone show grief in Manohar’s Tervi. Bhaiya ji sees Ranjana coming in white saree. Ranjana cries. The man says we are sorry to hear about your husband. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to calm down. A lady says its sorrowful to become widow in young days. Ranjana hugs Bhaiya ji and cries. He holds her and says calm down, Lord give peace to Manohar’s soul. Tejaswini looks on. The people leave. Ranjana sees Bhaiya ji and goes. Tejaswini stops Bhaiya ji and asks where are you going, leaving guests. He says Ranjana is so worried, its Tervi and her tears are not ending, till when will she cry. Tejaswini says its Tervi and she will cry, if my husband died, I would have cried till 13 years. He says you just say anything, she needs my support now and goes.

Everyone clap for Chakor’s act. Om and Chakor smile. Khanna tells Vishaka that Chakor did what she said, she is not ordinary girl, she is Lord’s avatar for our circus. The reporters talk to Chakor and ask why is she wasting her talent in circus and not going in race. Ronnie asks them to go.

Khanna takes Chakor and gives her surprise. Chakor smiles seeing the food plate kept for her. She says so much food, its like I had in haveli. Khanna says circus was houseful, so this is treat for you, have food. Chakor says no, I will make you all eat first. They all smile and eat food from her hands. She eats food and jumps happily. Udaan hai……………plays……….

Manohar tells Ranjana that he can’t leave her in hell, they are not her family. Bhaiya ji says I will marry Ranjana and make her my wife. Tejaswini gets shocked. Vishaka tells Khanna that they are invited for bullet raja act in Aazaadgunj’s MP’s marriage function. Chakor hears this.

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