Udaan 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor saves Manju

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The Episode starts with Manju massging Ranvijay’s back. Imli comes and gets shocked. He says you are amazing, the earrings look good on you, let Suraj’s truth come out, let Imli believe me, then I will kick him. Manju thinks once my work ends, I will kick you. Imli calls Suraj and says come to haveli, kill the maid Manju. He says but you said I won’t kill anyone, how can I kill Manju. She says I told that for Chakor, not any maid, just do my work, come to haveli. He says fine and ends call. Chakor says nothing should happen to Manju. He says I m helpless, Imli will doubt me, I will make a plan to kill her, you make a plan to save her. Chakor says this will be right, no one will doubt on us. He says I will make excuse that you saved her. She says Ranvijay left spy after you, you have to catch him.


says yes, you have to do this work. He says I have less time, you get Manju before I reach haveli. Chakor says it doesn’t matter if Imli sees us, we have to kill Manju. Suraj comes to haveli with a gun. Chakor asks Manju to run, her life is in danger. Ranvijay comes and points gun. Ranvijay says you cheated me, I didn’t know you are Chakor’s spy. He slaps Manju and threatens to kill her. Chakor says you can’t kill her, you have to kill me first. Suraj aims gun at Ranvijay and says don’t dare to shoot Chakor, else Imli will kill you. Ranvijay says I m not scared of anyone, I will kill her. Suraj hits his hand and beats him. He makes Chakor and Manju run.

Imli comes and asks what’s happening. Suraj says sorry, Ranvijay was going to kill Chakor. Ranvijay says he is lying, Manju is Chakor’s spy, I was punishing her, Suraj stopped me. Imli says I know everything, Suraj came here to kill Manju, you wanted to kill Chakor. He asks why do you want to kill Manju. She says because you were having Rasleela with Manju, I have seen you, this news will reach media, my name will be spoiled. He asks her to stop it. Suraj goes to Chakor. She says everything happened as we thought, it will be easy if they fight like this. They leave.

Its morning, Chakor sees someone and asks who’s there. Kasturi comes and says if you win elections, you have to fulfill everyone’s dreams and clean this dirt spread by Imli. Chakor says yes, I have thought of it, I will spend time in women welfare and child education. Kasturi says its good, what about Imli. Chakor says she has to go jail. Kasturi says yes, right, I m sure you will make everything fine, win elections, stay away from Suraj. They get a note. Chakor reads Suraj’s note and says its nothing, naughty kids, I will go and see. She runs.

Imli says yes, I m reaching. Ranvijay says elections campaign is tough, you are working a lot, wear this necklace, you will look good. She says no, you know I wear such necklace when I go to market. He says yes, don’t forget you are my wife, you should look like a queen. He makes her wear it. She asks the reason for it. He says I want something from you. Chakor looks for Suraj. He stops her and pulls. She asks why did you risk life and come. He says I want to ask something, did you forget. She says no, how can I forget your birthday, its tomorrow, I can’t meet you, cut the cake and eat yourself. He says I will celebrate it with you else….

She says I have campaigning. He says you will come to me, make halwa for me. She says its impossible for me to come. He says fine, I will tell Imli that I got my memory back and I have become yamdud to punish her. She says you don’t do this. She tickles him and runs. She says I won’t get halwa. She goes. Ranvijay asks Imli to permit him to take Suraj’s test, ask Suraj to kill Chakor. She refuses. He threatens to shoot himself and asks her if she is agreeing. She stops him and finds gun empty. He laughs and says I m so mean right, one thing is proved, its proved you love me, you saved my life, ask Suraj to kill Chakor. She asks what’s this. He says just we know this pistol has no bullets, Suraj doesn’t know this. Chakor and Suraj feed people at temple. The lady asks is this food from Chakor or Imli’s side. Suraj says it doesn’t matter, just have it. Suraj sees Imli’s goon and starts getting rude to Chakor. Servant says Imli called you, go. Imli says Suraj listen to me, I hate Chakor, kill her with this pistol. Suraj gets shocked.

Suraj aims at Chakor. Imli and Ranvijay look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode! Wish there were fewer Imli scenes. The look that Suraj gave when Imli accused RV of fooling around with Manju ???.
    Chakor was like a teenager making up excuses about Suraj’s message ?and the tickling ???.
    How will Suraj know the gun isn’t loaded?

    1. Lokesh

      Now it’s only u , who comments here, baki sab kaha gye.where all of them gone.

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