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The Episode starts with Chakor saying even I can ask you same thing, when you did not slap me and refused for food. He recalls. She says you worry for me, how can you stop me from worrying for you. He says I did not imagine, the girl I used to hate since childhood, I will…. that I will come close and get friendly with her, you changed me, you made me realize I m not so bad, you have won me, don’t leave me, don’t know I can stay without you or not, I mean I will die without you, who will get clothes and food for me, who will save me from cold. She smiles. Suraj thinks what’s happening to me, when she smiles, I feel to live, when she gets sad, I feel to kill those who made her sad.

Servant asks Chakor to come, Vivaan’s home coming will be announced in front of everyone. Bhaiya ji welcomes

Vivaan and says my son has come back, I m talking with manners and giving you honor, come. Vivaan says I told you I will manage your finance and you will give me good salary. Bhaiya ji says you will get good salary, but your post in haveli increased, I called villagers here so that they know their owner. Imli and Chakor come and look on. Bhaiya ji says Vivaan will be seeing everything from now on, he is the representative of my business. Everyone clap. The lady says Vivaan is honest, we are not afraid if he manages work. Ragini asks Vivaan to sit. He sits.

Bhaiya ji says its good, you should take care of him, do his aarti. She says no, I won’t do aarti, I have a surprise with him. He asks what is the surprise. Ranjana comes and says I will welcome my son. Bhaiya ji smiles seeing Ranjana. Ranjana says my son was snatched by enemies, I got him back, Ragini called me and I came back. Vivaan says I m glad seeing you back. She does his tilak and aarti. Ragini gives money to Vivaan. Vivaan takes it. Ragini says Imli, Papa gave him big responsibility, are you not happy. Ranjana says Vivaan took big decision, money joins relations. Chakor says it sometimes breaks relations. Vivaan says money has much power, anything can be bought, respect, fame, friendship and love, everything has a price. Ranjana smiles. Vivaan goes.

Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to give warm clothes to Suraj, else he will die. He says I will tell tomorrow, he has to do task to get clothes. She thinks how to save Suraj from cold. Bhaiya ji says its Maha Shivratri tomorrow, its big day for Suraj and Vivaan. Chakor hears sound and goes to see. Imli throws things. She shouts Vivaan has changed, what did he do, I changed for him, he is joining Bhaiya ji, I m not like before, I can’t believe this, I m getting anger. Chakor says your anger is right, this is time to think, we are caught in bad trap, we have to find the way. We have to win over this challenge. Imli asks how will we win, Ranjana has come back, it means they are together, now Vivaan is also with them.

Ragini comes to Chagan’s house. He gets surprised seeing her. He says you have really come, I don’t know to cook anything special. She says I will have it by love. He says its not enough for us, I will make khichdi. She says cook for your guest. She sits and recalls Chagan’s words. She says I will not let that time come when I fall in Suraj’s state, I won’t let Bhaiya ji do all that with me, this house is still same. Chagan says how will house change when I did not change.

She adds chilli powder in food. She reminds childhood days. He says you said childhood stories are past now, if anyone sees you here, what will they say. She says leave them, have food, we should meet again. She eats khichdi and says its good. He says its spicy, I will get water. He gives her water.

She says I know you added chilli intentionally, so that I don’t come here again to trouble you, but I m habituated to chilli. He says I don’t know. She asks are you not scared of me like others, you dared to say that which none can think, you did not think that I will punish you. He says I told you before also, you can punish me tomorrow, you go and sleep now. She goes.

Imli says I will keep fast for Vivaan, will you keep fast. Chakor says no, what did you say now. Imli says Shivratri fast. Chakor says you said Ranjana has came back, you broke their unity, you have to do something again. Imli agrees and says this time I have to do something different, I have to break Ragini and Bhaiya ji. Chakor says yes. Imli says we need some outsider to do this. They think who can make Ragini against Bhaiya ji.

Vivaan insults Suraj. She says Chakor will go her way when you come out of this state. Suraj say enough, I know my wife better than you, she will never leave me, Imli will leave you. Vivaan punches his face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. chagan ragini love each other.mm

  2. Confession hote hote reh gaya yaar.. cute start, nd powerpack precap.. in short great epi??

  3. I liked the first part and now suraj is realising his feelings for chakor I am glad to see who will propose first..

  4. Ragini realises that kamal os evil and will end up doing the same as he did to suraj with her i dont know if it is true but there is a spolier that vivaan is not evil he is doing everythingon puropse to destory ragini and kamal apparently vivaan will find out that ragini is taking half the money from the accounts and vivaan tells kamal to create fire between them and they both fight because of this i don’t think vivaan was evil because he saved suraj and chakor from the well and he knew he couldn’t be the father he hates tejswani for this but if he wanted revenge from suraj he wouldnt save him this episode was boring i only liked the beginning were it was suraj and chakor

  5. Janani9789

    Today episode I liked the first part of suraj and chakor scenes…
    They well known about each other that that they care about each other and support each other….
    Suraj doesn’t realize that he has fall in love with a girl who he hated since childhood same as chakor….
    I like the background music from dalheez… Jiya Rey… It’s suits sukor well… And match the situation….
    What is vivaan up to don’t know…. Anyway love story of ragini and chagan started… (ragan)… She changed her hair style like imli…. In initial stage… Ragini wants to impress chagan…
    I think surely some fight will come between kn and ragini…
    Waiting for upcoming sukor scenes…

  6. Vksingh

    I think chagan would be the person who would create rift between kn and ragini.By the way,good start today.sukor???

  7. First part was superb….next week thak wait kar na padega sukor ka romants keliye….ufffffffff

  8. The begining of the epi was amazing . Sukors scenes was awesome.its great to see hw sukors bonding growing n precap was great the way suraj trust chakor.

  9. Saas bahu aur sazish me kaha udaan top 5 pe aagayi???

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