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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Khanna about Sultan. Vishaka asks the doctor to give injection to Sultan. Chakor comes and stops doctor. Vishaka scolds her. Khanna comes and asks them to leave the pony. He asks the doctor to go, he will call them when he needs. Vishaka gets shocked. Khanna smiles and goes. Kaka laughs and hugs Chakor. Om says you did great Chakor. Chakor says I will make horse fine in 10 days and they dance.

Kaka tells everyone that Sultan will not die. The guy Raju laughs on Kaka and insults him. He says you are just fired by cannon, people here come to see my talent, not you. He scolds Kaka and goes. Kaka gets sad. Vishaka argues with Khanna and asks why did he allow pony to be alive. He says I did not agree because of that girl, it will be our profit. She asks what

about expenses. Chakor says I will work and earn for myself and Sultan. Vishaka asks what will you work. Chakor says I know many ways to earn. They hear some sound.

Khanna says its time for cannon ball practice. Chakor asks what is it. Om says come with me I will show. Om says Khasta Kaka will go inside the cannon, Raju will stand here, Khasta will be fired as ball, Raju will save him. Chakor says its dangerous, if Kaka falls then… Om says that’s why people come to see this, Raju runs very fast. Khanna asks where is Khasta and calls him. Everyone say they do not know, its strange. Raju says I will say where is he, he would be sleeping. Khanna says don’t say nonsense, Khasta is responsible artist, he is very punctual, everyone come to see this act, go and call him. Kaka comes and says I m here.

Khanna asks where are you going. Kaka says I m leaving circus and going to my village. Raju laughs on him. Khanna asks Raju to shut up. Kaka says Raju says this act is working because of him, not me. Kaka and Raju fight. Khanna says this act is imp by both of them. Raju says I save Khasta. Ronnie says everyone works equally here, Khasta is elder, respect him. Vishaka asks them to shut up and put their insecurities to themselves. She reminds Raju that Khasta got this game in circus. Raju says fine, I will not do this now. Kaka and Raju fight. Chakor looks on.

Vishaka asks them to stop it. Khanna says we will decide this after practice. Khanna asks Khasta to get ready, this act belongs to him, don’t care for Raju, we all respect you, our circus will have loss. Chalor asks Kaka to get ready for her sake. She reminds his words when they met. He agrees and says I will do this practice for you. Raju fumes. Chakor smiles. They all smile and cheer for Kaka.

Khasta Kaka is inside the cannon. Everyone cheer for him and clap. Raju gets angry. He tells Kaka that this is last practice for him. Kaka gets puzzled. Khanna says Raju ready, and fire…. Kaka flies in air. Chakor asks Raju to run fast. Raju starts running late. Kaka flies in air and falls down. Kaka screams. They all get shocked.

Khanna scolds Raju for this mistake. Raju says I m sorry, I don’t know how did this happen. Chakor says this is not any mistake. Raju intentionally made Kaka fall. Khanna asks Raju is this girl saying true.

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