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The Episode starts with Ragini making Kasturi and Bhuvan inaugurate the factory. The villagers get very happy. Suraj confronts Ragini for her planning. Ragini acts innocent and asks why are you feeling bad if I m more smarter than you. She goes. Chakor calls out Kasturi, everyone avoid Chakor. Chakor asks Vivaan how did Ragini do this alone, she did not tell me, our motive was same. Vivaan says you mean, you can’t bear you are not getting credit and everyone is praising Chakor. She says I did not mean that. He asks her to accept she is Suraj’s wife, Ragini is doing this which I wanted to do with you.

She says you don’t know about her, she goes to jail to meet… he says enough, Ragini tied this rakhi to me, I have to support and protect her in every way. He goes. Chakor and Suraj see Ragini.

Suraj says Ragini is playing some plan. Chakor says I also feel the same, she said something and doing something else. Suraj says my men could not find out anything, I will go to Sitapur jail and find out. She says no, she will get alert seeing you, ask your men to try again, else I have a way. Ragini thinks I know they doubt on me, Chakor have troubled Papa a lot, its time we settle scores.

FB shows Bhaiya ji’s operation done. He gets out of danger and says I have danger of my son, he tried to kill me, if he knows I m alive, he will try again. Warden says we won’t have proof that Suraj is involved, but we will shift you to other cell and spread rumor that you are dead. Bhaiya ji asks why are you doing this. Ragini comes and says I told this to him, thanks warden. Warden thanks her for giving him much money. He goes. Bhaiya ji asks who are you, why do you have sympathy for me.

She says daughters do not have sympathy for father, this was my duty. He gets shocked and says Ragini, where were you. She says leave all that, it’s a long story, I will say later, I saw about you on tv and got to know Chakor has sent you to jail, you were attacked in jail, I could not bear this. He tells what Suraj did and cries. He hugs Ragini and blesses her. FB ends. Ragini calls Bhaiya ji and says I don’t want Aazaadgunj to miss you, its time for your return, get ready. He smiles and says Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi is coming.

Suraj introduces Chakor to the sponsors. He says their product is mineral water bottle. Yadav says this is our water product, we kept its name as 32 as it has 32 nutrients. Suraj shows the jersey with number 32 and says you will wear this. Chakor asks him to come and talk. She says I will not wear 32 number jersey, I will run wearing 501 number jersey. What is this product, 501 is my lucky number. He says 32 is my lucky number and paying much, don’t become fool. She asks if I lose wearing 32 number jersey then. He says you have no option to do that, you have to just win. He gets a call. Chakor asks him whom does Ragini meet in jail. He says Ragini cheated them. She says we have no way now, we have to talk to Ragini, she is very clever, she knows we are following her. Ragini hears them. Chakor says Ragini will say truth by your fear, I will talk to her tonight. Ragini says Papa said right, they think they can make me admit truth.

Imli thinks of Vivaan and applies cream on her face. Vivaan comes and asks what are you doing. She says I was thinking something. He removes the cream and asks what were you thinking. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She says I was thinking, what would happen if I did not love Suraj, and Chakor did not come back, we would be like strangers. He says Tejaswini would have made me drug addict, even then I would have found you, you are a nice girl, the man who gets you is lucky, relations are made in heaven. They smile.

Ragini waits for Chakor and Suraj, and says come fast and question me, so that I can clear your doubt and sleep well. Chakor and Suraj come there. Chakor asks Ragini not to fool her, and say why did she come here. Suraj tells Ragini that there is no record of her stay in Mumbai, who are you.

Chakor asks Suraj what type of man are you, you lost Imli and now you are crying for her, forget Imli. Suraj says I can’t forget Imli, because I love Imli. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sooraj looks cute when he obeys chakor…But how can kamal narayan hide from the police bcz ragini has given money to ward man not the police force….Anyways I Hope ki writers and cvs make sukor and vivan- imli 2gether….

  2. Dnt underdtand main heroin imli hai ya chakor ?kyuki show ke sare ladke vivaan,suraj,chagan sab imli ki parwah krte hai? or chakor ko koi puchta hi nai ?ptani suraj ke confession ke baad imli uske paas wapas aa gyi to sukor ka kya hoga? i dnt like vikor as a couple? bcoz i think chakor needs a strong and intelligent partner and suraj is more smarter and stronger than vivaan? so sukor as couple is totally right ?par ab bhagwan jane kya hoga bas imli ko suraj ke sath na pair kre ?.,pls cvs,writers,producers,directors,channel walo sukor ko mila do???

    1. Vivan and Chakor will get paired
      and imli and suraj.
      the baby in imli’s stomach is a girl and that girl will get the name of suraj
      and vivan and chakor will get a baby boy..
      w8ing to see it

      1. I want just sukor bcoz nw I jet luv sooraj so much n the vivaan..he doesn’t deserve chakor….luv u sukor…

  3. hi sana i dnt knw frm where u gotd this news bt i thnk sukor marrige is also done so they wont seperate them becoz imli also feeling close with vivan,lets c what happens

  4. Sana who told u about imli girl child? Is it a new spoiler..

  5. i love the moment when sukor come close in the rain

    1. Rain scene??u mnt which episode????

      1. exactly same doubt nishi bt i think she is talking about when chakor ask him to forget imli then suraj will tell her that he cant forget imli becoz he love her so much,then they r close to each other but not with love

  6. i too like sooraj,i want sukor sukor sukor

    1. Thnq ramyasri..only sukor..um dying to see their love story..

  7. Sana hw can u say that imli will have girl baby nd chakor will have a boy baby….r u any relative of a crew member in the show UDAAN???
    plz writers make sukor together…

    1. Sana is a Vikor fan… probably on drugs like her hero Vivaan. She dreamt up her Vikor reuniting and having a son. Imli and Vivaan will be paired and Chakor and Suraj will just have to try and be friends with each other.

  8. Amrutha

    Me too want sukor .all the boys falling for imli.no one for chakor .if suraj tells imli that he wants her back she will no accept definitely.because she slowly falling for vivan .so after love break up for suraj he will get realize how he cheated vikor and turns positive,if chakor realize this sukor may happen.but how can we know what is in that writers mind.Its just my thoughts.

  9. yes imli will not accept if we observe in any hindi serial if once any pair gets married they wont seperate them,even they have any past love story,i think sukor will try to make imli remember her love for suraj in this process they both realise their(sukor)love.its jst my opinion

  10. nonsense…imli ki bevakoofi ki saza chakor ko bhugatna pad raha hai…imli sab bhoolkar vivan ke sath khush hai…kisi ko imli ki galti dikhayi nahi de raha hai aur sab chakor se naraz hai..chakor ko in logon ke chakkar main nahi padna chahiya or apni career ke bare mein sochna chahiye

  11. All these Vikor fans…. *sigh* Imli and Vivaan are already paired; start dreaming of Vimli.
    Imli will definitely lose her child – Kamal Narayan will not allow his grand child to be sired by someone as worthless and dumb as Imli. Chakor will more than likely die fighting for freedom – so she will experience freedom in the true sense, Suraj will take up her cause after her death.

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