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The Episode starts with Amma asking Chakor is she mad, they will catch herm, till I give you to Arjun, I will keep you safe here and hide you. The girl says she has an idea, they will make Chakor a guy. They like the idea. Amma cuts the guy’s shirt to Chakor’s size and gives a makeover to Chakor. Chakor gets dressed as boy. They all smile and whistle for her. Vaibhavi is on the way and asks Babu not to worry, Rocky will get Chakor. She gets shocked seeing Chakor’s posters on the road, posted by police. Chakor talks like taporis and they all like her. They all get impressed seeing her talk like them. Chakor says she will go and find her friends.

Amma asks her to walk like guys and shows her by walking. Chakor does so and they all praise Amma for teaching so well. They ask her to change name.

Chakor says I won’t change name, my Dadi gave me this name Chakor, the bird which goes to moon. They say police and goons are finding her. Amma says yes, and asks what to name her. They hear cricket commentary and a four hit/Choka. Chakor says her name is now Choka, how did they like it. Amma says she liked it. They joke that if it was a six hit, then what would they name her, and laugh.

Chakor says she will find Arjun and her friends, and meet later. Amma reminds to walk like a boy. Chakor asks her not to worry and leaves. Babu meets Vaibhavi an gives the FIR file. Vaibhavi says Arjun Khanna’s name who has filed this FIR. She asks who is this Arjun. Babu says he hears this name and recalls. He says Arjun has come from Aazaadgunj, I went in his marriage, he is Bhaiya ji’s son in law. She gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji does prayers and gets Vaibhavi’s call. She asks whayt game is he playing. He asks what. She says you have asked us to kill Chakor and now police is finding her. He says I know Chakor is dead, Manohar showed me the pic. She says Manohar lied to you, that girl is alive, she is clever and run away. He is shocked and asks what, this can’t happen. She says it means your son in law has come here against your will. He says that creep is not my son in law. She says fine, I will deal with him my way and ends call. Bhaiya ji shouts Manohar.

Chakor goes to make a call. The man sees Chakor’s pic and asks who is he, did he come from outside. The man doubts on her and the tapori gang takes her. Bhaiya ji slaps Manohar. H says you lied to me that Chakor died. Vivaan smiles. Bhaiya ji says you showed the fake pic, you would be happy to know she is alive. Vivaan says Chakor is alive. Ranjana says great Bhaiya ji has slapped a father infront of his son and wife, but Manohar is a great brother, as he did not say anything seeing his respect down infront of us, slap Vivaan too so that he does not become like his father. Manohar shouts shut up. She says you are Bhaiya ji’s puppet and goes.

Manohar says he can slap me more, Ranjana called him and so he has come, but how did Chakor get saved, give me one chance. Bhaiya ji says no need, I will manage, you just manage your egoistic wife and son. Manohar gets sad.

Kishore tells sarpanch to think of some solution to kill crocodile, its risky for kids. Abha says we don’t have any proof, we can’t kill the innocent animal. They argue with her. Bhuvan and Kasturi support Abha. Abha gets Arjun’s call and says maybe its good news, and puts on speaker. Arjun tells her that Pratap said he will help us, he feels its big gang’s work who kidnaps kids from Aazaadgunj. They all get shocked.

The goons brings a kid there and is trapped along other kids. Billu tells him that Chakor has run away and will help them soon. Chakor says the guys have got her here. Amma asks her to learn to talk like them. Chakor understands. They all laugh.

The tapori guys think to make Chakor get ready and meet the kids. Chakor goes to Munna and acts like Choka. The guys get shocked seeing Munna.

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