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The Episode starts with Vivaan coming to camp to meet Chakor. Rathod asks him to leave. Chakor and Vivaan have a talk. He says I won’t leave without you, you can come home. Tina hears them. Chakor says I won’t go home. Tina asks Chakor to havea 200 meter race with her. Rathod asks them to come. Imli gives money to Suraj. He checks newspaper and says there is no girl deserving me. He asks Imli to see the pics. The servant tells about Tina, she is very beautiful. Suraj says Tina, her name has Na, it will be fun to make her say Haan. He laughs. Imli looks on.

Chakor comes after 50 rounds. Tripti says you should have told truth to Kabir Sir, Vivaan is waiting for you outside. White paint falls over Chakor when she opens the locker. Kusum and Tina laugh. Vivaan waits for Chakor. Tina looks on and

goes to him. She asks him to help her and drop her to Lucknow, her mum is in hospital and is serious. He says I m waiting for someone. She says its about my mum’s life, atleast drop me to bus stop. He agrees. Chakor thinks to tell Vivaan about Tina. She comes there and sees Tina with Vivaan. Vivaan and Tina sit in the car and leave.

Ranjana and Tejaswini have an argument. Chakor comes home. Kasturi asks her why did she come home. Chakor says my camp is just 5 kms away, so I came. Kasturi asks what happened, tell me. Chakor tells about Tina. Imli hears her. Chakor tells what happened there. Imli asks Chakor to answer Tina. Kasturi goes. Imli says I would have just shot Tina, I will not let misbehave with my sister. Chakor says if you shoot anyone, you will go to jail. Imli says none can do anything, Suraj is behind me. Chakor says yes, you got Suraj’s name written on your wrist and hiding it by wearing so many bangles. She goes. Imli checks Suraj’s name and gets sad.

Chakor goes out and sits to wash utensils. She recalls Vivaan. She calls out and asks Kasturi for soap. Vivaan comes there and keeps his hand over her mouth. He gives her soap and asks why is she calling her mum. She asks him to go. He says I m helping you, you are angry on me, tell me, why were you missing me. She asks why will I? He says don’t lie. She says why will I think of you who took Tina out. He says I dropped her to bus stop as she had to go Lucknow, till then you were gone, I m getting some burning smell. She says don’t act smart, I don’t care about Tina. He asks then why did you make so much foam in plate. He blows the foam. They smile. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………..

Later, Chakor comes to the camp. Tina jokes about Vivaan. Chakor shouts Tina and asks her not to get Vivaan in between. Tina asks her to race with her, then she will not get Vivaan in between. Chakor says fine, I m ready, we will race after lights are out, but remember one thing, if I win, you will stop all your tricks. Tina says fine, if I win, my tricks will get double. Chakor agrees.

Its night, Chakor and Tina come for the race. Tina says its very dark. Chakor says there is emergency lights here and switches it on. She says I m sure I will get free from you after winning this race. Tina says lets see and laughs. They start the race. Kusum records the race. Chakor gets ahead. Tina recalls how Chakor has won in marathon always. Tina runs faster and gets ahead of Chakor. Tina wins the race. Everyone clap for her. Chakor gets worried. She says how did I lose…. Tina smiles and says you have seen it now, you won marathons by chance, your fate was good, that I did not participate in any race till now, else all titles would be mine, did you record the race. Kusum says yes, I have the video, I have thought title too. They laugh. Tina says now world will see Chakor’s real face. Chakor feels low.

Chakor gets hurt. Rathod asks are you fine, I have seen your race video, you can take rest. Vivaan cheers up Chakor. She scolds her. He tells her that he loves her a lot. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. chaCkor know that vivaan loves her then why should she worried?

  2. Apdi podu enakku ethu than thevai………….
    epdiyaachu vikor ahh sethu vechudunga…………Plzz

    1. konjam wait pannuma. sila nal avangaloda nok jokes , supportiveness ah pathatuku apram seratum. yerkanave idhu oru love triangle story nu solranga. pathaduku tina vera vanduruka so chavan sera konjam time edukum.

  3. feel really sorry for chavan…. i think chakor is disturbed by vivan….

    and amena di i think it was TINA who thought the time when chakor won all the races and boasted up herself and won the race…..

    hope imli jion hands with chakor this time and chase out this TINA from the show….. i really dont like this character……….

  4. How cum chakor lost so easily i could not u der stand

    1. i think tina take drugs or chakor get disturbed by vivaan love or loses her concentration

  5. guys i hav a doubt..is vivan or suraj is the real hero??i havenn’t seen it for long time .thts y

  6. I want chakor and suraj together….l hate chakor, vivan couple…it is irritating to see couple….l wish suraj and chakor couple

  7. Chakor and vivaan pair is too boring…I like only chakor suraj pair…it will be interesting to see their hate love story and tashn e ishq…

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