Udaan 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun thinking Devi said Papita. He sends Chakor with her to the fruit fields and Chakor laughs. Tejaswini doubts on Bhaiya ji and he gets worried. He says he has to take Devi somewhere else from the temple. Imli combs Sheru. Dadi says there is no food at home. Chakor asks Devi to say Papita and say it again. They see Lakhan coming and get tensed. Chakor says what to do now and hides Devi’s face. Lakhan stops seeing Chakor.

Lakhan asks Chakor what is she doing here. Chakor says I was going haveli, got this bride on way and she is lost, so I was showing way. He says I will drop her. She says no way, I will take her. He says I will drop her, come. He asks from which village is she her, whose daughter is she. He asks her to answer, show your face. Chakor says what is he doing.

He says I m asking her and she is not answering, so I was seeing face. He gets a call from Tejaswini. Chakor sends Bhagya and hides her.

Lakhan asks where did she go. Chakor says she went her home, now you also go. He says fine, come to haveli and leaves. Bhaiya ji leaves. Tejaswini looks on and thinks she will find today. Imli asks Sheru to go to fetch mangoes. She leaves. Chakor brings Bhagya to the field and asks her to have Papita/Papaya. She says she will make it tasty for her. Tejaswini follows Bhaiya ji.

Chakor sees a lady and asks for the knife and salt. The lady says she needs knife, what will I use then. She asks her to go. Imli tells Sheru that they will earn more today. She sees the lady and says I forgot our knife and salt there. Chakor thinks what to do and prays for some miracle. She sees the knife and salt. She says she showed the miracle and she will make it tasty.

Bhagya eats it and jumps. Chakor asks is there anything wrong, its nice. She eats it and says I think you did not eat spicy food before, I will throw this and make it without salt. Devi stops her and eats the same. She likes it and smiles. Chakor says I think she liked it and asks her to have more. Imli and Sheru come there. Chakor says I think someone is coming, hold this, come with me. They hide.

Bhagya coughs. Chakor says have slowly, I know you like Papita, so you say Pita. Imli says I said someone will take our knife and salt. She hears someone coughing and says its hiding there. Chakor takes Bhaya and hides again. Imli also tries to see them and they make rounds of the tree. Imli says I will use mind. Chakor says I will see who is there. Chakor and Imli see each other. Imli says you. Chakor says you. Imli asks who is there. Chakor says there is no one. Devi comes and Imli is shocked. She drops the papaya. Imli says she is temple idol. Chakor says she is my friend. She asks them not to tell anyone.

She says she got the chance to take part in race because of her, she cleared my name, and everything will be fine. Imli asks her to do it soon and tells what happened in village. Chakor says don’t cry, did dad say this. Imli says yes, he cried a lot when mum was leaving. Chakor hugs her and Imli cries. Devi looks on. Imli leaves with Sheru. Chakor thinks about Bhuvan’s words and recalls her family. Dheere dheere chaun me ran banke………….. udaan hai……………plays……………. She thinks she misses them a lot, she will free them one day.

Bhaiya ji meets Devi and says he won’t be able to meet her for few days. Chakor hides and he looks towards her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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