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The Episode starts with Tejaswini going to Suraj. She tells about Chakor and Vivaan’s engagement and asks him to stop it, as he has already lost his love, will he lose his wife now. Chakor smiles and thinks Imli sacrificed her love for me, I can never forget her favor. She gives her hand. Vivaan thinks I always loved Chakor since childhood, whats happening to me, no I can’t do this. Imli asks Vivaan to forward hand. Vivaan holds Chakor’s hand.

Imli cries and gets away. Kasturi sees Imli crying and worries. Vivaan sees Imli in Chakor and gets shocked. He smiles seeing her. Ek duje ke vaaste……plays……….. He imagines Imli and holds her hand, to make her wear the ring. Suraj comes there and shouts stop. Vivaan’s imagination ends. Suraj and Tejaswini come to them. Vivaan sees Chakor

and gets shocked again. He drops the ring. Suraj asks Vivaan did you go mad, how can you get engaged to Chakor, she is my wife, I did not give her divorce. Vivaan thinks what was I doing, I was seeing Imli and making Chakor wear the ring, it means I don’t love Chakor, I love Imli.

Imli cries and says love is bad thing, when heart breaks, it hurts a lot, I swear I will never fall in love. Vivaan thinks I started loving Imli, don’t know when and how, but now Imli is in my heart, Imli I love you, you are my true love. Suraj asks Chakor to come and holds her hand. Ranjana says whats this bad behavior, you can’t take the bride. Suraj says she is my bride, not Vivaan’s. Chakor asks Suraj to leave her. Vivaan asks Suraj to stop. Suraj asks Chakor whats this drama, how can a married woman get engaged to a married man. He asks guests to leave and takes Chakor upstairs.

Ranjana asks Tejaswini to stop Suraj. Tejaswini says even laws can’t stop him, he is taking his wife. Vivaan thinks its happening because of me, I realized my love late. Chakor asks whats all this. Suraj says when I made you free on Imli’s saying, how can you get engaged to Vivaan, knowing Imli loves Vivaan, you showed their relation to me in hospital and now you are coming in between them. She says I know, I went to tell him Imli’s feelings, but its fate that he could not hear it, Imli wants to unite us, she asked us to get engaged, as Imli is going Lucknow tomorrow. Suraj gets shocked and says what, Imli is leaving Aazaadgunj, no…. He goes.

Vivaan comes. Chakor apologizes for Suraj’s doings. She says why does this happen always, when we come closer, some problem comes. Vivaan says actually I want to say something. She asks since when did you need permission to tell me anything. He thinks how to tell Chakor that I love Imli. Imli comes and sees them. She says sorry, I did not know you both are together here. Vivaan says I came to talk. He asks Chakor to come to their old place and leaves. He sees Imli and goes.

Imli tells Chakor that I did not know Suraj will spoil things, go and meet Vivaan at the shade, and get marriage date so that I can come back soon. She asks what happened, you are not looking happy. Chakor cries and says don’t know why, whatever is happening, I feel I m snatching your happiness, I have become selfish. Imli says no, my sister can never be selfish, the girl who sacrifices her freedom for Aazaadgunj’s freedom, one who can become bandhua wife for sister’s happiness, she can’t be selfish, I know Vivaan loves you, he was with me for that child, now child is no more, you have seen many sorrows, when will you think of yourself, my happiness is in your happiness now, I won’t let anyone come between your happiness, where is Suraj. She says when I told him you are leaving tomorrow, he went out angrily. Imli asks her to make golden dreams and goes. Chakor cries. Udaan hai….plays…………

Imli goes to Suraj and says your relation with Chakor ended, you removed mangalsutra and wipes her sindoor, what rights did you have on her to stop engagement. Suraj says I did not know you are ruining your happiness and making me do that, I would have not done that, how can you decide to leave Aazaadgunj.

She says you mean I should ask you before taking any decision. He asks her not to leave. She says my decision won’t change. He says I have no friends, can’t we become friends. She says no, I have one friend who supported me always, Vivaan. He says fine, stay back for him. She says no, he is now Chakor’s. He says wrong, Vivaan is yours, that’s why I stopped that engagement, no one can snatch Vivaan from you, I will tell Vivaan that you love him, he will not think of Chakor.

She asks him not to do this, else she will never forgive him. She says I love him a lot, what to do, he is not in my fate, I never got the person I loved, I have no regrets, I m fine. He asks if you know Vivaan also loves you then…. She says no, he was with me for that child, when child is not here, what love then. She asks him not to tell Vivaan that she loves him, promise me. He says fine, I promise I won’t say. She goes. Suraj says Vivaan will be yours, you love him, your happiness is in Vivaan, I know the pain to lose love. Vivaan cries and thinks what will I tell Chakor, that I love Chakor. He recalls Imli and thinks of his promise given to Imli.

Vivaan goes to Imli. She gives divorce papers and says I signed on it, you also sign on it. He asks do you really want to take divorce from me. She says yes. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Imli and vivaan make the show boring there crying face are very difficult to tolerate bas jaldi yeh vimli ek ho jaye fir hi sukor ka track shuru hoga realy cnt wait now

  2. It was a shocking day for Vivan, He got shocked more than once,,,,Suraj changed a lot,,!!!!,,How did vivan fell in love with Imli so easily ,,,story had bcome more complex,,,,can’t understand anythng

  3. Liya

    After his realization of love 4 imli suraj wanted imli in his life, now 4 her hapinnes he is trying to unite vimli……and chakor,she wanted vimli together after marriage drama,now she was going to get engaged with vivaan??….yeh dhonnon pati -patni nahh Sab kuch ulta hi karti hei….chakor wanted imli union before and suraj wanted it now…OPPOSITE ATTRACTS sukor rockzz??

  4. Can imli read and write?? Really!!!

  5. ohhhhh….God…still confusionn…Hey guyzzz… when will v find an end 4 this confusion?plzzzzzz…writersss…. stop this sukor vikor vimli sumli game….itzz too boringgg…and plzzz.. finalize the pairs fastttt…..itz my request.I think udaan writers r copy cats they r copying from other serials.Itz not a good habit writersss.. soooo……make ur own storiesss……… okkkkk……….

  6. First thng imli n vivaan ka fake lov tha ..itna jldi kisika tru lov wala feling chng ho skta hai .nt gtg it ..bht bore kr rahe hai vivaan n imli..jus fnsh ua drama .wanna to c chokar’s romnc wit suraj

  7. Today suraj’s dialogues to stop the engagement were nice…when will sukor track start… waiting eagerly… this vivaan and imli are too boring…

  8. Tejaswiteju

    Yah it is very boring to see vimli drama,it is continuing from so many weeks.when they will start sukor,in todays episode suraj tooka part to stop the engagement and its nice to listen suraj dialogue what he says to chakor,vivan.Ibut what the suraj asjs chakor is ckt know,first she made him not to think of imli bcz she loves vivan,but now yshe is thinking to marry though she made a promise,but she must stop imli going to Lucknow know,and I think may be this situation was made for sake of suraj to took a part to keep his promise ,so now suraj is trying to reunite vimli.before chakor took a role,now suraj its very interesting,but when sukor will unite,they are trying for vimli .but its boring to see vimli

  9. Imli,vivaan are the worst characters in the show,how can thay change their love from time to time,it will be gud vivaan will love chakor only

    1. If IMli and Vivaan are the worst characters why do you want that retard Vivaan for Chakor? You are an idiot. Please go back under the rock you were hiding under and be quiet like the rest of the Vikorians.

      1. Kalika dnt bcme Rude …!!!
        dnt mak differences that she is a vikorian…

      2. I understood that u r big idiot than me,if u don’t like u also keep quiet,dont be rude(mannersless)

  10. guy’s ye series itna confusion kiu hea..jobhi ho I want sukor moments..chakor itna idiot kese ho sackta hea..vivan usper trust nehi kia..kitna kuch kaha..bina trust ke love hotha hea kabhi..ur suraj ko dekho jisper pyar usper kitna trust karta hea..bina soche samje imli ke kehne per suraj chakor ko ajadh kar dia..ur chakor abhi bhi vivan,vivan karta hea..idiot girl..suraj ki acchai nehi dekhti..andhi kahiki..

  11. Udaan makers r copy cate .. hate thiz stupid track ..
    Sach Jane ke bad ViVaan chakor ke pas Jana cahte tha but now imli se ho gya wish ye show dub jye or colorstv bhi .. anytime same story .. same drama hated it

  12. Guys i think writer abhi vivaan or imli ke scenes islia zyada dikha rhe hai kyuki aage jakar to yeh dono mushkil se 4-5 min hi pure epi main nazar ayenge kyuki main lead to chakor or suraj hi hai or fir wo dno hi dikhenge

    1. I saw the lastest olv. Finally imvaan will be united and suraj will be back to his old avatar. It’s a good thing that this imvaan drama is gonna end in this week. I can’t wait to see the romance between sukor <333

  13. idiotic serial ever

  14. Mera mann karta hai ki main vivan ke andar guss jaun aur imli ko jaldi se confess karun main usse kitna pyar karti hun….i mean this is too dragging yaar….plz writers show some sukor scenes…..

  15. Vivaan imli ko ghr liye ga or chakor sab samajh jayegi or bht royegi par imli ke lia khush hogi or suraj fir se awarapanti shuru kar dega wo apne room main drink krega or dancers ko bulayega or jab chakor usse drink krne ke lia rokegi wo chakor ko dhak ka dega or khega wo kis haq se usse rok rhi hai chakor ko bura lgega.,guys mujhe to lag rha tha ki suraj chakor ko console krega par wo to .,ptani kab sukor ka love track shuru hoga

  16. Very Boring love story… It gives a bad message that true love never exists…characters lose their personal identity actually it’s so comic … Exchanging offer between lov..!!!

  17. Very boring serial…. It says true love never exists tooooo much boring… ?it’s like an exchange offer on love… Vivaan lose his character perfection that he dies for chakor… Now I think writer changing central character from chakor to imli… now heroine is imli ?very worst writer

  18. Yes I too think,its just about imli,what about chakor.

  19. sukor and vimli are best
    Truth is that now i started loving udaan
    i really like this serial which makes a complex love story
    udaaan rocks

  20. suraj will change for chakor and their love will be so strong
    then udaan of chakor will happen
    good move…must say

  21. Right sammy vivaan was never made 4 chakor neither he is helping her in her udaan but suraj is very strong he will help chakor in taking high udaan and already suraj has started it when he convinced her to participate in asian games

  22. What a bunch of fickles! Yesterday Imli’s soul was Suraj today she loves Vivaan. Tho phir kal kya tha? Vivaan’s childhood love was Chakor within a couple of days he’s fallen in love with Imli and can’t live without her. What is this, I mean really, is love really this easy?? Please writers make the story a bit realistic and stop degrading this pure emotion love.

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