Udaan 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Udaan 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor and Imli talking about Vaibhavi not being a good woman. Tamasha says aunty is dancing so nice and she is such great lady, come and dance. Chakor gets thinking. Arjun waits at his home. Amma ji brings all the kids there and he gets glad. They praise Chakor. Amma ji says Babu has kidnapped Imli too, and Chakor went to get her. Arjun says yes, its bad. Chakor says Chakor has gone to Mumbai again, don’t worry, she is very smart, she will fool the goons again. Everyone dance in the procession. Amma calls Soham. Sunny says I will talk and takes the phone.

She asks are kids fine. Amma says yes, did you get Chakor. Sunny says yes, Chakor and Imli are with us, Imli is very sweet. Amma ji and Arjun get relieved. Amma ji says make me talk to Chakor. Sunny says yes, and looks

for Chakor. Chakor sees the Ganpati idol fallen and takes it, to save from crowd. Vaibhavi looks on and smiles. Imli asks where did Chakor go. Nanu sees Chakoir and asks her to get up. He asks what happened, you scared everyone. Chakor says she was taking Bappa idol. Nanu says don’t leave our hand in crowd, don’t sit to pick anything.

Sunny says Amma called and asks her to talk. Chakor talks to Amma ji and says she can’t hear anything by the sound. Arjun talks to Chakor and hears Vaibhavi. Vaibhavi takes the phone and says she will keep it. Arjun tells Amma ji that some lady took the phone from Chakor. Amma says don’t worry, Sunny, Soham and Tamasha are with her. Chakor calls Sunny and says that man…. Sunny does not see anyone. Chakor thinks its happening by her fear and asks Sunny to dance. Babu comes there and meets Vaibhavi. Chakor gets shocked and tells Imli wherever she goes, you don’t leave my and Nanu’s hand tightly.

Vaibhavi says Rocky and Baba stand to protect Chakor and Imli. Amma ji asks Arjun to go Aazaadgunj, as Bhagya is waiting. He says it looks Chakor told you everything, but I will go only with the kids. Amma asks him to get Chakor this time and prays for Chakor. Arjun says I will go Mumbai and bring Chakor and Imli, I will inform Amma regularly. Chakor asks where is Vaibhavi. Nanu says she is very busy in social service.

Vaibhavi says she got orphan kids to show Visarjan and asks Nanu to see the kids. The kids come in between and Chakor and Imli get divided. Rocky is at home and monitors Chakor’s location. He says don’t worry, my eyes are on you Chakor. Vaibhavi throws the chunri saying Bappa’s devotee Chakor will stop to pick this. Chakor stops to pick the chunri and Babu kidnaps her. Vaibhavi smiles. Imli shouts Didi. Rocky sees the location and says I think I have to go now.

Imli tells everyone that Chakor got missing and cries. They all get shocked. Vaibhavi comes and asks why is Imli crying. Imli says Chakor is not here. Vaibhavi says find her. Babu asks Chakor to sit quiet. The tracker starts beeping and she recalls Rocky’s words. She looks for Rocky. Rocky says don’t worry, I m coming Chakor. Babu sees Rocky’s car behind and says how did he know where we are. He asks whats in her hand. Babu throws the tracker out. Chakor calls out Rocky. Rocky sees the tracker stopped and gets tensed. Babu says no one will come to save you, not even Rocky.

Vaibhavi and Chakor talk at the cliff. Vaibhavi says Rocky will not remember you and scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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