Udaan 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Ragini to manage now. Ragini asks Vivaan to see how Imli is begging for his life, Suraj and Imli are with us, I told them to get money transferred in our account, sorry Imli now I will not leave Vivaan. Imli says no. Suraj says Ragini you are right, don’t leave him, but Papa just came from jail. Ragini says yes, but we can beat him a lot. Imli says give me one chance to talk to Vivaan. Vivaan gets beaten up. Ragini asks Suraj to hold Imli. Suraj asks Imli to stand silently. Ranjana looks on shocked. Vivaan gets beaten up badly. Imli cries. Tejaswini asks Ranjana to save her son, I m seeing you biting your own son. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to mind her tongue.

He says Ranjana, I know you can’t see your son’s state, I want to see you and your son happy,

but Vivaan makes me upset, tell me, I don’t have any option. Ranjana says no, you are doing right, forgive me, I could not make Vivaan agree to you. He laughs and says I know how to make him agree. Bhaiya ji says Vivaan, will you transfer money in our account now. Vivaan says no. Bhaiya ji says beat him till he says yes. Ragini takes a belt and beats Vivaan. Imli cries and shouts no. She tells Suraj that Vivaan will not say yes, I have a way. Suraj asks what. She tells him. Suraj gets shocked and asks are you mad, no I won’t do this, you know how much insulted will you get. She says yes I know, but I can’t see Vivaan getting beaten up, please agree.

Suraj shouts Ragini stop, Vivaan will not say yes like me. He aims gun at Imli and says now he will agree. He asks Vivaan to say yes to transfer money. Ragini says let me explain my way and beats Vivaan. Suraj says Vivaan say yes, I will shoot Imli. Vivaan says no Suraj, you can’t shoot Imli, she was your love. Suraj says yes, she was my love, past, now she is my servant, I can do anything with my servant, I will kill her. He tears Imli’s sleeve. Vivaan shouts Suraj. Everyone get shocked. The men catch Vivaan. Imli cries.

Vivaan says Suraj, don’t touch Imli, I will not leave you alive. Suraj pulls her backstring. Bhaiya ji turns face away. Ranjana, Tejaswini and Ragini get shocked. Vivaan says leave me. Bhaiya ji says nothing happened till now, this will be cheer haran in Kalyug, Suraj you continue. Bhaiya ji goes away and turns face to other side. Suraj asks Vivaan to say yes or no. Vivaan asks Suraj nott o touch Imli. Suraj pulls Imli’s saree. Ranjana and Tejaswini get shocked. Vivaan shouts Suraj. Suraj asks him to say yes. Vivaan calls his wedding vows.

Suraj asks Vivaan why do you want to get Imli insulted infront of everyone, return Papa’s money, you can earn money again, will you get Imli’s respect back, be a good husband, say you will return money. Vivaan shouts stop, I m ready to give money. Imli and everyone get relieved. Bhaiya ji laughs. He makes Vivaan sit and says call bank and ask them to transfer money to my account. Vivaan calls bank manager and says its an urgent transfer. He says I have transferred all money, leave Imli. Bhaiya ji says how will I know. Ragini gets a call and gets glad. She says money got transferred. Bhaiya ji says great, thanks Vivaan, one who agrees with beating does not agree by words. He says Suraj, you proved father needs a son. He hugs Suraj. Ragini gets jealous. Bhaiya ji says some works are such that daughters can’t do. Ragini goes.

Imli takes Vivaan with him. Ranjana asks Vivaan is he fine. Vivaan says yes, all thanks to you. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that money came back, we will celebrate, tell me what Karwachauth gift you want. Ranjana says nothing, I have to pray for your long life. He goes with her.

Suraj sees Tejaswini upset and gets angry. Imli applies ointment to Vivaan and says I did not know Ragini is so bad, if you agreed before, we would have not seen this day, do you know what I went through seeing you getting beaten up. He recalls Suraj insulting Imli. He says stop it Imli, these wounds won’t heal, I could not do anything, how to say you sorry, Suraj should have not done this, I will punish him. She stops him and says its not Suraj’s mistake, he did what I told him to do. Vivaan gets shocked. He asks did you say Suraj to humiliate you. She cries and says yes, Ragini was beating you, you were bleeding, I could not see this, if I did not force Suraj to do that, Ragini would have killed you, I had no way, so Suraj and I had to do this acting. Vivaan cries. She says forgive me, I know you are hurt. He says my foolishness ruined everything. She says no, I don’t want that money, I just want you.

He apologizes and says I was so angry on Bhaiya ji and Ranjana, I thought I will fail Bhaiya ji alone. She says its past now, forget now, if you do anything, tell me, you know why Suraj and I are supporting Bhaiya ji to prove our loyalty, you and Chakor collect evidence to send Bhaiya ji back to jail like last time. He says wife prays for husband’s long life today, you have put your respect at stake to save my life, I m very lucky to get you, Chakor and I will find evidence against Bhaiya ji, I will do as you say. They go to sight moon.

Chakor smiles seeing the moon. Kasturi and Bhuvan do rituals. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana, Imli and Vivaan also do rituals of Karwachauth. Chakor says its good Suraj called and told me Vivaan is fine, I was worried for him. Vivaan breaks Imli’s fast. Everyone break fast. Imli asks Tejaswini to go and have food. Tejaswini gets sad and goes.

Chakor recalls Kasturi explaining about Karwachauth. FB shows Kasturi telling about husband’s life gets long like moon’s life. Chakor sees moon and then sees Suraj. Suraj sits drinking. She goes to him. He hides wine. She says don’t do things which need to be hidden. He says I don’t do anything by hiding. She asks whats this wine bottle. He says I have hidden this bottle, as I don’t want to hear any lecture, I want wine today, I have to forget what I did. Chakor asks what did you do. Suraj tells her everything what happened. Chakor gets shocked.

Suraj says Vivaan got saved from Bhaiya ji, but I m feeling very guilty, I have no courage to meet Imli’s eyes. He holds bottle tight and breaks it. His hand bleeds. Chakor looks on shocked. Chakor says your hand is bleeding, show me. Suraj says this is my punishment, how will I forgive myself. He huts the jeep by his bleeding hand. She ties kerchief to his hand. She says you did a big thing, not a sin, you saved Vivaan’s life, sometimes truth has to bend infront of lie, it should mean truth fell short, you did that on Imli’s saying, stop cursing yourself, stop crying. He says I m not crying, something fell in my eyes. She says good, go home and sleep. She gets dizzy. He holds her as she falls back.

Jhe says how did she faint and lifts her. He makes her sit and sprinkles water. She asks for water. He makes her have water. Moon is shown in background. She says I m fine. He asks how did you faint. She says I don’t need to tell you. He asks did you not have food. She says yes. He asks since when. She says maybe 2 days. He asks why, to fall in my arms. She says Bhaiya ji snatched our happiness and made us bandhua, my hunger and thirst ended. He says you give Gyaan to others, use your mind, if you fall ill, how will you fight with Bhaiya ji, come with me, I will make you have food.

Bhaiya ji hugs Ranjana and compliments her beauty. She smiles and says you always fine me beautiful. He says I will make you have food. She says no, take me somewhere out today. He says you said what was in my heart, we will go to some good Dhaba, you will remember this Karwachauth always. Chakor says all hotels would have got shocked. Suraj says world is changing, highway has many dhabas with tasty food. She asks why are you wasting time on me. Suraj says I have no one to waste time, I m hungry, come. They leave.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana come to Dhaba. Chakor sees them and tells Suraj that Bhaiya ji has come. Suraj gets shocked and says if he sees me with you, everything will be ruined. They hold hide. Ranjana sees Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chakor big up

  2. nice!! thnx for written update!!

  3. The devil queen of crazy madness

    loved the scene btn sukor

  4. Loved the sukor scene in todays episode

  5. Loved sukor scenes waiting for more sukor scenes

  6. ShinyGeorge

    Lol. Awesome

  7. Nice epi and sukor scene was too goood and yeah chakor ka vrat suraj ne hi toda or guys i think suraj chakor se darta bhi hai usne chakor ko dekh apni bear ki bottle chupa di thi? eagerly waiting for mon episode

  8. Nice sukor scene waiting for mon epi

  9. wowwwww……sukor loveliessss…….

  10. Loved imli and Viviaan Jodi

  11. Madhu

    It was very nice epi.. Loved SUKOR yaar.
    But.. I think that their are toooo much Vimli scenes.
    But it’s Ok…

  12. Loved sukor scenes..hate vimli….

    1. Madhu

      Yup.. I also don’t like that couple much….

  13. I don’t know why? But I love Vimli scenes today. I think they are cute couple. Imli can give everythink to save her husband. Sometime she looks selfish, but I can understand the reason she do it. She love vivaan so much.

    And I love Sukor scenes too. I laught when Suraj said to Chakor “…to fall in my arms”,
    ha3x…Chakor always fall in his arms. This time Suraj still love imli, but he care Chakor so much. One day, when Suraj fall in love with Chakor, I believe they will be
    interesting couple. I can’t patient to wait
    thats happening.

    Thanks so much for recaps. I don’t know Hindi, so if I want to watch this serial, I
    must read this recap before, so. I can understand the serial when I watch it via internet.

  14. I like the serial. Please someone give upcoming story. Please. Humble request

  15. Getting irritated with Chakor, Suraj is going to end up dead because of her stupid big mouth. Bring Tina back for Suraj, Chakor deserves to be alone. In the new promo that moron Chakor decides to say in front of KN that Suraj is acting to be on their side and poor Suraj gets shot by KN.

    1. Hey don’t call chakor morron….I think this distance n problems btwn sukor gonna get them even more closer…just have some patience n watch….

  16. What is karchavut?????

    1. Karvachaut means a wife will fast for her husband for his long life n she will break the fast by her husband’s hand….n a husband can also fast for his wife if he luvs her….

  17. Kalika can you give link of the new promo pls

  18. but kalika suraj ko kuch nayi hoga.it’s chakor’s 1st mistake.Till now suraj,vivaan,imli made many mistakes knowingly or unknowingly and every one’s life is in danger for not trusting chakor.So chakor can be forgiven.I am eager to see how chakor will save suraj’s life.

  19. Tell Suraj that it’s Chakor’s first mistake when he is dead… Chakor is becoming a lot like Swara…. Anyway this might be the way the CVs choose to give Suraj’s character a short break so that VK can take paternal leave….

  20. Ya right

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