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The Episode starts with Chakor removing the electric fuse. She then gets inside the secret chamber. She rushes to Aditya, while Bhaiya ji shouts who is here. She tries opening rope. Aditya asks her to leave if anyone comes. The man tells Bhaiya ji that someone removed the fuse. Bhaiya ji asks what. He asks Suraj how much time Chakor has. Suraj says just 2mins. Chakor frees Aditya and brings him out of the secret chamber.

They get surrounded by Bhaiya ji, Suraj and the goons. Bhaiya ji and Suraj smile. Chakor gets worried and says time did not end till now. Bhaiya ji claps and says congrats you saved him in time, we will not kill him, but we will cut his one hand and leg so that he does not spy around us. Chakor and Aditya get shocked. Suraj says I will do this work. He gets a big sword. She stops Suraj

and says I m ready to do as you say. Bhaiya says fine, make this guy leave from here with the media, else we will do same what we did with your Mausa Ishwar. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s death. Aditya gets angry. Chakor asks how did this new condition come. Bhaiya ji says you always made deals, today I kept a deal and you felt bad, this is wrong. She says yes, how can I forget that chameleon never forgets to change color. Suraj asks her to mind her tongue. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to save his anger. Suraj holds Aditya. Bhaiya ji says take Aditya. Chakor asks what. Bhaiya ji says this reporter knows everything about us, we can’t take risk to leave me. Aditya says they are just saying this to scare you, they would have killed me before. Suraj beats him. Chakor says leave Aditya, I m ready to do anything you say, all press reporters will go from Aazaadgunj. Aditya says no, I won’t go. Chakor says you have to go. Suraj says Chakor will change her decision. Bhaiya ji says no, she will not change it, she is bandhua and we are owners. He laughs and leaves. Chakor takes Aditya and leaves. Suraj says Chakor will just be our bandhua cat, not any marathon runner, then no one can save you from us.

Its morning, Bhuvan recalls Chakor’s words. Imli brings a ipod for him and asks him to listen songs from it. She says when Maai argues, hear songs. She sings song and smiles. She asks what happened, are you not happy. Bhuvan asks what did they do that media reporter. She says you gave good news to Suraj, enjoy this gift, why are you worrying. He says I have to worry, because… He thinks he can’t tell this to Imli, she will tell Bhaiya ji, then Bhaiya ji will kill Aditya. He breaks ipod and says I did not do this for prize, I did that to save your life. She asks what, my life. Bhuvan says yes, Bhaiya ji told me that he will kill me if I don’t tell Aditya’s name. She asks what nonsense. He says you trust Bhaiya ji and Suraj and not me, try to see the truth. She says no, Suraj would have joked, he can’t say this, he calls me his right hand, can anyone cut his right hand. He says its still time, you change. She says I can’t hear a word against Suraj and Bhaiya ji, I can’t stop Suraj from hurting you, I can’t save you then. She leaves.

Aditya is leaving with media. Chakor asks him not to be upset, and tries cheering him. He says you did not do this right Chakor, media is important here for your good. She says I know, but you are a good reporter, country needs you, don’t worry about me, you helped me a lot, now once I won national marathon, my courage flight will get high, just leave now, else my courage to send you will break. He hugs her and asks her to take care. They cry. Udaan hai……plays………….

Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that someone is helping Chakor. Bhaiya ji says Aditya is leaving. Ranjana hears them. Suraj says Aditya was her right hand, which we have cut, but we have to find her left hand. Bhaiya ji says no, she used to work here and would know the chamber. Suraj says chamber was not made in her childhood, and who gave her that letter. Bhaiya ji says yes, find out Suraj, I will kill that person. He leaves. Ranjana worries.

Aditya asks Chakor to thank Vivaan. Chakor asks how do you know he helped me. Aditya says he helped me too, I was tied there, I was hungry and helpless, he got food for me. She asks Vivaan? Vivaan collides with Suraj and apologizes. Suraj holds him angrily…. Vivaan gets scared and says I will never come in your way, leave me. He goes. Ranjana looks on.

Chakor tells Kasturi that Vivaan helped me and Aditya, I have to find out why did he change so much. Kasturi asks her not to worry, I will get milk for you. Chakor recalls Vivaan telling about milk and says milk……

Chakor challenges Suraj to compete with her. She runs fast. He shoots her and she screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ridiculous…… I got one thing to say! How can I get into Suraj’s gang because all u are saying is good people finish last

  2. Bechari Chakor save chakor on Holi…………….Guys………..

  3. Want to see chakor and Aditya happy.. Stop harassing them..

  4. Suraj should get punished soon and so bhaiya ji both of them evil brutes harassing chakor and even adhitya just because he helped chakor ; feel sorry for vivaan nothing should happen to him and adhitya should soon take revenge on suraj and bhaiya ji

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