Udaan 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj falls in danger

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The Episode starts with Deva suspecting Suraj. Suraj tries to distract. Chakor asks Imli to wake up and have milk. Imli wakes up. She sees the milk and asks did you get badam milk for me, I hurt you so much, I lied to you, why do you care for me Didi. Chakor cries and asks her to call her Didi again, it looks so good to hear this word. Imli says I feel happy and light. Chakor says I will tell doctor that you will get fine at home. Imli asks her to free her hands. Chakor says its for your safety, have the milk by my hands. She cleans her face. Imli cries. Chakor says you are hurt by the ropes. Imli says yes. Chakor says I will open the ropes. Imli thanks her and calls her good. Chakor frees her. Imli throws the glass and takes a piece to injure herself. Chakor stops her and asks Vivaan to come fast. Vivaan comes

and stops Imli. He asks Chakor to get injection. Imli says I don’t want to live this way. Chakor injects her. Imli sleeps.

Chakor asks when will she get fine. He says she is Imli, she is trying to trap you in emotions, you should have agreed to Suraj, don’t keep Imli at home. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. She calls Suraj. Suraj says I will leave now. Deva tells some code. Suraj doesn’t understand and jokes. Deva shouts shut the door. Suraj asks what are you doing, my work is over. Deva asks who is this man. He punishes a man for his mistake and stabs him. Suraj gets shocked. The goons beat him. Suraj fights. They catch him. Deva asks them to put him in the car. Chakor records the message and says you know Suraj, we never fail if we do anything together, you got angry and left, come back home, I can’t stay without you, even Saanvi can’t live without you, come back, I won’t argue. She says I will send this video to Suraj and then he will come soon.

The video doesn’t get delivered. She sees the stormy weather and worries. Suraj asks what did you throw my phone. Deva asks him to sit quiet. They leave. Chakor says I don’t know why is Suraj not answering, where did he go. Kasturi says he didn’t come here. Chakor says I m worried. Bhuvan says you should have agreed to him and not kept Imli at home. Kasturi asks how can we Imli on road. They argue. Chakor says don’t trouble me more by arguing, I m worried for Suraj, I looked for him everywhere, no one knows about him. Chagan comes and says I know where is Suraj. Deva gets Suraj to the graveyard. Suraj gets shocked. Deva asks Suraj to come fast. They see someone digging some soil. Deva says your death is coming close. A man gets down the car. Suraj gets shocked seeing him.

Suraj says I have given your goods, let me go. The man pushes him in grave. Suraj is buried alive. Chakor says I feel Suraj is in trouble. Her mangalsutra breaks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. In normal circumstances I would sympathize with Chakor, but I fear this track is leading to Imli’s redemption which would be a complete let down, she doesn’t deserve it.
    I hope Chakor’s role in the next track doesn’t revolve around imli, please give her something else to do.

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