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The Episode starts with Suraj and Vivaan asking Chakor and Imli to open the door. Chakor and Imli ask them to get friendly else the door will not open. They go. Suraj and Vivaan get into a fight for a chair. Vivaan says fine, sit, I gave this in charity. Suraj says I always take things by right, I don’t want chair, I will sit down. They sit on the ground. Vivaan says don’t know why they want us to get friendly. Suraj says there is no use to talk to such man.

Suraj wakes up and sees Vivaan sleeping on the chair. He scolds Vivaan for cheating. Vivaan says this chair is not yours, I don’t need your permission, go and sit there, you are jealous of me, you always want what I have. Suraj blames the same to him. Vivaan says so you hate me. They argue saying their mum’s mistakes. Suraj says my mum got

punished for her deeds, how can you blame me. Vivaan says I pity you. Suraj says I will beat you and picks chair. Vivaan says fine, break my head. Suraj says I saved Imli’s respect, I paid big price, Chakor gave me divorce.

Vivaan says what about your hundred sins, you are becoming great by just one good deed. Suraj asks what did I do. They tell each other’s mistakes. Vivaan says you have hidden about Manohar’s death, maybe you were also involved. Suraj beats him. Vivaan raises hand on him. Suraj says I did not say you as you would have done anything wrong in anger, I know Ranjana did not do right with my mum, I tried to save you, you don’t see my goodness, you hate me, truth is we are on same boat.

Vivaan calms down and says maybe you are saying true, Bhaiya ji tried to make you bad, you became bad, your mum taught me hatred, I became such. He says when our elders ruined our lives, we would have opposed them and fought, you thought I m bad as my dad is bad, you played with Chakor in childhood and not me, you regarded me bad, I also did not forward hand in ego. He throws something at him, and says you could have filled the distance, I became like my dad made me, you studied in foreign, you could have explained me, why did you not explain me. Vivaan says sorry, I realized my mistake. Suraj says even I did mistake, I should have stopped my mum when she gave you drugs, I was not sensible that time. Vivaan says but we became sensible now. Suraj says I need you, I need my younger brother. Vivaan says I also need you, I m very lonely. Suraj and Vivaan apologizes to each other and hug.

Chakor and Imli come back and wish they got friendly. Imli says there is much silence, they are not talking, did they… Chakor says don’t think bad. Imli says did they break each other’s head. They get inside and see Suraj pointing gun at Vivaan. Suraj says either of us will survive. Imli says don’t do this. Chakor asks him to throw gun, think what about us. Vivaan says nothing, we will enjoy. Suraj and Vivaan laugh and joke. They congratulate Chakor and Imli. They join hands. Chakor says you two are very bad to take revenge. Vivaan says you both fooled us, so we scared you. Imli says thanks to Lord. Suraj and Vivaan say we will go and have food, come. They leave. Chakor and Imli hug happily and smile. Chakor says Bhuvan’s idea worked. Imli says yes, now Bhaiya ji can’t harm us. Chakor says no, you and Vivaan did not unite, you have old things in heart, he did that in Ragini’s tricking, he needs your love, not punishment.

Chakor says you are lying Suraj, your enmity ended and you did not cry. Suraj says men don’t cry, you girls always cry. She says you so shameless, you should be thankful. He says fine, but this favor is half, it will complete when we unite. He gets close to kiss. She hears sound and says get back, mum and dad would be coming. He says none will come, I can’t stay away. Mahiya….plays…. She says what do you think I like staying away, I did mistake to take divorce, I will rectify it by marrying you again. He smiles and asks really. She nods. He says we will marry grand way, but you don’t put ghunghat in marriage, I want to see your face, I will write in card also, no girl should come with ghunghat, there won’t be any chance of swapping. Chakor smiles and asks why do you hate ghunghat, think if ghunghat was not there, we would have not got married. He says fine marry me any way, give me a kiss. She refuses. He says you are my girlfriend and kiss me. She says there is nothing like GF in village. He says your village is backward, we will make a start, I will take a kiss from you. She runs. He smiles.

Suraj announces he will make Chakor his wife. He applies haldi to her. Mahiya…..plays……..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I saw in olv,Vj is saying that he himself didn’t know he’ll dance this much in imli’s baby shower until he came in set that day.Vidhi (in veil sitting like bride between Paras and Vj) changed the topic saying the focus in the celebration is ‘the bond between 2 brothers’ blah blah. Meera also joked in her insta caption about it being imli’s 2nd baby shower(she made mistake though,it is 3rd!)I think there were discussions on audience’s demand for sukor remarriage.They even had fund too.That’s why,Vj-Meera informed confidently about remarriage ‘with all rituals’ in media.But the director had other plan with the fund(i.e. baby shower).So he didn’t let them know about it beforehand.

  2. Chakor’s decision make sense.She has always chosen to save lives over villagers’ freedom.She chose Suraj’s life over villagers’ freedom before,of course she will choose children’s lives over her love or wedding.

  3. Hi everyone ,( according to spoilers, )why r they trying to seperate sukor? I means last track was nt good so why thy hv to do it again. I was going to say tht nw udaan is becoming interesting , the lost charm was gained . Bt nw I feel it will nt bring a gd impact if thy seperate sukor. It’s jst a request tht plz dnt make us stop watching the show . It was an interesting show , so plz don’t spoil it.
    Congrats aria. Gd luck with other exams. Madhu hp u did ur best. Sry to hear tht tippu.
    Aanya hp u had a great time with ur parents

  4. Since now chakor does not trusted kn n always saves suraj by not accepting his any conditions. But now how can she get trapped by him now kn wl use suraj easily for doing his bad politics bcoz chakor wl not with him. Again he wl make all people bandhua then wht chakor wl do??

  5. @Thnku tani @zoya ya m fine dear.

  6. Guys is it confirm that sukor will seperated? I thought we will get remarriage track soon… Or after this track Sukor will marriade again?

    1. All what we know is the TOI spoilers posted in the earlier comments. It will explain why Suraj will agree to contest the elections.

      1. Yeah I have read it just now. And so sad to see TOI in Friday. Why they have to seperated again. I hope Suraj will realize that there is something fishy after chakor asking for seperation, please make Suraj like what he was. Hope cvs will surprised us with unexpected resolution of this track. Please no misunderstanding between sukor.

  7. Okay dear…Take care of urself…my sweety Aanya…

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