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The Episode starts with Bhuvan saying both our daughters have put is in big problem. Imli cries and apologizes to them saying she loved Suraj and did not know this would happen. Kasturi hugs her and says we will forgive you, but this society won’t. Bhuvan says there is one way, we will send Imli to Lucknow. Imli says no, I can’t live without you two, I won’t go away from Suraj. He scolds her for being mad. Imli asks him not to say this and cries.

Tejaswini asks servants not to tell this news to anyone. Girja asks her not to worry. Suraj comes there. Tejaswini scolds him for falling so low. Suraj says I was drunk that night, I did mistake. She says I m thinking your child will be born in that bandhua village, everyone will make fun of your child, why did you not get that child get aborted. He

says I tried. Chakaor hears them.

Suraj says I gave my car keys and asked Imli to go to Lucknow, and do abortion, she is foolish and said she won’t abort our love sign. Tejaswini says now its very late, nothing can happen. Chakor says its not late. Suraj scolds Chakor as she is responsible for all this. Tejaswini asks Chakor what was she saying. Chakor says its not late, Imli’s baby can be aborted, no one needs that baby, I will convince Imli to abort this baby.

Suraj gets shocked and asks what, are you mad, you will convince Imli. Chakor says you should be happy, you don’t need this baby. He asks her to focus on her race practice. She asks why are you angry, that I m not earning money for you, or I m telling about Imli’s abortion. He asks when is her next race. She says I will say when it happens, your child is losing his existence and you are worried for money. Suraj says stop nonsense, Imli won’t agree. Tejaswini says Chakor is right. He says fine, do what you want. He leaves. Chakor asks Tejaswini to help her.

Vivaan recalls Chakor and cries. He is on the way and sees divorce papers. He asks driver to take him to lawyer first and feels sorry to leave Imli. Kasturi asks Imli to open the door. The neighbor ladies ask Kasturi about Imli’s pregnancy. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that Imli has to leave for Lucknow now. The ladies speak bad about Imli. Imli cries. Chakor asks everyone to stop this nonsense. She asks them to go home and o their work. The ladies say Chakor changed after becoming haveli’s bahu. They leave.

They ask Chakor to leave. Bhuvan says I will send Imli to Lucknow, my Mausi will take care of her. Chakor says this won’t stop people from badmouthing, I have a solution. Imli asks what is it. Kasturi says you always get bad news. Chakor says Imli’s baby should not come in this world. They all get shocked.

Chakor asks Imli to think, the baby will be called illegitimate, why did you decide this, how will you stay, abort this baby, its not late yet. Imli asks how dare you say all this to me. Kasturi asks Chakor did you come here to say this, it would be better that you send poison for Imli, go from here. Chakor asks Kasturi to think well, when villagers taunt the baby then… Imli says Suraj is my child’s father. Chakor asks who Suraj, who left you and your baby, he did not accept this child. I felt he has place for you in his heart, I was wrong, he can’t have anyone in his heart. Imli cries and says now I understand, you are Suraj’s wife now, so you will want my child aborted. Chakor says fine, if you want to think this, I married Suraj, I m with Suraj, I m haveli’s elder bahu and your dream can never turn true, kill your dream along with your baby. Imli calls her selfish and a creepy girl. Chakor explains Kasturi and Bhuvan, that same thing will happen again after Imli comes back here with her baby. Bhuvan agrees with Chakor. Imli scolds Chakor and says I will not let my baby die, this is my decision. She cries.

Tejaswini bribes Imli with a costly necklace. Imli cries and says I know what you want, I m ready to abort my baby, but no need of this charity.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Chakor is the most stupid b*t*h heroine I have ever seen.Why is she idiot being heroine?Imli is far better

  3. This has become just ordinary serial nothing like beginning no hoslom ki udaan

    1. I don’t get as to why they are giving us mixed emotions. First suraj disliked imli and now he’s going to rush to stop the abortion. It’s either he ends up with chakor or imli, than merry chakor off to the a*sh*le off the babies father. It’s lame. This series are worse than any to be found. I pity Indian CV

  4. That Chakor has played a clever game. She’s smart isn’t she? She’s got Suraj doing exactly what she wants him to do, rushing over and stopping Imli from aborting the baby and in the process got Suraj acknowledging the child is his. Suraj is a tough nut and it takes someone of equal measure to win against him. So well done Chakor for being the one to do so.

  5. Chalo kuch tu acha karyga suraj.. Udaan ka couple tu Vivaan and chakor hi hain.. ?

  6. Poor Suraj. … Imli should just die with her sin, horrible girl took advantage of Suraj being drunk.

  7. Hey guys how do u all know Suraj will stop abortion and it is Chakor’s plan?

  8. Chakor can ask imli to do DNA test and prove surajs baby and fight for her rights towards suraj.

    1. No She on’t Chakor has become and useless

  9. @ kalika…..u khow what if u really a girl dn u should slap on your own face bcoz of ur cheap mentality…..I dont watch the show bt I dont stop myself to comment after ur horrible comment…..

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