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The Episode starts with everyone asking Khasta to show his dare. Khasta agrees and says I will do this for Chakor if you all are saying. He stands there and says I m ready Khanna, but who will throw knives. Khanna says the one whom you trusts. Khasta says she does not have practice. Chakor says you trust me once. Khanna says yes. Chakor is close to Khasta so she will throw knives. Khasta gets worried. Chakor smiles and goes to stand at some tall thing.

Bhaiya ji checks the gold dust and says I can’t believe my land is giving gold, and that villagers went to you, and not me, thanks, you will get the prize. The jeweler goes. Bhaiya ji calls Suraj and asks him to come with him, they have to get digging machine. Suraj asks him to order it, but why does he want to dig land. Bhaiya ji says the thing

after which everyone is mad, money, no one should know this. Suraj agrees. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji to give this work to Manohar. Manohar looks on. Ranjana says you can trust him, he is regretting, give him one chance for my sake, please. Bhaiya ji sends Suraj and says I will take Manohar along. Manohar smiles. Ranjana gets a call and talks to her dad. She asks Bhaiya ji to talk to her dad.

Bhaiya ji laughs talking to Girdhari lal. Manohar comes to him. Bhaiya ji asks him to arrange machines. Ranjana holds Manohar’s hands and asks him to come along her. They leave.

Khasta worries and Khanna asks why is he worrying like this. Chakor comes on high wooden pieces, walking to show she is of tall height now. She says this is my solution. Everyone smile.

Chakor says I will show my aim. Om gives her the knives. Khasta says no, she can’t even hold knives, if I get hurt then.. Khanna says don’t get worried. Chakor says its me, don’t worry. Chakor starts throwing knives at Khasta. Khasta panics seeing Chakor do the same thing as he did to scare her. He starts screaming being scared. He says no, she will kill me. Chakor stops. Khanna asks what nonsense, why will she kill you. Chakor asks why will I kill you, did you hurt me, no, let me try, tell me why will I kill you. Khasta says because I wanted to kill you. They all get shocked.

Khasta says I have killed everyone, Peter, Raju, I m that killer joker. They all look on shocked. Om gets angry. Chakor recalls the joker. Khasta says I would have killed her too, but she got saved, I will kill you all. Ronnie, Megha and Khanna hold him. Megha slaps him and asks why did you kill Peter. She cries.

Manohar and Ranjana are on the way. Manohar says Ranjana you look in different mood, I felt you will not talk to me again, you will leave me and go forever. She says this happened many times, so I thought to change my way. He says I wish you thought this before, I would have become your bandhua. She says I don’t like bandhua, its enough you are Bhaiya ji’s bandhua. She gets her dad’s call and says there is network problem. She asks driver to stop car. Manohar stops her. She says I will just talk and come. She gives a flying kiss to Manohar. He smiles. She signs driver to take him. The driver locks the back doors and starts driving. Manohar asks driver to stop car, as Ranjana is behind. Ranjana waves bye to Manohar, which shocks him.

Manohar shouts cheater woman, and scolds driver. He shouts Ranjana. The driver opens the door and jumps. The car falls down the cliff. Manohar shouts Ranjana…… Ranjana looks on and smiles. The driver tells Ranjana that he did the work. Ranjana says it did not happen as I thought, you were Manohar’s servant, sorry and kicks the driver soon the cliff. She laughs. She shouts Manohar.

Police comes in circus. Megha scolds Khasta. Khasta says he gave his life to this circus, when he got hurt, he was removed from circus, he was given sweeper, did they not had pity on him that time, its because of Chakor that I could take revenge, I would have made Khanna beg. Khanna says artists don’t do this and gets angry. Ronnie says let him go, he will be punished. Khasta says Chakor is bad, she failed my plan, if she did not serve me, I would have killed her. Chakor says I have not doubt on you, I did mistake. He says I did mistake, I did not kill you, but its good circus is shut, I have taken my revenge. He laughs. Everyone look on shocked and fume. Police arrests Khasta. Khasta says I won. Inspector slaps him and says your game is over, you will get punished in jail. Chakor and everyone look on. Chakor thinks I won’t lose soon, I will save this circus.

Ranjana cries seeing Manohar’s body. She hugs Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says Manohar was my younger brother, his family is my family. Tejaswini is shocked. Chakor asks for 15 days from Khanna, and she will show bullet raja act.

Update Credit to: Amena

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