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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying both the competitors will fight, if Suraj pushes Vivaan out, he will win, if Vivaan pushes Suraj out, then he will win, I promise to give Vivaan money and job if he wins. Suraj asks what’s happening, Vivaan needs money. Chakor says Vivaan will work for Bhaiya ji from today. He asks what. She says Bhaiya ji is playing game to divide two brothers. She argues with Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says Suraj has power of elephant, and Vivaan has smartness, lets see who wins, I will tell you the rules, there are no rules, they can even kill each other. Tejaswini cries. Bhaiya ji says today the competition will be between two princes. He asks Vivaan are you ready. He recalls Ragini’s words and says yes, I don’t care if Suraj is my competitor. Imli asks will you beat Suraj.

He asks do you care for Suraj more than me. Bhaiya ji asks them to start wrestling. Vivaan and Suraj enter the ground to fight.

Chakor says we can’t stop Vivaan if he wins, we have to encourage Suraj to win, so that Vivaan can’t join hands with Bhaiya ji. Suraj says I don’t know what is your helplessness, you have to lose, I want clothes, I feel cold at night, if I lose, I won’t get clothes, lose for me. Vivaan says I would have lost any other day, today I won’t lose, as I don’t want to lose. Chakor says Suraj you may feel Vivaan is stronger, but you have strong will power, you can win. Vivaan says wow, what a wife. Imli asks Suraj to win and make Vivaan lose. She apologizes to Vivaan and says you have to lose, if you win, I don’t want you to join these sinners.

Vivaan says Suraj its great, your wife and my wife are on your side. Ragini says its fine, I m on your side, you will win. The match begins. Kasturi asks Bhuvan what’s happening, whom should we support. Bhuvan says both are our son in laws, for whom should we pray. Chakor asks Suraj to make Vivaan out of the ring. Suraj turns. Vivaan beats him. Suraj holds Vivaan and asks why are you getting sold to Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says you did not care when your mum gave me drugs, you used to work with Bhaiya ji that time. He beats Suraj and asks him to get up. Chakor asks Suraj not to lose, you have to win, its imp that Vivaan loses, you have mind, have a solution to win. Vivaan says declare that I won. Suraj asks how, I m inside the ring. Vivaan says Chakor is telling you ideas, if you have courage, do something on your own. Chakor says you can win.

Suraj thinks there is one way now, to make Vivaan tired. They both fight. Chakor takes water for Suraj. Ragini gives water to Vivaan. Suraj and Vivaan drink water and continue the fight. Suraj beats Vivaan. Imli worries for Vivaan. Everyone look on. Chakor asks Suraj to throw Vivaan out of the ring. Vivaan throws soil in Suraj’s eyes. Suraj gets away and holds his eyes. Tejaswini worries. Vivaan kicks Suraj and makes him fall out of the ring. Vivaan wins. Chakor gives water to Suraj to wash eyes. Ragini says Vivaan won. Vivaan says sorry to say Suraj has lost, the winner is Vivaan Rajvanshi.

Suraj says congrats Vivaan, you won, its sad that the winning prize is the work which you hated always. Vivaan leaves. Chakor and Suraj go back to stable. She applies lep to heal his wounds. Suraj says I lost Chakor, I m feeling bad. She says it happens, I m worried for your clothes. He says I m not saying about clothes, I had to win for you and Vivaan, I have seen hatred in him, why is he doing this, why is he selling himself, does he not know what Bhaiya ji does. She says leave it, just time can explain Vivaan. He says Vivaan is with them now, he will not move back to torture us, he does not care that I m dying in cold.

She says leave it, we should not expect any help from Vivaan, now we are just three, Imli, you and me have to handle this now. He coughs and asks for water. She says I will get it. She says wait, I will get it myself. He drinks water and falls back. She holds him. He asks till when will you support me. She says till I get you out of this mess, I will talk to Bhaiya ji for your clothes again. He holds her face and asks why are you doing this for me, what’s our relation, till when will this fake husband and wife relation, till when will you keep this relation with an useless, fraud and bad man, you will not get anything by supporting me, I always treated you badly, you always supported me, its enough now, don’t ruin your happiness for me, go away. She looks on.

Bhaiya ji makes Vivaan sit. Ranjana says I m glad you took right decision, the one who has money can rule. Vivaan tells Chakor that anything can be bought by money, respect, fame and love….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is it that Vivan is always Winning against Suraj? After suraj and chakor become friends, it’s like Suraj gave his brain to Chakor… he doesnt think and do anything by himself… just follows chakor… chakor is right…but Suraj also should show some smartness… VJ is a very good actor and got good personality also… but y his character is becoming dumb… in the beginning Suraj was following kn and now chakor… when he will start making good plans like before… Vivan is shown like intelligent and suraj just got muscles….

    1. Suraj is a very prideful character so what ever he does is for his ego before suraj was evil but after he turned bundhwa he realised that chakor is a good person as she was the only one helping hin after he did so much bad things to her this is why know the writers are trying to show that suraj has changed good as he know trusts someone which is chakor that is always motivating him becoz suraj is ill and weak so he cannot concentrate properly this is why he relies on chakor more and vivan cheated he put sand in suraj eye so suraj couldnt see anything and how can vivaan say suraj depends on chakor for everything when he also relied on imli to get him out of jail that was a dumb statment by vivaan and i see chakor and suraj more as a team rather than chakor telling suraj what to do all the time by the way no offence to anyone

    2. Mona146

      vj is different from suraj. he is dumb because he never had smartness @education or awareness. not everyone is a good decision maker, some are meant to be good followers too.
      Its ok if he is dumb.Actually viviaan also should get affected mentally due to drug use for a long time but he is being smart out of need.

  2. Cant wait for next week when chakor and suraj spend romantic moments chakor and suraj win the kabbadi match so suraj finally gets clothes and vivaan is so mean what is he trying to imply to chakor in the precap by saying he can buy love with money

  3. Hi udaan lovers and All sukorians
    I want to share my feeling about the recent episodes
    I really love every sukor moment in bandhua track. Actually all the mess that they face make them closer than before. I think in this hard situation, their bond will be start strong and their feeling toward each other will be more deep. So this track is the beginning of strong relationship. Sukor is unique couple that will not seperated by small problem like misunderstand or bad planing of bayyaji. I hope in the future their relation will be the reason for their strength. Love each other, understand and always support each other. They will be superheroes for everyone, sukor couple, not only chakor.
    I do believe udaan team for doing their best work, thank you for your creativeness. You are different.
    And honestly, yup I’m really sad for unstable trp. But I hope it will be increase day by day. And become the most popular tv show and get the highest trp. All the best for udaan team. Love sukor so much…

  4. Episode litle bore….ARRASUKUMAR MUJE BI AISA HI LAG THA HAI…..

  5. very nice epi…i love the moment when chakor encourages suraj to win,also imli…in this bandhua track,one thing io going very well that sukor r getting very close 2each other…its a new start of their lovestory!!! i think vivaan is secreatly planning against kn & ragini to seperate them from each other…i read in spoiler that vivaan takes money secreatly ,put blame on ragini…but lets c what happens next…also excited for sukor bhaang romance,pics r awsm…!love u sukor

  6. Guys meine sukor fb page pe suraj ko jacket look me dekha…muje laga purana foto hogi..lekin usme suraj ka hair ,bear tho aaj ka hai…

  7. Janani9789

    Totally I hate vivaan, he stands in his ego and selfish….
    Vivaan is behaving like he can do anything for money….
    Suraj doesn’t know that teju is the one who made vivaan as drug addict.. He only knows that vivaan is fearful person…
    Suraj is hungry for more than 12 days and doesn’t drink water…. But selfish vivaan… Thinks that suraj lost… That even he throws sand on suraj face…. It’s really a cheating… It can’t be considered as win…. Vivaan who doesn’t trust his love of his imli….
    Even suraj is weak… His courage is down but he trust chakor a lot!!! Any man who falls weak will move the person they love or trust…. Suraj doing the same…. But why can’t vivaan….??? Even he mistrust her…??
    I like imli… She is bold as chakor!!
    Chakor and imli can do anything for the person they love…
    Vivaan also joined kn and ragini and annoying person!!
    Want this bandhua track to end!!!
    Only waiting for upcoming sukor scenes!!!

    1. Mona146

      Suraj knows it but he never bothered about his bro. Both the borthers do not love each other and now relations turned more irritating for vivaan since his ex-gf is his borthers wife and supporting against himself.

  8. Suraj was not knowing about vivan s drug use… later Teju told him… but that didn’t make any difference to suraj… that time suraj didn’t care for vivan… after kn s reentry only, they thought to stand together and helped each other… and one more thing suraj cares for imli and vivan cares for chakor… vivan is just angry with chakor because she asked him to go to jail.. it clearly shows that vivan just don’t like kn, ragini and ranjana..

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