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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling that he will make Imli his bandhua. Kasturi and Bhuvan beg to him to leave Imli. Chakor makes a lep for Sultan. Bhaiya ji sends Ram singh to get Imli. Imli hides. Ram Singh spots her. Chakor goes to apply lep and sees the other horse making noise. She says I have seen you are tied and understood, I will free you. Kaka asks her not to free that horse. Chakor frees the horse. Everyone try to catch the horse. Vishaka gets angry. Ronnie catches the horse.

Vishaka asks who has freed this horse. Chakor says I did. Vishaka scolds her and asks how dare you try to free her. Chakor says I don’t like anyone tied. Megha says I hired her to take care of Sultan. Vishaka says this girl will get our circus shut, kick this girl out. The doctor comes to check Sultan. He

says the horse’s leg is damaged, it can’t heal, tell me what to do. Vishaka asks him to do the work and give injection to Sultan. They all get shocked.

Chakor stops the doctor from giving injection to Sultan. Imli asks them to leave her. Bhuvan and Kasturi cry. Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh to get tattoo machine and make Imli bandhua. Ram singh brings the machine. Chakor says you can’t kill this horse, give me 10 days, if I don’t make the horse fine by herbs, then kill him and kick me out. The doctor says this is not possible. Chakor says my Maai’s medicine cured everyone in village, give me one chance.

Vishaka says my husband Khanna and I run this circus, we will decide for circus, its better to kill horse. Kaka says give one week. Vishaka says you are the old worker of this circus, I will tell Khanna, I don’t think he will agree. Chakor asks can I talk to Khanna. Megha asks Chakor not to say anything. Vishaka says no Megha, let her talk and get scolding by Khanna, she should know whose rules work here. Chakor thanks her. Vishaka thinks there is something special in Chakor. She asks the staff to get to work and put up best show tomorrow.

Imli begs to Bhaiya ji to leave her, she can’t bear pain, she can become bandhua but without sign. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Imli screams as bandhua stamp is made on her hand. Her family cries seeing this. Kasturi shouts Imli.

Chakor asks a man about Khanna. The man shows that tent. Khanna is worried seeing the accounts and says we need to make acts better. We will give one month time to them, if they do not work well, we will fire them. Shamsher Singh ji says but they are working for you since many years. Khanna says yes, but profit is zero. Chakor asks who is Khanna here, I want to talk. Khanna looks at her.

Kasturi cries for Imli. Bhaiya ji says now they have to pay for their cheat and takes away Imli, by kicking Kasturi and Bhuvan. They cry.

Kaka falls down during a mock round in the circus. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is ridiculous, I will not watch this show anymore…. You just lost a viewer

  2. I feel sorry for Chakor and Imli! ?

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