Udaan 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Imli misunderstands Chakor

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The Episode starts with Imli lying about Vivaan’s phone. Tejaswini says Suraj can accompany you. Imli reacts rude and then calms down. Chakor says I need to talk. Imli goes. Chakor says what happened to her. Suraj says she had to go to doctor, I told her I will come, she had to go alone. She asks why. He says why should we bother if Vivaan has no problem, we should think about us, right DP. Ranjana asks what DP. Chakor says nothing. Tejaswini asks did Bhuvan and Kasturi go, are you staying alone. Chakor says yes. Suraj says you didn’t tell me. Chakor says they just left. Tejaswini asks Chakor to have food. Suraj says she is being shy in Sasural. Tejaswini and Ranjana go. Suraj and Chakor tease each other.

He says I m taking you Manali for honeymoon. She says I won’t go till we get formally married.

He says fine, we will celebrate honeymoon here, I will stay as your bodyguard. She asks what will villagers say. He says you tell them we are married, I m coming today. She says then forget our real marriage. She goes.

Imli asks doctor for what price did she sell her truth. She shows the gun and points at her. She says I gave you more money than you asked, whom did you tell about my miscarriage, my husband got to know it. Doctor says I didn’t tell him. Imli asks is there a camera here, it will have truth, if Vivaan didn’t come here, someone else would have come. Doctor says yes, come and check.

Tejaswini says I m seeing for first time that would be bahu is doing work, come and check guest list. Chakor says its wrong, you call me daughter and stop me from working, this tape got over. Bijli says its in Imli’s room, I will get it. Chakor says wait, I will get it. She goes and looks for tape. She gets rope and says what’s rope doing here. Vivaan sees her from cupboard and hits. Chakor gets tape. She hears sound.

She goes to check cupboard. Suraj comes and pulls her back. He says you always do stupid work, won’t you go home and prepare to welcome me. She says your ideas won’t work. He says Lord gave us golden chance, I will come and show how much I love you. They have a bet. They leave. Vivaan gets sad and thinks Imli is not doing right.

Imli checks footage and sees Chakor. She gets shocked and asks when did she come. Doctor says two days back. Imli says so Chakor has told my truth to Vivaan, there can’t be other reason, how did she get report. Doctor says I went to bathroom when she came, maybe she took report copy. Imli says Chakor interferes in other’s matters a lot.

Chakor sees few things and recalls Kasturi. She cries and thanks Kasturi. She says when I leave from here, I will miss this house, your love a lot. Imli comes to haveli. Girja says everyone went to Sitapur to buy clothes for Chakor and Suraj’s marriage. Imli thinks everyone thinks for Chakor, not me.

Imli gets angry and goes to room. She says what’s in Chakor that everyone likes her, Chakor is selfish, she can do anything to prove herself right. Lights flicker. She gets the doll Chakor gave her in childhood. She says you have never seen me and parents, you have just seen your focus, I took gun instead doll because of Chakor, she should have asked me why I lied, why did she tell everything to Vivaan, now I have no relation with her, she always acts great and doesn’t care for anyone. She sees the chunri she got for Chakor. She says I will not give this to her, after what she did with me, we have no relation, she is not my sister now. She cries.

Imli tears the chunri and says you will be punished for your doings, you have seen my love, now see my revenge. Suraj and Chakor romance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the fast update


    Imli is getting mad and obssessed for vivan and is getting trap in bhaiya ji plan.. loving chakor and suraj and vivan is too helpless..
    Lastly I am getting too bore with same drama of brain washing and hating repitation again and again on imili, vivan, chakor and suraj and all time villian winning and chakor find truth and again same…

    1. But KN didn’t brainwash Imli, she’s unstable and reached this wrong conclusion on her own. KN is innocent this time.


      I am not talking about this but will show in future and was shown in past

  3. Loved sukor scenes. I hate you imli. How anyone can be so selfish .

  4. sukor part was best….

  5. Aswathy Renjith

    Sukor I love u….why this imly always makes problems????I hate imly.hai sukor iam from Kerala and a big fan of urs.udaan is my one and only favrt serial.

  6. Udaan is following serials like kumkum bhagya just one story now.. imli issues and how it affects sukor relationship. Cvs are trying to keep sukor unmarried and giving impression of them getting married after each issue and going forward with each stupid episode. When these stories get over, sukor will get remarried and then a leap.

  7. The episode was better than Tuesday to Friday’s episode from last week. Sukor were so cute, I enjoyed their scenes and their challenge. I also enjoyed Chakor recalling Kasturi. Sukor’s scene in precap was awesome, I hope it’s more than a few minutes.
    I skipped Imli’s part, I hope when they discover her truth, they send her to a mental asylum.

  8. Sukorian

    i can’t I don’t want to watch wtf is going on with stupid imli. Sukor nohk johk ??I can imagine

  9. It was a good episode.. Loved the precap. Now a days no spoilers. What the hell ??

  10. Imli always jealous of chakor and will always will be sukor scenes look great i cant wait to watch them i read toi sukor will have alot more romance and on ig i saw sukor in bhavan and kaustri clothes i wonder what that scene will be about im thinking sukor will act like bhavan and kaustri so that no1 in baasti catches them well whatever it is it looks good bk to imli chakor never had a lavash life she always had pain and misery in life only now she got suraj and imli cant bear it most likely chakor went to get het wound dressed as suraj asked why chakor was late and she sed she went to hospital for her wound its so dumb for her to suspect chakor as vivasn sed it to her face that he found her reports according to spoliers this imli will become evil join kamal and destroy the baasti whislt vivaan will conceive her that chakor has nothing to do with her truth coming out vimli will sepreate and vivasn will simply ignore this imli who will go after chakor i agree nemo ksmal cannot be blamed for what ever danger imli will cause as he had nothing to do with him dont wanna see this imli couldn’t the show sukor romance and thier marrige instead of this boring repeat imli…iv had enough of her stupid track it makes no sense whatsoever she is just jealous of chakor and cant see her happy she thinks chskor always got everything and she got a gun really chakor was buried alive arjun saved her for 10 yrs she stayed away from her family her mom dad and came bk to help azaadganj she sent kamal to jail and stayed with suraj against her wish to save this imli everyone hated chakor she was all alone whilst imli had vivaan then chakor gave vivasn up for imli then the buchua track imli still hard support she had suraj supporting her see i see all this as jealously and this disgusts me as she is very low ans cant see what her sister did for her this is why from now i will focus on good scenes and not mention imli as i skip her scenes as she holds no importance in the show for me as a viewer

  11. Loved sukor scenes suraj is so funny and he won the challenge cant wait to see sukor romance as sukor are alone love seeing sukor i also like tejswani and chakor bond cvs still going foward with the marriage? Cuz of the prep that’s happening wen imli was describing chakor she was actually describing herself chakor is so selfless yh her goal is to free bundua giri but she stopped that since u became pregnant she sacrificed her love for u and stayed with suraj wen he blackmailed her if she was selfish she wouldnt stay with suraj or let vivaan go chakor was tortured way more from kamal then imli was chakor was chained lived a hard life she was buried alive and escaped imli is so jealous that chakor made a name for herself and imli what is she on about in the precap that chakor has only seen the bright side of imli now she will see revenge is she for real iv only seen selfish side of imli always taking what chakor wants and imli has never shown her good side iv always seen her evil side she is only nice wen she has what she wants ik she herself will join kamal to seperate sukor as she will die seeing sukor the way things going i bet imli will get baby no3 and blame suraj to be the father or something like that cant stand imli she is boring its nearly a week since we have seen her stupid scenes today epsiode was so good apart from her scenes cvs should understand that this imli plot will decrease ratings not.boost them

  12. Imli is such a stupid and selfish person i really hate her

  13. Sukorian

    off topic

    I just uploaded love Happens its the last chapter I forgot to mention.

  14. I think all this conspiracy is being done by inspector ajay and ragini imli is nothing bt just a victim;

  15. Guys u all are misleading, jst think about it how did the photographs of chakor come in the camera even though she doesn’t know about imli’s miscarriage, its all the conspiracy against both the sisters and i think inspector ajay and ragini are the brother and sister, and ajay can’t see sukor together!

    1. chakor went to cress her wound and not to see imli’s doctor.

  16. https://youtu.be/SOEZ4IFxuUc
    New olv imli burns seeing sukor first of all the little chance she had with vivaan she ruined it by locking him she wants to kill chakor and comes to shoot her but thinks she has to execute her plan properly so instead she aims gun and burns so she wants to kill chakor and will join kamal ans make his work easier as he wanted to kill chakor atleast he is the enemy but this is chakor blood sister who chakor sacrificed alot for imli is not mad she wants this she ruined chakor first marriage cuz she wanted suraj and now she wanna ruin sukor remaarige kamal will be happy to know he dont have to do the dirty work as this imli will do it guys i think 2 days ago chakor went hopsital to cure her wound cuz wen she went by suraj he asked her why she is late and chakor went by doctor then so that is why chakor went also vivaan will try very hard to convince this imli that chakor doesn’t know anything but she will be adamant to kill chakor as she is jealous and is using all this as an excuse to kill chakor cvs portraying imli as mad but she is not how can a mad person execute a plan to kill some1?? I jus dont wanna see this boring imli track she has separated sukor to many times and wants to do it again so selfish all sukor did was try reunite her and vivaan and all this imli does is separates them?

  17. http://tellyreviews.com/2017/08/22/imli-conspires-kill-chakor-udaan/
    She thinks chakor is jelaous of her really? She always thought chakor wants vivaan is she for real vivasn even showed rhe reports showing how he found out and now she is jelaous seeing sukor love and is planning to kill chakor ok for whar she did in the hospital locking vivaan and attempting muder to kill chakor she deserves to be in jail for atleast 10yrs…[email protected] thanks for links ik she will lose it as suraj will protect chakor as he is gone really alert about chakor safety as sukor still not clear who attacked chakor in jungle aftef yhis imli attack think the blame will go on imli and suraj won’t spare her but chakor will convince suraj that imli is not right state in mind whilst kamal will think and uss this situation as he will help imli but will let her take the blsme as his biggest mission ia to kill chakor but now he will sit bk to see this loser imli do it i think after chakor surviving her attack she will aim at suraj to hurt chakor alot cant wait to see sukor bits though i wonder why sukor dress up as bhavan and kaustri cuz chakor wears the saree that fell out

  18. Yes..somebody is creating purposefully misunderstanding between chakor n imli n imli became mad n victim also. Somebody put her reports at home which vivaan got n with the help of doctor trapped chakor who doesn’t knw anything..

  19. Yaa this track of imli is making serial boring. Plz change the track of imli hatred nature. Sukor scenes and track is nice, love it!

  20. Sukorian

    yeah Imli tries to kill Chakor

  21. thanks for the links sukorian and tippu, very few olvs nowadays.

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