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The Episode starts with Amma asking the tapori gang about Chakor. FB shows how Amma has got Chakor. Arjun talks to inspector Pratap and gives Chakor’s pic, saying Abha has referred him. Pratap says he will help him. Arjun says I doubt its big gang, as many kids are kidnapped from Aazaadgunj. Pratap says it means this is related to Aazaagunj, and asks constable to circulate Chakor’s pic. Arjun says I came to you with much hope, please do this favor. Pratap says police does not do favor, its our duty. The tapori gang lie to Amma that Chakor could not speak, they got her to help.

Amma says fine, get the sweeper. She beats them with the sweeper. Amma says this girl is not mute and orphan, she told me everything. She asks did she teach this to her, they did not change being with her. Chakor comes

in between and saves them. Amma gets touched. Chakor says its not their mistake, they did this to get money, you are their mum, don’t get angry. Amma asks them to see, you were selling this girl, she is defending you all. Chakor says they are not bad people, what will anyone do without money, my mum says no one is bad in the world, their situation makes her good or bad. Amma says you have good values and thinking, great and hugs her crying. Amma makes them apologize to Chakor. They apologize. Chakor says its okay. Amma asks who is she. Chakor says I will say Amma ji. Amma looks at her with love.

Chakor tells everything to them about organ stealing done by the goons and keeping little kids locked inside the house. She says she has run away. Amma asks the name of her village. Chakor says Aazaadgunj. Amma is shocked and recalls Aazaadgunj. Chakor asks what happened. Amma says I think I heard this name somewhere. Chakor says its not in Mumbai, its near Sitapur. Amma says she heard this name too. The guy ask for food. Amma says she will cook, they have to eat silently. She goes to get oil.

Munna asks a man about Chakor. The tapori guys think they lost the chance to get money. Chakor shows the drum and runs out. She says this is same drum in which I have hidden and met Rocky, then he took me home. They say such drums are everywhere here. Munna goes and does not see her. Chakor says its same place where my friends and I are friends, and tells Amma. She tells them that its same place ad says Nawazuddin’s lines on independence day. She asks Amma to come and save her friends. Amma says stop, it means the goons are also here and finding you. Amma says we will save them by first secure you.

Amma serves food to all of them. She sees Chakor not eating food. Chakor says she is worried for her friends. Amma cries and says she is so small and still so big hearted, don’t worry, I m with you. Chakor tells about her coach Arjun Sir, and says they caught me when I was going to him, I don’t know where is he now. Amma scolds the guys. Chakor says she will call Arjun. The guy says he does not have balance. Amma asks him to get balance money in his phone fast.

The guy sees police pasting missing posters of Chakor and Munna asking about Chakor. He informs Amma that police is also finding Chakor. Chakor says it means Arjun has told police, we should go there. The guy says constable also spoke to Munna, what to do. Amma says call Arjun. The guy says he did not get recharge coupon. Chakor says she wants to go to help her friends. Amma asks is she mad, they will catch herm, till I give you to Arjun, I will keep you safe here and hide you. The girl says she has an idea, they will make Chakor a guy. They like the idea. Chakor gets dressed as boy and says she is Choka now.

Vaibhavi talks to Bhaiya ji. He says Chakor is dead. She says Manohar lied to you, she is alive. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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