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The Episode starts with Bhuvan saying he will end ties with Chakor. Kasturi refuses and argues with him. Bhuvan says he will decide, and says he will not keep relation with Chakor, as they will obey orders as she is cheater, he will obey the panchayat decision. They all leave. Kasturi sees Bhuvan and gets angry. They both cry. Arjun asks Chakor to take care of her food and have healthy food. Chakor smiles. Kasturi asks Bhuvan how can he decide for them and packs her bag. Bhuvan asks where is she going. She says how will she live without seeing Chakor, she will leave the village.

He says how can she go. Dadi says villagers will not care for us, think about Imli. They want us not to meet Chakor, if you leave village, you will be away from Chakor always, do you want this, think about Bhuvan. Kasturi

says no need, I m going. He says where will she go, they will find solution, what he did is for his family, she can punish him, but not leave him. They cry. Imli says I will not go leaving Chakor alone. Bhuvan says I did not have Chakor, if you and Imli go, I will die. Kasturi says I will die without Chakor.

Tejaswini asks Chakor to have anything she gives, and not demand good food. Chakor says fine. Bhaiya ji comes and sits for dinner. He asks Girja to serve food and asks Tejaswini why is she staring at him. She says I m seeing how you are supporting Chakor. He says you are still stuck there, she can win race and bring good name. She says we have many talented kids, why did he choose Chakor. She says what are you doing that I don’t understand. He argues and says shall I have food or go away. She sees kumkum on his clothes and is stunned.

Chakor says how will she get strength in such food and sees fruits. She recalls Devi and says I will get fruits with her, and I will get Papita for her. Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that she will clear his stain and he recalls. He asks is she doubting on him. She says I did not say. He says your eyes are showing, and gets angry. He says her doubt killed his hunger and leaves. Tejaswini says there is something, I will find it.

Its morning, Arjun trains Chakor. Bhavani asks Devi not to meet Chakor. Devi says Pita. Bhavani says she is Devi Mata and she does not have parents. She asks her to bless the world. Devi smiles. Bhavani locks her and goes. Devi hears the whistle. Chakor runs faster and Arjun asks her to run more faster, she is late than her record timing. She asks why is she not strong, is she having food well. Chakor recalls Tejaswini and says she had full stomach, she will try again.

Arjun says fine, on your mark and whistles. Devi sees them and smiles. She thinks about Bhaiya ji’s words. She says Pita and goes to them. Devi tries to make bangles sound and then comes out. Arjun turns and sees Devi. Chakor sees Devi and tells Arjun that she stays in temple. Arjun asks who is she, and why is she like this. Chakor says she is blessing me so that I win race and hugs her. Chakor says Bhaiya ji does not want me to tell anyone. She says this is Arjun Sir and he greets her. He asks whats her relation with Bhaiya ji. Devi says Pita. Arjun says Pita and is puzzled.

Lakhan sees Chakor and asks what is she doing here. Chakor says she ot this bride who lost her way, so I was helping her. Lakhan saks her to show her face and Chakor gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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