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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Vivaan’s pic and crying. She thinks of Imli’s words. She asks Lord shall I get happy to get Vivaan, or cry for Imli. She says I tried my best to give Imli her love, I tried to tell Vivaan about Imli’s feelings, but Imli wants me to unite with Vivaan, what shall I do. Imli and Suraj come there. Chakor asks why did she get Suraj. Imli says your relation with Suraj got over, remove this mangalsutra and get free from this marriage completely. Chakor thinks Imli is right, when I have taken divorce decision, it does not matter when relation ends, today or tomorrow. Suraj goes to Chakor and removes her mangalsutra. Chakor recalls her marriage and cries.

Suraj says Imli is right, when relation is ending, this sindoor is not needed. He wipes off the sindoor.

Imli asks Chakor not to think of anything now, and marry Vivaan, you know he always loved you. Chakor asks her not to leave her. Imli asks her not to think about her, as she has just thought of others. She says give us chance to think for you sometimes, I m sure when Vivaan makes you wear engagement ring, the love light which faded will get bright again, I will come back later. Chakor asks will you really return. Imli says yes, and hugs Chakor. They both cry.

Vivaan is confused and asks Lord to give him some sign, when Chakor is coming back in my life, why am I not happy, why am I worried that Imli is going away from me, show me some way. Imli comes there and lights diya. She prays. He looks at her. She leaves and stops as her saree end gets stuck to his watch. Vivaan thinks if this Lord’s sign. He frees the saree end and asks Imli is it necessary for her to go Lucknow. She says yes, its very much necessary. He holds her hand and stops her.

He asks why is she leaving. She says I know its better for everyone that I leave. He shouts but I don’t want this. She asks what do you want then…. He says I want……. I wish I knew what I want. Ranjana talks to Vivaan about his engagement. Vivaan thinks why am I not happy. Ranjana tells Tejaswini about Vivaan and Chakor’s engagement, Chakor will become my bahu now, attend engagement in evening. Tejaswini gets shocked and goes. Ranjana shows the dress for Chakor, and asks Imli how is it. Imli says its beautiful. Ranjana shows the clothes for Vivaan. Vivaan gets sad. Imli says its good you got all the things, its really beautiful. Ranjana asks her to go and make Chakor ready. Imli wishes that whatever is going on in her heart is not seen on her face, Lord give me strength, if Vivaan and Chakor know of my feelings, they will not unite. She says I will go and make Chakor ready.

Ranjana stops Vivaan and asks where are you going. He says outside. She asks why are you worried, I m happy that you will get your lost love back. He says I wish I could be happy, I feel something changed, I don’t know if this should happen now or later. Ranjana recalls Ragini’s words and says no, don’t think this, recall the time when you were too happy to marry Chakor, she loves you a lot. Chakor looks at them. Ranjana asks him to see his would be wife Chakor, she loves you, how could you think of someone else, Chakor is your destination, only Chakor. Chakor smiles seeing Vivaan. Vivaan smiles and thinks Maa is saying right, Chakor is my childhood love, but do I still love her.

Everyone come in the engagement. Kasturi tells Imli that she is doing a great thing today to unite Chakor and Vivaan. Imli says Chakor did many things for me, its my turn to do something for her. Chakor is happy. Ranjana asks where is Vivaan. Vivaan sees the ring and smiles thinking of Chakor. He then recalls marrying Imli and thinks of their moments. He says how can I think of Imli, I love Chakor since childhood, there should be no place for someone else. Imli says where is Vivaan, I will go and call him. Vivaan comes there. Chakor smiles seeing him. Imli wishes Lord to give him so much happiness, that Vivaan never misses her.

Chakor thinks their story is beginning again today. Vivaan holds her hand to make her wear the ring. Imli cries and leaves. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chakor reaction is confusing me? when imli said remove this mangalsutra she got tensed☺️ and was not ready to do so and also reminding her marriage rituals ?but when suraj remove it she got happy?

    1. Hmm..Yea
      want sukor. ..

  2. Same story in all serials be it swaragini or thapki and now udaan early episode female protagonist love someone else but somehow get marry to wrong person then husband become lover. Husband is villain and suddenly after marring he become lead actor and innocent lover. Writers are coping each instead of showing some creativity or diff. Idea.

  3. I am also confused..and don’t know muje hasi a rahi hea..sorry agar kisiko bura laga..kuch samaj me nehi a rahi hea..asa lagta hea sab pagal hea..sorry once again…sahedh kisko asa na laga ho…

  4. Vivaan is the biggest fool. How could he stop loving chakor….

    1. I feel pity for Chakori

  5. I’m just waiting 4 2morrow’s episode to see how sooraj gonna stop vikor’s engagement….it will be awesome 2 watch….n happy 2 see vivan realizing his luv 4 imli….anyways when kamal narayan will come 2 the haveli…eagerly waiting 4 it….Luv u sukor…

  6. Udaan...meeta

    Omg should laugh or cry…chakor happy removing sindoor n mangasutra…. As typical show its a married woman pride…she still love vivaan n he loves imli…omg wanted sukor love story….disappointed with the storyline….

  7. Imli will give divorce to vivan

  8. Random person on the internet

    I am calling it: Suraj is either gonna die murdered by his father, or have an accident, or go to jail. Imli may stay with vivaan, and chakor will find someone else, or chakor may marry vivaan, and imli may just leave the show. Sukor is a cool shipping, but it has low if any chances of happening after how big of an evil man suraj was. He is not a good match for the protagonist chakor.

  9. confudaannnn….confudaan……confudaan…..chakor suraj vivaav and imli plssss…..make ur expressions clear….itz really confusing…sometimes sukors expressions r like thy r in luv and sometims not.then next will be vikors scene thy meet,cry,smile,rain comes and saware…….playsssss…..next vimlis they also have same expressions.sumli also repeat the same thing.sukor vikor vimli sumli All of their expressions have a luv touch.so we can’t predict that who is luving whom????any ways I want sukor .luv u sukor..

  10. chakor and suraj love is true. But imli and vivan love is Not true. They are changing their love in difficult times. Chakor and Suraj is better than vivan bcoz they sacrifice their love for imli. In kasam RISHI LOVES TANU ONLY. TRUE LOVE STORY.

  11. Imli and vivian love is not truth..imli is not a good girl she want all two men for her self.imli and vivian changing their love only on difficuties..they really dont know who they love .imli and vivian are confusing..chakor scarified her love for imli..chakor loves to help.love chakor

  12. People relax, all this drama is just to bring Vivaan’s love for Imli to the fore. Suraj wants to unite Vimli to atone for his sins. There is no romance track for Sukor yet, they have to expose Ranjana first then deal with Bhaiyaji. They will most likely have to leave the haveli and live in difficulty for a while. Sukor love track will be very slow, they care a little about each other but they are not friends yet.

  13. Vivaan and imli’s love is quite random…how can they fall in love with each other so quickly… suraj and chakor’s love story will grow and become much stronger… hope so…

  14. Maybe Chakor is doing this to make Vivan realize his love for Imli,,,,, o.O

    1. may be…

  15. I dnt think chakor is doing all this to make vivaan realise his love for imli .,i mean if she is doing this than in spoilers its not written that chakor will be happy to spend some time with vivaan its a friday spoiler

  16. Tejaswiteju

    No we cant think that chakor is planning to find vivan feelings for imli.may be now suraj is planning to stop engagement,bcz he make himself a promise to mke imli and vivan together.lets see what is going to happen.but really vimli sceens are boring,when sukor.. will start..

  17. What crap! Every serial is making fuss of the story

  18. Muje toh pehale sai pata tah suraj ki shaddi chakor si hogi kunki if chakor when viraj aka suraj play the role of hero….suraj will marrried then she can enter hawali nd can see changes in suraj due to she lead heroin always heroin change hero … I like most suraj tahn vivan his looks his style everything he looks perfect for heroin ….then their is another reason if suraj marriage chakor we can see changes in him ,nok jok jo ki sayad imlli aur suraj mah nahi dekha tah,,,, lov- fight ,barabar ka takar….. nd after having felling for chakor he support her nd fight with father for his wife …it will be intersting watch sukor than vikor i wanted to say sorry for vikor fan if i hurt u ….

  19. Imli to haveli vi chor degi

  20. feeling sad for chakor and imli…………… I want chakor and vivan pair…….

  21. SUraj will tell Vivaan that Imli has met an accident, Vivaan will rush out and find Imli and confess his love…. By then I think Bijli might die… remember she took Chakor’s nail polish why would they focus on the nail polish if there is no importance to it…. Chakor and Suraj will get busy trying to find out who tried to kill Chakor

  22. Realy kalika bijli will died but i find her cute and yeah u r right that nailpolish scene was something fishhy but how u know kalika about bijli death?

  23. I love ❤ vimli’s Jodi very much

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