Udaan 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj meets Chakor

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The Episode starts with Suraj hiding from the guards. Chakor asks Kavya how did that guy look, I m afraid its Suraj. Kavya describes Suraj. Ranvijay’s mum asks Chakor not to think wrong. Kavya says Ranvijay had found my husband and shot him in front of me, I m scared. Chakor prays for Suraj. Preeti feels hungry. Chakor says I will get food. His mum stops Chakor and says he is very angry. Chakor says what will he do, he may kill us, don’t worry, I will get some food. She goes.

Suraj cleans his face. He walks downstairs and hides in kitchen. He feels hungry. He sits eating carrots. Chakor senses him. She comes to kitchen and doesn’t see him. Her dupatta catches fire. Suraj sees Chakor and gets shocked. Guard sees the fire. Suraj pulls Chakor’s dupatta and throws it. He holds her in arms. She

sees him and smiles. He says I got my Chakor.

Suraj blows off the fire. Guard says fire caught up in kitchen. Ranvijay comes there. Suraj and Chakor hide. Suraj says I came to take you. She asks him to go, she will see Ranvijay. He says I will not leave that inspector. She says you hide in storeroom, I will meet you there. He gets a call from Pakhi. She says he will listen, and disconnects call. Chakor says kitchen diya burnt my dupatta. Ranvijay asks what happened to you. She says there was much smoke, so I was going to have fresh air, come with me. They go. Suraj goes to storeroom.

Pakhi asks where did Kasturi and Bhuvan go, there is something imp to tell them and Suraj. Her phone gets off. Lady says go home and keep phone on charging. Pakhi says I should tell Suraj first. Bhaiya ji’s men come there and kidnap her.

Pakhi calls Imli bad. She asks how can you cheat Chakor and everyone. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Imli says you are very young, you will not understand this, I m doing this for Aazaadgunj, Chakor has become bad, she is trying to make you all bandhua, how shall I let her do this. Pakhi says Suraj went to get Chakor, you can’t stop her, I will tell Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks where is Suraj, tell me. Pakhi says I don’t know where is he, but I m sure he will get Chakor. Imli says don’t try to play game with us. Bhaiya ji says she is reminding me Chakor’s childhood days, I will remind her what I did with Chakor. Imli says wait, I will manage. She asks Pakhi how will you tell Suraj. Pakhi says I will say when he comes, I have to go, my mum is waiting, I m hungry.

Bhaiya ji signs no. Imli says fine go. He asks what. She says go Pakhi. Pakhi runs. He asks did you go mad, she will tell everyone. Imli says she is a kid, she will go and sleep, we will manage her in morning. Chakor says Suraj came here to meet me, I told you he is mad. Kavya says sorry, I didn’t recognize him. Chakor says its not your mistake, why is Ranvijay worried for my child, he has no relation with my child, I m sure he did this drama to trap Suraj, how to save him.

Preeti gets Suraj there. Chakor asks why did you come here, I told you not to come. Suraj says your and our child’s lives are in danger, how can I stay safe and sit there. She asks how will you save us and yourself. He asks will you scold me in front of them like this. She asks how can you do this. He says you just fight, wild cat. Preeti says I would have not got him here. Chakor says I m scared thinking how to save him, take him and hide. Suraj says I will be here. Kavya says he can’t go out today.

Preeti says we should leave now, Ranvijay will doubt, we will try to hide Suraj in morning. They go. Suraj locks the room. He asks till when will you stay annoyed, just think I came here to see you, I will die if you don’t talk to me. She says don’t say this in front of me. He says think of me, what did I go through knowing you are in a devil’s clutch. She hugs him and asks will we get through this. He says yes, trust your love and Lord.

Its morning, Pakhi’s mum asks her to get up and see who came home. Pakhi sees Bhaiya ji’s men and asks what are you doing here. Imli comes and gives her toffees. Imli says these people’s house broke, so they will stay here. Imli asks Pakhi not to tell anything to Suraj. Pakhi returns toffees and says I will not get trapped, I will tell everyone even if you kill me. Imli asks Pakhi not to get angry. She threatens her about her mum and siblings. Pakhi worries. Imli says these men will keep an eye on you, don’t do any mistake. Pakhi gets Suraj’s call. She drops phone and breaks it. Imli smiles and goes.

Ranvijay knocks door and asks Chakor to open the door. Suraj and Chakor wake up and get shocked. Ranvijay tries to break the door.

Ranvijay gets inside the room and says I want to take revenge from Suraj. Suraj asks Chakor to come with her. Chakor says I can’t leave those helpless women.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    uff Chakor should leave but im sure they will fight back together

  2. Nice episode but wished for longer Sukor scenes. It’s good that Paakhi didn’t reveal that Suraj calls her or that he’s inside RV’s house, although I wished that she pretended she didn’t overhear KN-Imli convo. Imli’s lie was so lame.
    Hungry Suraj was funny, even when in danger he didn’t forget to look for food. I thought Chakor overreacted in her anger towards Suraj, he had to come and save her and she should treat him with more respect in front of other people.
    Loved the hug, it showed how much Chakor missed Suraj and needed him and the talk about if they’ll be saved or not was emotional. Sukor looked so peaceful and happy while sleeping in each other’s arms.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    whats happening yaarrr
    tired with these creeps n craps

  4. Oh the nok jhoks…was super cute! He called her Jungli Billu again. ? Suraj and his hunger ??? I feel really bad for Paakhi but I’m glad she didn’t fall in Imli’s trap instead gave a befitting reply back. KN is right..Paakhi is just like Chakor. Suraj calling Chakor DP and then holding her was really sweet. Them two sleeping in each other’s arms ??????????.

  5. Today is vj daughter birthday

    1. Happy birthday to Kimaya

  6. This is getting ridiculous chakor is acting very lame she doesn’t understand how much suraj did to get were he is and if suraj didnt come she would have no choice but to marry ranvijay chakor is to stubborn at times she does prioritize her love for something else she gave vivaan up easily for imli and now she is pregnant she is puttinh her child’s life at risk she should leave with suraj make a plan and help rv family ?

    1. You r right

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