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The Episode starts with Kasturi seeing Chakor and recalling her death. She hits stone at Kishor. The villagers come there and see Kasturi getting violent. They think she is getting mad, she is attacking everyone. Imli says my maai is not mad. Lakhan says Kasturi can die here, see her state, she can get treated in mental hospital. Imli says I won’t let her go. Chakor looks on from far and says we will not let Kasturi go to mental hospital. She goes.

Amma worries and asks everyone about Chakor. They all rush to get Chakor before anyone sees her. Bhaiya ji asks the servant did they hear any sound. They say no. He thinks what is he thinking and sees the vase pieces. He slaps the servant for lying about sound and asks him to find out who was here. Chakor recalls Kasturi. The men try finding who was

there and see the stair. Amma says we can’t go out till Bhaiya ji is here. She asks them to move the ladder.

Bhaiya ji sees the ladder and says there is someone in haveli who is doing this. He climbs up the ladder and there is Chakor at the other side of the wall. She gets tensed seeing him. He does not see Chakor as he turns by crackers sound. She hides. The man says something is lighting there and rush to see. Soham and Amma take Chakor. Vivaan is there to help Chakor with a rope. Chakor thinks who has lighted the crackers. Vivaan calls out Chakor and asks her to see him. Bhaiya ji asks who has broken the vase and now this cracker, call everyone.

Chakor and Vivaan are glad seeing each other. Chakor asks Vivaan did he get his voice back. He says yes, I can talk, come back, before Bhaiya ji comes. Tamasha says where did she go, she should come back. Vivaan helps Chakor and brings her inside haveli. Vivaan says he has known her when she came to meet him, then she spoke about moon, he understood Choka is Chakor. He says he was keeping an eye on her, he has seen her. She says she will tell everything later. He asks her to come soon, Bhaiya ji is calling. She says what to do now. Ranjana calls Vivaan. Chakor asks him to go. He says I will see out and thinks. He sees Choka’s clothes there. He says he has an idea, he will help her.

Vivaan makes the servant busy and signs Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks everyone where are others, someone has run from here. He asks about Vivaan. Ranjana says he is young, and not able to speak, ask these Mumbai people. Amma asks her to mind her language. Tejaswini says Choka is missing. Bhaiya ji asks Amma where is Choka. Chakor comes there as Choka and says I m here. Amma signs relief.

Manohar asks how did all this happen. Vivaan says Chakor and points at Choka. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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