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The Episode starts with Chakor bringing Chunni inside haveli. Girja asks Chunni how did she get money to get earrings and everything. Bhaiya ji comes and says he has bought it for her, so that his friends could not comment anything. He says he wanted to show he cares for servants. Tejaswini says I wish you cared you me too. Bhaiya ji asks her to come with him to room once, he will show how much he cares for her. She says she has sworn not to enter his room. He insists and takes her along.

Chakor reminds Chunni that she has peeled 5 kg garlic in one night before. Chunni worries and sits to peel. She gets hurt and says I can’t do this, I will talk to Bhaiya ji, I will not work. Girja says then who will peel this garlic. Chakor says I can help you Girja Mausi. Girja says you are a boy Choka, how

will you do. Chakor says I will manage and shows peeling garlic. Girja gets glad and says you do this work too, where did you learn this. Chakor says Amma taught me. Amma and everyone smile.

Bhaiya ji shows Tejaswini many sarees and gold jewelry for her, all kept on the bed. She asks whats all this. He says he misses her a lot, this room looks lonely. Chunni comes there and sees all the jewelry. She smiles staring it. She tells Bhaiya ji that Chunni will not be his maid, she will not do any work, else she wants more money, she is not Chakor. Tejaswini scolds her and asks how dare she talk to Bhaiya ji like this, we will make you bandhua by getting stamp on your hand, you have to do what Chakor used to do, get lost. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chunni leaves. Bhaiya ji thanks Tejaswini and welcomes her back in their room.

Imli tells guard that she has to give kheer to Chakor, Kasturi has given it. Chakor asks guard to let Imli come. Chakor asks Imli did she come to meet him. Imli says she is finding Chakor, mum has sent kheer. Chakor says I will have it. Imli says no, its for Didi. Chakor thinks Chunni will have it now. Chunni comes and Imli runs to her. Imli says mum has sent kheer for you. Chunni asks Choka to take Imli. Chakor signs Chunni to hug Imli. Chunni hugs Imli. Imli checks for the mole behind Chakor’s right ear, and gets shocked as Chunni does not have mole.

She shouts that she knew this can’t happen. Chakor asks what happened Imli. Imli shouts this is not her Didi, my Didi is really dead. Chunni says I m your Didi. Bhaiya ji and everyone come there. Imli says this is not my sister, this is not your bandhua, she is fake Didi. He asks Imli to ask Kasturi.

Sunny asks Chakor whats happening. Chakor says I did not know this, Imli understood Chunni is not her sister. Tejaswini asks what proof she has. Imli says Dadi told me about mole behind right ear of Chakor, this fake girl does not have that mole. Bhaiya ji asks what is this drama. Sunny checks mole on Chakor. Chunni shows mole behind her left ear, and they all get shocked seeing it.

Imli says mole is there, but how did mole come behind left ear. Chunni says Dadi has got old, she forgot. Bhaiya ji says she is right, Sumitra got old, you have seen the mole. Chunni asks Imli how can she doubt on her. Imli apologizes and hugs her. Chakor says Chunni is fooling Imli, I have to expose her. Sunny says not now, our time will come, have patience. Imli says this is my Didi and runs. Chunni saks her to come again, and winks to Bhaiya ji.

Tejaswini gives her hand to Bhaiya ji, and asks him to come. They leave. Chakor stops Imli and asks does she feel that is your sister, you said she is not your sister. Imli says Chakor forgot everything by bomb explosion, she will recall everything, when she hugged me, I felt I got my old Didi back. She hugs Choka and says you are my brother. Chakor asks for kheer. Imli asks Choka to give it to Chakor, and goes. Chakor thinks she will expose Chunni.

Chakor tells Dadi that she will not tell anyone. Dadi tells Chakor that she has kept Kasturi away from her daughter, there was Chakor’s twin sister too. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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