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The episode starts with Chakor talking to some women. She comes to class and students complain that Chakor broke all rules. The teacher asks her to go back and ask permission to get inside the class. Chakor asks why should I ask. The teacher explains permission meaning as Aagya. She asks her to say May I come in? Chakor tells in her language. The students laugh on her. The teacher says, today we will learn alphabets. The students make fun of Chakor as she does not know abcd. Chakor asks them to shut up and controls more better than class teacher. The teacher can’t believe this. Chakor monitors the class. Aditya and Vivaan see her administration through window.

The teacher finds everyone silent which she hasn’t seen before. She is impressed with Chakor and likes her name. She asks about all

her less knowledge about alphabets. The teacher writes A and says it is her life’s first alphabet. Chakor gets happy. The teacher says don’t get happy and learn fast to get equal to your age children. She asks her to work hard. Chakor writes B. The teacher tells special alphabet of her name initial C for Chakor. Chakor claps happily laughing. Chakor meets her friends Aditya and Vivaan and they ask about her first day. Chakor says she wants to go home. Aditya takes her and Chakor greets Arjun Sir. He asks her to wear sports uniform and come on grounds. Chakor holds stomach and screams, He says this is old excuse, just go and wear uniform.

Arjun tells Chakor to do some test after school hours. Aditya says she was making excuse. Arjun says you are here for race and if you don’t run then you can’t study. Aditya asks him to let her go today as she did not have breakfast being excited for school. Arjun says no excuse from tomorrow.

Chakor thankfully smiles. The villagers are given wages. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that Maalik is very happy happy. Kasturi says there is no use. Bhuvan asks Lakhan about his wage. Lakhan says it is cut in interest. He reminds Kasturi that till Chakor comes back to haveli, Bhaiya ji will keep doing this. He asks them to fill stomach by anger. Chakor tells about her first day of school to Abha. She says she likes the teacher who was fat. She tells teacher taught four alphabets in one day and makes A with spoons. Abha says wow Chakor. Aditya says A for Aditya. Chakor says C for.. Abha says Chakor. Girija stops Imli. Tejaswini calls Girija. Imli hears some people crying and goes to see. She sees Lakhan making stamps by machine on labor hands. Tejaswini tells Imli if Chakor does not come then this will happen with you too. Imli sees her wrist and recalls about stamp.

Ishwar tells the day is not far when everyone gets free from Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini is sure of Imli that she is unlike Chakor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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