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Third part of Trishakti Episode:
Simar/bee asks Mata ji to see her and identify her. She says I was always here with you all and heard Chandramani’s plans. She recalls what all happened. She says I will not let her family bear punishment, I will not let Chandramani succeed in her bad motives, I will take Prerna’s help, Chandramani will not harm her, as Prerna is not part of this family, but she is our loved one. Simar prays and sits on Mata Rani’s feet. She takes blessings. Mata ji ends the Paath and starts leaving. She sees the bee around and says it is troubling a lot.

Dhruv reaches Thapki and sees that man with Thapki. The man accepts his crime and says he has reached hospital as ward boy. Dhruv says I have the DVD, leave Thapki. The man asks him to show its real

DVD. Dhruv shows the DVD by playing it on laptop. The man sees the video and smiles. Vasundara tells Bau ji that Thapki knew Bihaan, and I who raised Bihaan did not know him, I m culprit, not Bihaan, forgive me. Shraddha thinks I did not wish this to happen, Bihaan and Thapki have become hero and heroine of Pandey family.

Chandramani goes to fake Simar and gives her the locket with Simar’s pic in it. She wears it and gets visible again. Chandramani asks her not to think anything and do what she is told to do. She scolds fake Simar. Simar/bee hears everything. Chandramani says once I unite with Siddhant, no one can harm me. Simar/bee calls her a cheater and troubles her. Chandramani hits the bee. Chandramani asks fake Simar to keep locket safe and goes. Simar/bee faints. Khushi runs after Sanju and water falls from her hands on the bee. Simar/bee wakes up and moves on time, before Khushi stepped on her. Khushi feeds medicine to Sanju.

Chakor asks Tripti to make fan speed high. She is happy. Tina scolds the man and says how will I sleep all night now. She goes and wakes up everyone. She tells Kusum that car battery is gone and she is feeling heat now. She asks Kusum to blow air. Chakor taunts her. Tina asks did you steal the fuse. Chakor asks do you have any proof or witness, and smiles.

Chandramani thinks to bear Siddhant’s attitude to get her powers back. She takes coffee for him. Siddhant talks to Prerna and says it means you lied. Simar/bee hears them. Prerna says I did not wish to go, something was stopping me to stay here. Chandramani asks what, did you lie and came back, why, the people who love and trust you, why did you die. Siddhant says its not Prerna’s mistake, she lied, but her intention was not wrong. Chandramani says yes, I got coffee for you. Siddhant says even Prerna likes coffee, she got coffee for me, I had it. Chandramani says fine, tell me if you want anything, I will leave. She goes. Prerna looks at Simar/bee’s side.

Thapki asks Dhruv was the DVD with him, don’t give him, run with the DVD, this is one proof to save Bihaan. Dhruv says I won’t let anything happen to Bihaan and you. He asks the man to leave Thapki, I will give DVD. The man asks him to give DVD. Dhruv asks Thapki to understand, I know what I m doing. He keeps the DVD on the ground. The man leaves Thapki. Thapki walks to Dhruv and sees the DVD.

Tina thinks who did this with Chakor. Bhaiya ji meets Chakor and tells his plan. Rathod says now Chakor’s blood samples will show drugs trace and she will be banned from race.

Update Credit to: Amena

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