Udaan 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj meets Deva

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The Episode starts with Chagan meeting Suraj on the way. He helps Suraj after checking the gun. He recalls and says Ranvijay and Imli made the godown outside the village. Suraj asks where is it, tell me, there can be many guns. Imli says I hurt myself if I get angry. Chakor asks doctor to stop Imli. Doctor asks her not to worry, he wants to monitor Imli. He stops Imli from hurting herself. She asks will you let me shoot myself. She acts mad. Doctor injects her. Suraj reaches the godown and doesn’t see anyone. He goes inside to check. Doctor says Imli can hurt herself and others too. Chakor says but we want to get her treatment done at home. He agrees and says we will start her treatment soon. He goes. Vivaan asks Chakor what does she want to do.

She says I know Imli is our enemy and she did wrong,

my heart is not so tough, recall her love, think of the good times and maybe you can support me. He recalls and says she did more worse with me, I won’t support you, she is a scorpion, she will bite you again, remember this. Suraj gets caught by the goons. Goon threatens him and asks who has sent you here, tell me. Suraj says stop, Imli Devi has sent me. Goon asks are you Imli’s aide. Suraj says yes. Goon asks why did Imli send you, did you come to deliver goods. Suraj says yes. The man asks him to have new code, he won’t be given time next time if he comes this way. Suraj nods. Chakor talks to Saanvi and says Suraj went somewhere, he is upset with me, he could have told you where he is going. She calls him again. She says where did you go Suraj. Suraj is on the way in a truck. The driver looks at him and stops the truck. Suraj asks what happened. Driver says the route is blocked. Suraj sees the fallen tree and goes to remove it. He throws the tree away and sees Sundergunj written on the milestone. They reach somewhere.

Suraj tells the code and gets an entry. He sees the huge godown. He says so much explosives, who is the owner of this place, it means there is a huge danger on our Aazaadgunj, no one knows about it, if I didn’t know about the gun, I would have not known about this place, I shall leave from her soon. A man catches him and asks where are you going. Suraj says I was finding my kerchief, I got it, why did you hold my collar, what happened, check the goods. The man says we check things in owner Deva’s presence, didn’t Imli tell you. Suraj says I didn’t know that Deva doesn’t trust you all. Deva comes there. Suraj looks at him. Deva asks are you Imli’s new aide.

Chakor and Chagan shout to find Suraj. Goons catch Suraj. Suraj beats them up. Chakor says I feel Suraj is in trouble. Deva stabs Suraj. Chakor’s mangalsutra breaks. She cries. Mahiya…..plays…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please CVs don’t turn Imli positive.
    Loved the episode, Suraj was strong and smart. Chakor-Saanvi scene was adorable. I liked mad Imli today but I don’t like how Chakor is defending her.
    There are some things that are confusing about the gun operation, how is it still going on after all this time? wasn’t Imli hiding in the ashram?
    I like the new montage it is less sensational than the promo, I hope showing Suraj getting married in the promo doesn’t backfire and drive viewers away.
    Now that the old director is back, I want to see the old Chakor, now she’s too emotional, she cries and panics too easily.

  2. Lokesh

    Story line change , ab aur kya kya dekhaoge

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